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This assignment deals with undertaking the process of analyzing one organization and its analyzing the operation environments on a marketing perspective. In this assignment leading Australian Agricultural organization Graincorp has been taken into consideration. GrainCorp is an Australia based leading international Agribusiness organization. The GrainCorp came into force when NSW Department of Agriculture modernized grain handling in Australia in the year 1916. The Vision of the company is to leads the international business of agriculture.

Issue 1

In Australia Agribusiness has always been one of the country’s most important industrial pillars, in the year 2016 GrainCorp celebrated its 100 years of operation and growth. (Hockey,2017) At present the business environment, political environment and mass-media is focusing on the dialogue to focus more on this sector as it offers a lot of growth potential which can add to Australia’s prosperity even more. The local and global market forces have turned the attention of businesses again towards Agribusiness

Mr Mark Palmquist is the Chief Executive of GrainCorp Limited and his title is Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director.  Mr Graham Bradley is the Chairman of GrainCorp Limited and his official title is Non Executive Chairman (Hockey, 2017).

The NSW Grain Elevators Board (GEB) converted into GrainCorp and took hold of the grain processing business and turned the manual work of grain handling into mechanized job. The introduction of Australia’s first bulk grain export terminal in Glebe and network of elevators around the state created largest grain handling and storage network of  Australia’s Eastern region. It connected rural part of the country by rail to the seaports of eastern side. This network was looked over by GEB till the year 1992 and in the same year the business went into the private hands and was named as GrainCorp. GrainCorp operates into Grains, Malt and Edible oils. GrainCorp offers Australia’s largest integrated edible oils business (Hockey, 2017)

GrainCorp Malt came into force with the acquisition of United Malt Holdings in 2009 and became the part of top four commercial maltsters in the world. GrainCorp has operations in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

GrainCorp Strategy, Vision & Values

GrainCorp’s Strategy, Vision & Values represents their identity and embodies the information regarding their functions it answers the questions like whom, what and where, the present situation and the future prospects. The vision statement determines what the business wants to become and how is it going to become what it aims for.

GrainCorp defines that their values define their culture and guide the behavior pattern of the business, the business relationships and business decisions. The values also define the relationships between the company, the stakeholders and the customers.

GrainCorp’s Vision is to lead on the international platform of the agribusiness and become customer’s preferred choice of partners. GrainCorp’s Strategy is to focus on strengthening the core business activity of the organization. The strategy includes improvement in organizational efficiency, increasing growth opportunities, expansion of grain production footprints and increasing return of investment.

GrainCorp’ s Values

Commitment to SAFETY

  • GrainCorp is committed to protect the health and safety of the people visiting the sites of work like employees, visitors and contractors.

  • GrainCorp is committed towards zero harm policy.

  • GrainCorp proactively manages safety, health and environmental risks.

  • GrainCorp recognizes that the individual safety begins with them and diversifies into the safety of others like employees.

Deliver for our CUSTOMERS

  • GrainCorp puts the customers in the centre of their activity.

  • GrainCorp works in partnership with the customers to deliver value for money.

  • GrainCorp listens and learns from the customers and provide solutions that support their needs and demands.

GrainCorp leads the way

  • GrainCorp follows integrity of action and pursues continuous improvement, innovation and excellence. The variety of perspective is the focal point of GrainCorp.

  • GrainCorp work towards creating sustainable environment and performs sustainably so that it helps in development of both the community and the company.

GrainCorp takes the responsibility of its actions.

  • GrainCorp is accountable for its actions, decisions and results. GrainCorp aims high, learns from its mistakes and celebrates success, the change is embraces at the GrainCorp and the company is continuously engaged in decision making and keeping its commitments.

Marketing strategy followed in GrainCorp is Diversification and expansion strategy, currently GrainCorp has diversified business operations in four different continents and it is a part of global supply chain. In the year 2009 acquisition of United Malt holdings formed GrainCorp Malt and in order to meet growing demand of malt, the North American malt production capacity expanded to Great Western Malting facility in Pocatello, Idaho USA with the investment of $75 million US currency. In the year 2017 GrainCorp acquired Cryer Malt and joined craft beer movement of Australia and Asia combined and expanded in the New Zealand. The acquisitions led to further diversification of GrainCorp into GrainCorp oils in the year 2012.  According to Collins et al. (2017) GrainCorp is the largest edible oil business in New Zealand which produces a large amount of animal feed products and good quality food with expansion in the infant nutrition category. GrainCorp has also invested $125 million in order to create distribution and refining centre of oil seed products in Victoria. In the year 2008 the deregulation of Australian wheat exports provided diversification opportunity to the GrainCorp. The GrainCorp acquired The Vicgrain in year 2000 and in the year 2003 acquired Grainco a company from Queensland and expanded its operation in Eastern Australia.

Products GrainCorp offers to the market include Grains, Malt and Oils; GrainCorp has seven bulk grain ports and is one of the top five global malt producers. GrainCorp exports its products to thirty plus countries; it is Australia’s largest integrated edible oil business (Collins et al. 2017).

The brand is synonymous to diversification and expansion marketing strategies at its business model depends upon acquiring the businesses and increasing the market share.

Issue 2





Five Cs of the organization


Strengths and Key resources


ü  100 years in the business- In the year 2016 GrainCorp completed its hundred years of operation this offers competitive advantage to the company.  It proves customer loyalty towards the company. The Company is in the agribusiness since a long time and is in the list of top five global malt producers. It is one of the most important strength for the company it relies upon the active collaboration between grain growers and customers around the world.

Innovation, integration and partnerships are the fundamentals on which the second century operations are relying with the centre point of all the activities being customers. The continuing investment and innovation makes sure that opportunities are created for customers and growers in Australia and around the world.  According to (Collins et al. 2017), An innovative supply chain is developed in Canada by GrainCorp by entering into the joint venture with the Zen-Noh Grain Corporation of Japan, it helped in creating a the  worldwide demand for good quality oilseeds and grain products. In Australia GrainCorp is working with to use innovative marketing strategy, innovative methods and novel technology in order to connect Australian growers to the customers. 

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