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Peer Review Journal Article


Peer Review Journal Article

Peer Review Journal Article 1:

Generation at work: are there differences and do they matter?

REFERENCE Benson, J. (2011). Generations at work: Are there differences and do they matter? International Journal of Human Resource Management., 22(9), 1843.

Generations at work: are there differences and do they matter? By John Bensona and Michelle Brown discusses about the importance of generations at work. All workplaces will have different employees from different generation. The authors of this article have researched upon the impact of generation gap and how managers might face challenges in maintaining a peaceful working atmosphere. According to Benson, J. (2011), human resource department plays a vital role in managing a gap between generations. The inter-generational differences affect the workplace as people might get understanding and getting along will be a great challenge to the employees. The author recommends implementing reverse mentoring programs, in which employees of different generations exchange knowledge and nurture each other to develop mutually. The managers should avoid segregating your employees for generations, this not only generates tensions within the organization, but it would waste knowledge and skills that could benefit the organization. Given this the author recommends to stop seeing this as a generational phenomenon and see it as a matter of attitude and behavior.

According to Benson, J. (2011) The presence of different generations in the workplace can represent a great opportunity, and also an obstacle to success and the achievement of results, if the situation is not governed by solid leadership. Effective leadership knows how to value employees for what they are and know how to do and not because of their age or the generation they represent. The company must study different incentive policies, segmented according to the diverse needs of their groups of workers. The X are the largest segment of the current population, are people raised in recession and with low expectations. They have entered the labor market with a better education than their parents, but, due to the recession, they have lower wages. They work well in a team and, respect to the previous generation, enjoy a greater mental openness to differences. They are the first to have grown up with new technologies, without becoming digital natives they are easy ' digital immigrants’. They work to live and do not live to work (Benson, J. 2011).

Peer Review Journal article 2:

Generational differences in work values, outcomes and person-organization values fit

Reference: Dianne, G. (2008). Generational differences in work values, outcomes and person-organization values fit. Journal of Managerial Psychology.,23(8), 891-906.

Generational differences in work values, outcomes and person-organization values fit by Dianne, G talks about how the generational differences impact the workplace and values. If there is one thing in which the experts agree, it is to ensure that the basis for the management of the company’s results focuses on the compensation of the generations. Thus, companies should consider a strategy that includes: the knowledge and experience of the Baby Boomers, management and moderation of Generation X and finally updating and expert management of new technologies Generation Y. To understand the generational differences, it is clear that a universal model of motivation, compensation and compensation is obsolete. leadership ; for Generation X in factors such as lateral career diversification, development opportunities and quality of labor relations; and for Generation Y in accelerated development programs, life-work balance, significant work, access to technology and tools.

According to Dianne, G (2008) Currently, in the workplace usually live with one generation with another, at least 3 or 4 different, with their ways of understanding and performing the work, with its greater or lesser roots to the company and with customs and peculiarities sometimes too different each. However, sharing so much time and experiences together in the same environment makes it necessary to generate meeting points so that all differences coexist harmoniously and do not result in conflicts that damage the work environment. Now, knowing that the other is different and has different goals and interests to ours is a first step to achieve a meeting place. But harmony does not usually arise spontaneously and it will always be necessary for leaders or superiors to seek to reconcile these differences as part of a project in which each piece fulfills a different function. Each one provides an important and necessary vision for the development of daily tasks. And as in any team, without the support of any of its members is always harder to achieve any goal. Therefore, successful leaders know that they must give rise to all workers, requesting and valuing their opinions.



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