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Mental health is denoted as the level of psychological well-being or on the other hand, it is regarded as the absence of mental illness. Mental health includes the subjective well being, autonomy, intergenerational dependence as well as self-actualisation of one's emotional potentiality. The mental problem can be caused because of various reasons such as loneliness, discrimination, abuse and so on. There are various types of mental health diseases such as bipolar disorder, anxiety and much more. In this study, it focuses on the mental health diseases of dementia. Moreover, there is a brief overview of dementia along with that a discussion regarding the people experiences from dementia. In addition to that, some of the ways are shown which are helpful for increasing awareness among the people regarding dementia. There is discussion as well regarding dementia becoming a global health issue. In addition to that, there is the epidemiology of dementia is also being discussed.

Overview of Dementia and people experience from dementia

Dementia is denoted as the loss of mental skills which is directly affecting the daily life. Dementia can create a trouble in a person’s memory as well as it can affect in making any plan for the future aspect.  In the opinion of Coyne et al. (2015), dementia can get worse as the time passes by. Moreover, there are some people those stay same but some people losses their skills by getting affected with dementia. Dementia mainly occurs in the older stage but it is not necessary that every older person will get affected by dementia. Dementia is mainly caused because of a change in brain or damage in the brain. In addition to that, there are various things that can cause dementia such as the Alzheimer disease, head injuries and Parkinson's disease. Moreover, in some of the people, depression can cause a memory loss which seems like to have dementia. Dementia is mainly denoted as the syndrome which is resulted from the acquired brain diseases as well as it is characterised with some of the progressive deterioration in the memory or any other cognitive domains.

The cognitive decline which is associated with dementia can directly affect an individual's ability in terms of producing any kind of linguistic information. Moreover, there can be some behavioural problems in an individual by getting affected by dementia. As per the view of Fortinash & Worret (2014), there are some of the other reasons that occur dementia because of the progressive change in the fractions of brain. The symptoms of dementia vary based on the various stages. Moreover, the late stage sign of dementia, as well as symptoms, can be similar to the characteristics of the early symptoms. Some of the signs and symptoms of dementia such as being easily directed, short of memory, difficulty in terms of planning anything and so on. Dementia can be treated by providing extra care and support to the individuals and helping them in their day to day activities.

There is need to understand the healthcare experience of people those are facing the problem of dementia along with that the caregiver's nowadays is increasing as well. The healthcare experience in terms of people those are facing the problem of dementia as well as their caregivers are dynamic and a complex process. In the opinion of Garand et al. (2014), people experience with dementia is mainly supported by a healthcare practitioner. Most of the time people are facing dementia, sometimes because of dead brain cell for example stroke. In the other hand, an injury can also be a reason of dementia that is faced by a person. A person is affected with dementia can have the problem of memory loss as well as the creative problem while communicating with others. A person also loses the ability to focuses and pay attention to any important things. People face a lot of difficulties to conduct their day to day activity because of dementia. In addition to that, in any kind of social gathering people facing the problem of dementia get a problem to communicate with others. There are various examples of dementia that can be seen.

Nowadays, dementia is faced in the real life by many people. Thus, there are some of the examples of real life dementia. For example, in Ellen’s story she was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 55. In the year 2006, Eileen was diagnosed with dementia. Eileen started drinking and intake of drugs at the age of 11. Eileen also suffered form the problem of brain damage. Eileen had a bad past and in the present scenario she is creating same problem with the family. After the brain damage Eileen noticed that she started having the symptoms of forgetfulness in the late 40s. As the time passes by, the problem is getting worse. In addition to that, Eileen had to leave the job. Eileen sometimes does not get out of bed as well as problem of speech and there is a lack of self esteem has been created also. Eileen is felling that she is becoming a burden on the family alz.org (2017). 

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