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Significant of study

Involvement of the patients in the healthcare process is an important aspect of the patient cantered care process. In today's world, the means of enhanced health services have relied on this specific care practice. From the topic, it can be suggested that patience involvement in health care decision plays one of the most important role. Most positive side of patience involvement is that it increases proper cooperation from side of patience. Therefore, it helps the medical practitioner to understand the patient viewpoint on the particular diseases patient can also understand in which way medical practitioners is going to perform their task.

Apart from that this kind of performance helps to build up trust in between patience and medical practitioner. With the help of patient involvement in the health care it is possible to reduce or sort every kind of critical dilemma that actually affect mentally and physically all the patient. If patient can speak out or expresses their opinion according to their thinking ability then it will help the medical practitioner to understand patient's requirements and opinion on that particular matter (Grol et al. 2013). It will help the health care centre to improve their decision. Persons cantered care is very much important to improve the decision making power.       

Question for literature review

  In which way patient’s involvement enhances better outcomes in health care decisions

Search strategy

The evidences collected for the study were collected through a specific search strategy. The evidences were collected online using the databases approved by the university. In this regard, databases like Scopus, Medline and CINNAL were consulted primarily. In the search process, the relevance of the search words has been taken care of. The process involved, at the first point, using search factors related to care results, patient’s involvement and care process. In the second stage the findings were specified through using different And, Nor, Or gate components. The search process has been thus effective and relevant.

In the selection process of the articles several factors have been taken care of. It was ensured that the article had been written in English language. The contemporaneity of the article has been respected. In this respect no article published before 2010 had been entertained. The relevance of the keywords as well as the relevance of the content found has been assured as well.

Summary of evidence

The study was actually examined based on four factors that plays most important role and contributes to the patience involvement in the healthcare system. All those factors are

Collaboration with professionals

The evidences have surfaced that collaboration in between medical practitioner and patient helps any healthcare organization to make their policy in proper way. Some time patient’s involvements and innovative suggestion help the particular health organization to make different kind of decision (Coulter et al. 2014). Apart from that patient involvement helps the healthcare organization to improve their social and health care services. To a large extent it will reduce the distance in between medical practitioner and service user and if the distance can be reduced then it is possible to develop the environment of the health care organization.

A proper collaboration between the patient and the care professional might take the shape of relationship of trust. This trust plays a great role on the care process. Enhanced level of trust improves the decision taken in the care process and thus, enhances the efficiency of the care process (Vahdat et al. 2014). Hence, this kind of environment automatically creates that kind of environment where prudence and practitioner can exchange their opinion and best possible opinion will be granted to make effective decision. Apart from  that  the evidence have also  surfaced in some factors that are  this  kind of collaboration  help to make developmental capacity and decision making ability of both the service provider and services reviver.  Therefore better outcomes are come out from this kind of practice.

Patient empowerment

The evidence have surfaced that it is not possible for any patient to empower himself and  patient cannot be empowered by the  medical practitioner it is one kind of personal process that  enables  environment (Reeves et al. 2013). Apart from that, it can also be suggested that empowerment is process that are likely to occur. If the patient is empowered then it will help the entire patient to make their decision in proper way. Patient empowerment is directly related with the involvement process because if the patient gets empowered then it will help them to provide strength based approach at the time of health care delivery. 

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