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IT Strategy or Information Technology strategy includes the comprehensive plan that is responsible for guiding the different ways that can be employed for using the technology in the business so as to bring in efficiency within the business (Snipes et al. 2016). IT strategy shows how the information technology of today can be used by the different departments of any organization for the achievement of the organisational goals and the IT goals as well. The use of IT within any business is a common phenomenon that helps in carrying out different activities of the business organisation with short term and long term goals. However, the strategic planning of the IT planning is responsible for the difference that the firms achieve in terms of getting efficiency within the industry it operates. This particular essay is focused at the exemplification of the effectiveness of IT strategy management that can is evident to lead to greater business efficiency.

Use of Information technology in business

The use of information technology within the business organizations includes the use of computers, internet and other gadgets to support the implementation of the functional operations of the organisation.  To be more precise, planning that includes the principles, objectives and tactics for using the information technology within any particular organisational The economic environment of today counts for the use if IT within the business to bring about the efficiency in the execution of the activities that is targeted within time (Brazier et al. 2017). Thus the importance of IT is huge in the business environment worldwide and the business organisations as well (Rao & Yip, 2014). Therefore the business alignment with the IT has become an essentiality that needs the continuous improvement through initiatives in the IT in order to mitigate the risks that are related to the use of technology. Therefore, the strategic management of IT is required in taking the initiatives for constant improvement. The constant improvement is required since that is going to provide the efficiency within the business that will make the organisation gain competitive advantage over other competitors in the same industry (Madsen & Walker, 2015). It is quite evident that the more the organisation is efficient in using the advanced technology the mere it can satisfy the customers through its products or services   as the case may be. This is the reason for instance, he large IT companies claim that they  go for decisions to happen in with the alignment and use of IT who proactively  device the attributes and the activities that needs to be done by the IT department of the particular organization for the optimization of the decisions and support the process of decision making.

Snipes et al. (2016), with increasing pressure in terms of competitions within any industry and ever-changing trends that dominates the industries, the companies are getting challenged in managing the IT including its implementation and up gradation as well. Therefore, it has become very crucial for the company to keep the information technology w ell aligned with the general organizational strategies. Therefore, the management of the IT strategically is required to be done. There are different types of tools and software that are helpful for the companies in making the differentiation among the numerous companies in terms of competition (Madsen & Walker, 2015). The execution of the internal plans and the external plans need to be done through the use of these tables among the working stream of the organisation. The alignment of the forces along with IT and then reacting, adapting and navigating within the industry through the strategic management of the information technology is required to be done. This is possible only through the proper and strategic management of IT through the different software that again needs to be upgraded. The cost of         implementation and managing it is another factor that often appears to be issues to many companies. The strategic management of it includes these factors as well that has to be considered and need to be done effectively as well.

Information technology within any organisation is evident to help keep synchronisation and collaboration with the different departments through the quick sharing of the information and the data that are required to be done on a daily. This is how IT is effective in bringing greater efficiency that ate not prominent before the use of IT. The complexities which the data and the information of the large companies include that are huge with different branches and sections of the organization are made easier to handle that is more time efficient. The outcome of the IT strategic management is that the company and its employees become more efficient and expertise in their spheres that includes the achievement of the market insights, analysis if the data that are crucial for the planning of new marketing strategies and go for the improvement or contribute new value to the brand for the customers to be loyal.

Wu, Straub & Liang, (2015) opined that merit solution is another aspect of IT strategic management that includes the alignment of the investment of the IT with that of the organisational goals which is crucial for the realization of the time to time value. This realization is helpful in minimizing the cost of the ownership as a whole with the alignment of the long-term goals. The impact of the merit solution that the IT provides brings in the optimization of the business transformation to another level through the use of technology that is again evident to foster the scope of the business within the industry. Moreover, the innovation continues improvement and finally the continuous improvement is also optimized.

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