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Nursing is the profession in the healthcare sector, which focuses on an individual, families or it, can be communities in order to make them recover from their health problems. There are various standards in the Australian nursing community, which is rich in terms of the linguistic diversity, as well as there is a mixture of culture. In the health professionals, the RNs are accountable along with responses to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA). The nurse standards are for all the RNs that relates with the healthcare professionals. In the NMBA, there are overall 7 standards that help to tackle the nursing situation. The thesis statement of the study is to focus on health dilemmas faced by a respective patient as well as the respective family according to social and economic aspect.  

In this week of nursing practice, I have encountered a situation of the physiological patient who has the problem of difficulty in terms of respiration. Moreover, the patient’s family is highly worried about the problem of their son because in day-to-day life, it is creating the problem for the patient and the patient was not getting enough and appreciable support from health professionals as well as from the respective family. The family has invested a lot of money for solving the problems but it is not working. Thus, in this situation there is the application there is the use of standard 2 in which it engages the therapeutic as well as professional relationship. This standard is important because in this situation it communicates properly with the patient family along with that it reports the health condition of the patient as well.

Describing the experience

In the respective context, it is a reflection of managing a patient’s issue suffering from breathing problem. On the other hand, the social and economic environment of the patient has reflected the outer stress and dilemmas that the respective family has faced. In such scenario, it is important for the family as well as health professionals to support a suffered patient. When there was a bad situation for the patient then at that time it is needed for contacting the patient family to provide this news of their son along with that the relationship between the patient's family is needed to keep comfortable because by hearing the news they were already worried. In this situation, there was the experience of gaining the knowledge about the effects of physiology as well as communication skill that is going to help in the future. In the opinion of Alligood (2014), the communication helps a lot in the nursing practice for communicating with the patient family.

Break down experience

In order to tackle the situation, various roles are required to play by the nurse for taking of the patient as well as the family who is facing the situation. As per the view of Anzai, Douglas & Bonner (2014), the nurse is required to assess the family as well as the patient's health status along with that needs to include the psychological, emotional and physical. It also required the diagnosis for improving the situation of the patient. In this situation, there is the belief of providing the patient-cantered care, holistic as well as making the patient safe. The nurses have some commitment in terms of skills and knowledge along with that the seeking of the self-enhancements with the medium of perpetual learning. In this situation, there was an emotion of attachments with the patient that has been evolved by mixing up with the patient family members.


In the beginning of the situation, it was noticed that the patient was not comfortable for sharing of the problem with the family as well as with the nurse. In the initial stage of the respiratory problem, it was assumed that it is mainly occurring because of cold. On the other hand, as the time passes by it is found out that the patient is generally having the problem because of asthma. As opined by Bai, Gaits & Wunderlich (2015), asthma is a long terms problem because create a trouble in terms of breathing. As it is required to spend more time with the patient, it is clearly seen that the patient is suffering very frequently regarding breathing trouble. When the patient family gets to know about the situation then they were all in extreme scared because nobody in their family is facing that problem. As per Mareno & Hart (2014), the problem of asthma is life-threatening because of gasp in terms of breathing.


In this situation, the main cause of asthma of the patient is because of the triggering of allergies, which leads towards the risk for the patient as well as the family.  As per Douglas et al. (2014), most of the time asthma occurs in the adults after the age 20 or it is born on the patient. In this situation, it is seen after the age 20. In the previous practice, there was a situation of breathing problem but the root cause of that situation was different. In the previous situation, the patient was having asthma at the time of born so it was quite easy to tackle the situation because they know about the effects. In the current situation, there was required of the information of the daily eating habits because the patient is suffering from asthma because of allergies. From the preceptor, it was quite essayed for tackle the patient as well as the family.


While considering the situation the main goal in terms of a patient was to make them aware regarding the effects of the problem of difficulty in terms of respiratory because of asthma. There was the duty of making the patient's family properly understands regarding the do’s and don’ts when there occurs any kind of situation in the house. Moreover, it is responding to have the advocacy in terms of safety as well as the benefit for the patients. As per Lim, Johnson & Eliason (2015), there is the response of learning the preferences of the patients by observing their behaviour. While responding in that situation there occur some kind of stress that includes the tackling of the behaviour of the patient. In addition to that, there was an emotional stress also because while caring for a person as well as communicating creates some stress. 



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