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Overarching Failures of Management



Over the decades, several organizations have failed rather than have succeeded and thus, the various studies over the failure of the organizations are considered as a secondary to the organizational success. Regarding this Brogdon (2012) stated that failure is one of the significant aspects, which can be occurred for both the human social and economic organizations and biological systems of the organizations. Accordingly, there are several factors effect the organizational behaviours and as a result, organizations become failed and the entire operation of the organizations fails (Harrald, 2012). Regarding this, the explosion within Deepwater Horizon drilling rig is one the of the effective example of the organizational failure, which not only obliterates the organizational behaviour but also started an environmental, economic and human disaster.

This incident is one of the destructive confrontations within the history of organizational failure. In this explosion, eleven members of the rig died and most of the crew members were injured. On the other hand, this explosion not only harms the life of the members but also harms the Gulf of Mexico as million barrels of oil started gushing into the gulf and impaired the life of several livelihood and habitats (HRG, 2011). Regarding this, the president announced National Commission for creating a report on BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and offshore drilling.


The chief’s Counsel’s team supervises that there are several factors significantly affect the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig and as a result the excessive explosion occurred within the oil factory. In that case, the explosion was occurred within the oil factory due to inadequate management and technical failures (LeCesne, 2012). On the other hand, it is also observed by the Chief Counsel’s team that the major reason of the explosion was inappropriate management system and within this, the core management failures were inadequate leadership during crisis, ineffectual communication, lack of adequate training, ineffective supervision of the employees, inadequate management of the contractors, inappropriate utilization of technology and failure to analyse the risk and crisis within the   Deepwater Horizon drilling rig on the Macondo.

In that case, the corporate guidance document of BP’s and Transocean displayed before occurring the explosion within Deepwater Horizon drilling rig that both the organizations recognized the importance of theses management system within the factory and therefore, both the organizations waned to build an adequate and appropriate management system within the rig. In this section, each of these failures is about to discussed. In that case, the report of the Chief’s Counsel has taken into consideration in order to evaluate the management failures in an effective manner.

 I. Management System

Transocean had several effective producers as well as systems in order to maintain schedule, implement and to monitor the maintenance system within it. Accordingly similar to all Transocean rigs, Deepwater Horizon utilized computerized ‘Rig Management System II’, which is implemented within Transocean as an outcome of its alignment with Global Santa Fe (LeVine, Tuyn & Hughes, 2013). The system was implemented as well as utilized within the Transocean in order to maintain records, information survey reports as well as to maintain the risk assessment within the rig. The similar application was utilized within Deepwater Horizon in order to maintain the risk assessment and information. However, based on the reports of Chief’s Counsel, it is observed that the members, who operated the Rig management system, stated that the system had several problems. Accordingly, the members also stated that the system was still work in progress in the time of explosion within Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.

 II. Procedures

Lack of adequate procedure provided by BP regarding the implementation of appropriate well sites leaders as well as clear, timely and detailed clarification were one of the major reasons for occurring the explosion within Deepwater Horizon drilling rig. According to the report of BP, it is observed that the team of Macondo was involved in order to design the procedures to cope with the operations within the rig (Lustgarten, 2012). As a matter of fact, the employees of BP within the rig were not informed regarding the upcoming projects within Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.

According to the report of the Chief’s Counsel, it is found that the site manager of BP communicated with the Brian concerning the adequate procedures in order to operate the casing as well as the requirements were also for the cementing due to the entire team was in the dark and cope with the logging operations, which was about to end (Maier, 2014). However, not a single response was reached to the site manager regarding the requirements and needs and BP did not finalize the situation at the very beginning and as a result, the blowout occurred into the rig within few days.

 III. Leadership

The major principle of Operating Management System (OMS) of BP is leadership. OMS looks forward for an adequate, visible and purposeful leader by whom the organizational operations are operated. Accordingly, OMS also wanted to implement an adequate leader within Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in order to maintain as well as to supervise the organizational operations in an appropriate manner (Roberts, Flin & Cleland, 2015). However, based on the reports of Chief’s Counsel, it is to be found that the requirement of adequate leader within Macondo did not fulfil.

On the other hand, the Chief’s Counsel also found that found that there was a conflict between the managers concerning the most accountable person for decisive pronouncements. Consequently, The Chief’s Counsel also found that at the very beginning of April, BP Macondo team produce separate reports for the engineers and the operations of the rig and that is why a crisis was occurred within the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig (Tabibzadeh & Meshkati, 2014). Accordingly, BP also promoted Sims from the post of engineering tea leader to wells operation manager. As an outcome, due to lack of management ability, several crisis was occurred within the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.



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