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Manage and develop the team


Manage and develop the team

Assessment 1:

Creation of a statement of vision and mission

Australia is the major manufacturer of innovative widgets and in this industry Innovative Widget is an organization which is running for last 60 years. Innovative Widgets is the prime manufacturer of the widgets and currently, the sons and the daughter of the founder of the organization own the organization. In the initial stages the organization namely Innovative Widget was hardly aware of the requirement of internal and the external customer and moreover, they hardly used to follow any policies and procedures to provide service to the customers. However, after solving the initial issues they have started to maintain their vision and mission in the entire organization.

Vision statement: The vision of the Innovative Widget is to take care of the fact that every business in Australia should be able to run smoothly by using their quality and safe widgets. 

Mission Statement: There are certain numbers of missions that have been followed by the organization namely Innovative Widget. They are mentioned below:

  • Developing innovative ideas to identify new ways of testing and manufacturing widgets

  • Maintaining effective delivery process to the customer both internal and external basis

  • Manufacturing new quality products through which Australia can be able to buy the widgets made by their own nation

  • Safety record should be kept best of all widget organization.  

These are the vision and mission of the Innovative Widget that they are maintaining throughout their entire business process.    

Internal customer of innovative widgets

Internal customers are those who belong to the same organization that means employee is an internal customer who helps to the organization by giving necessary service to the organization. In this case, the employees are the service providers and at the same time, the managers or the hierarchy of the organization are customers. 

In Innovative Widget, it has been noticed that there has very important role that plays by the internal customers to provide best widget service to the nation. Internal customers of Innovative Widget can be mentioned as a packer of the products. As opined by Dunn (2015), the packer can play a role of service provider and the role of customer in different point of times. When a packer will be involved in dispatching the products, to an organization that time the packer will be acted as a provider. However, when the organization will deliver those widgets to their customers, that time the packer will be acted as a customer. There are different types of internal customers in the organization namely Innovative Widget such as store man, the secretary of the manager, the driver of the car and many more. As per the statement of Bonczek, Holsapple and Whinston (2014), it can be mentioned that the internal customers are responsible for the development of the organization. Thus, every employee should play an active role in the organization and should act like internal customers.        

Requirement of internal customer

Internal customers should have the proper training through which they can be able to maintain existing policies and procedures of the organization. As mentioned by Goetsch and Davis (2014), along with the internal customers should have certain numbers of proper skills through which they can be able to maintain the standards of the organization. There is always a factor involves regarding the satisfaction level of the employees of the organization.

Exact communication process should be properly be maintained by the internal customers. By maintaining an effective communication process, the internal customers or the employees of the organization namely, Innovative Widget can be able to contribute to the development of the organization. The employees of the organization will always be wanted proper incentives and salary structure for their work and thus, an organization needs to meet the needs of the internal customers for the development of their organization.

External customer of innovative widgets


External customers are those ones who buy product. In Australia, widgets are manufactured in high amount of numbers, thus, the externals customers have to think about the budget and where and how they can be able to spend their budget. Thus, the external customers have to compete with the other relevant organizations to buy the quality product from the manufacturing organization. There is certain number of policies and procedures for the external customers in the organization namely Innovative Widget.

According to a survey in the year of 2011, it has been shown that external customers are very much aware of the legislation and they know the procedure of taking an action if any breach occurs in the selling process (australia.gov.au, 2017).

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