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Developing an application for mobile or web is a procedure of management. These days using of application is becoming ubiquitous. Application development is a procedure by that web or mobile apps are developed. It is a systematic process which includes digital assistance of enterprise, digital assistance for personal uses or for mobile phones. This process requires different inputs, which include project schedule, requirements, proposals, and metrics for its success. Project planning is started by setting scope of project which works through every level of independent action, task, deadline and checkpoints. Project requirements and project crashing will be there. Stakeholder related to the project will be discussed. Risk management skill and ethical issue related to the project planning will be discussed. Project management software output for the project planning will be emphasized. Recommendation will be included in this report

Logical structure


Logical structure is one of the tools to plan and manage the project. This tool aims to present information about the project. Key factor of the project are concise, clear, systematic and maintaining logical path. This structure is made for to see the achievement of the project.  In order to develop logical structure of developing new application, it can include user, user agent, negotiator, station, station agent, network agents. Activities and purposes are there to achieve it (Landoni et al. 2015, p.651). Resources are above mentioned that are needed for the project will be included in the structure. Potential problems and their effects related to the project will be highlighted.  The logical structure will also include progress and ultimate success of the developing application for the web or mobile.


Scope of project

A project based on the developing mobile and web application of general project has a slight difference between the two. The type of resource, cost, time would be different on the developing application project and a normal project. In order to discuss the scopes of the project management of developing application for webs application, it can be said that the scopes are all about the application, provided services, and possible outcomes from the project. A project management is of two types, as project scope, which is all about the functions to provide better application to the user and scope which concentrates on the features of the product resulted after the project. The application project demands the minimum skill about the developing application system for being recruited to finish the job efficiently. The time schedule and management cost has to based on the different tools and techniques for developing an application for web and mobile.  According to Kerzner et al. (2017, p. 541), apart from these, the scope has three different types, as planning, controlling and verifications. The main function of planning is to identify the requirements; the controlling and verification includes maintaining the aspects of the developing application.

Project Requirement

In this context, it can be said that the requirements of a project related to developing new application has to be completed for developing the success scope of the respective project. The basic requirements of a developing application are mainly the team, proper planning, improved managers, stakeholders, a complete budget, proper path to execute the project. According to Schwalbe and K (2015, p. 315), apart from all these, the requirement is also divided into two business requirements, which includes a proper developed structure of the organization is essential and the operational requirements which deals with the proper planning of the project to operate the productivity.  In this study, it can be said that the expected outcome will be gained after a proper following the above mentioned requirements of the project.

Project Crashing

The application development project has to be done in such a manner so that the chance of project crushing could be eliminated. In order to do those new technologies, modified processes, equipment replacement and other measures of the project has to be done to complete the actions of project efficiently. In this process, the development of more possible resources can be upgraded to meet the project timely. Thus it can be said that this project crashing actually increases the cost effects of the project. In this context, it can be said that the crash project system is used when the fast tracking is not fruitful to save times for the networking project. According to Sima and Sullivan (2014, p.143), in this technique some new and developed resources are used to lessen the costing of the overall project. Through this process, the project manager can receives better outcome by applying less increment cost.



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