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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction


Global business process is influenced by several internal and external processes. These aspects affects company’s different business process through which certain phase of crisis appears inform of the company. A better company tackles that crisis period through proper crisis management process and crisis communication through social media is one of the major used processes in global business. This chapter highlights objective and aims of the contemporary research work with presenting the contemporary issue of the companies of Middle Eastern countries through proper way.

1.2 Background of the Study



In order to carry out a research on brand crisis management and recovery of reputation, it is essential to understand the concept of brand crisis. Every organisation encounters reputational issues having differing extents of seriousness exiting in the world of social media communication. However, organisational management always delves on remembering the fact that information is key aspect to power. In reference to the opinion of Wang (2016, p.65), usually, brands that are able to recover from crisis are the ones that are prepared for the worst. Organisations that are able to adapt quickly to this environment through developing attractive websites, informative articles on social media and differentiate facts from rumours tend to me most successful (Coombs, 2014, p.15). Social media monitoring renders an easier process to the tracking of all information about brand customers, competitors, industry updates and important news in real-time.

Impact of social media communication in enhancing brand reputation is significantly evident, progressive and unique in the Middle East countries. As stated by Pace et al. (2017, p.142), social media usage is gaining prominence in small and medium-sized enterprises in the Arab regions. A unique relationship exists between social media usage and brand reputation management in Middle East countries. This has caused social media to impact on Middle East market in areas like developing a marketing platform crisis management, reducing expenditure developing a benchmark for direct communication of client with modern public relations and creating an innovative edge for the company. Organisations like Kuwait Airways uses social media to deliver positive information to the customers and develop brand reputation. Middle East organisations not only use social media for marketing but also for recovering brand reputation (omicsonline.org, 2016). A new wave of marketing strategies has evolved in the Middle East countries through application of social media in recovery of brand reputation.

1.3 Research Rationale



What are the issues?

In contemporary business condition, brand management holds the key aspect of a business process through which certain factors of business like global expansion of business, consumer satisfaction and acquiring more consumers in business process. It is seen very often that companies in a huge market competition acquire different brand improvement strategies through which positive perception form the consumers can be acquired properly. Often several external and internal factors affect company's business process and also hamper the reputation of a company. In context of Kuwait, it is seen in several times that Kuwait Airways has been accused regarding discriminations against Israelis consumer (jpost.com, 2017). This is one of the most sensitive issues where a brand name is at a stake and its image also become jeopardised.

Whys is it an issue?

Crisis regarding brand image is an issue as it causes lots of problems for the companies who face certain crisis moment because of both external and internal factors. Mentioned crisis of Kuwait Airways affected company’s different processes essentially badly through which certain changes in business process became jeopardised (timeskuwait.com, 2015). Certain fall in its revenue also been seen because this incident went viral through social media and consumers became essentially hateful towards the service process of this airline company. Same crisis process has been seen in the scenario of Oman Oil Company where certain issues regarding bribery of a senior manager of the company happened because which shook the reputation of the company essentially badly. In order to overcome the situation the company has fired the CEO to regenerate their reputation in the gulf market.

Whys is it an issue now?

This scandals and crisis of business affects the reputation of business to the most because of better connectivity and communication process and modern globalisation that carries certain issues like wildfire (independent.co.uk, 2017). Recent reports mentioned that a video went viral through social media which showcased the ill treatment of Kuwait Airways to an Israeli (timesofisrael.com, 2015). These kinds of issues also seen in different parts of the world also as recent times, several companies like Uber and Cadbury has faced huge issues regarding certain crisis and better communication certainly created the issue to a huge one through which they became a global sensation. On the other hand these issues also helped the rival companies in various ways by which they increased their market share using competitor’s crisis as a vital weapon.

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