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Introduction to Leadership


Chapter I: Evolution of leadership


Before understanding leadership, a brief sapience into the development of leadership that will help us understand the sophistication of human behaviors. Even though the wisdom of leadership is relatively recent, our aim to apprehend human behavior commences from the existence of mankind.

Thus, studying the historical background of leadership, will transpose our focus from becoming a competent leader to the reason behind becoming a leader. Though it’s not that "How" is not important, but acquiring some understanding into the "Why" and the "What" will provide us the fundamental knowledge required to comprehend "How". More concretely, it would increase our ability to act out the behaviors’ in a natural manner. On the contrary, the style of leadership is still bait for a debate among scholars.

Chapter II: Historical Background of leadership


Many have tried to establish a depiction of leadership that would embrace the difficulty of this universal word. One simplified definition of leadership is that it’s a procedure by which an archon can counsel, advice and influence the conduct and work of others towards achievement of predetermined goals in a given scenario (Antonakis and Day, 2017). This definition emphasizes the significance of prospecting leadership as a process, directed at swaying a particular group of people to meet a predetermined objective.

To most people, the significance of leadership is obvious no matter what the exact definition or context. In organization, productive leadership will provide better quality of goods and services; it will help the people of the organization to develop a sense of integration, personal motivation, and higher degree of contentment among those supervising the work; and it provides an imperative influence and vision, a conjunction with the environment, a robust mechanism for transformation, and a resource for enlivening the culture of the organization

The Personal Side of Leadership


Chapter III: Various Styles of Leadership


leadership style is a style of delivering direction, executing plans, and influencing people (DuBois, Hanlon, Koch, et. al, 2015).Various writers have propounded different leadership styles as depicted by leaders in the political, business or other fields. The different styles of leadership are as follows:

·         Democratic leadership

·         Autocratic leadership

·         Charismatic leadership

·         Bureaucratic leadership

·         Transformational leadership

·         Transactional leadership

·         Laissez-faire leadership

·         Situational leadership

Democratic Leadership and Autocratic leadership


Democratic Leadership Style –More popularly referred as participative leadership. From the name itself we can comprehend that leaders often asks the workers to provide input before taking up a decision. Productivity of the workers increases as they have a higher level of satisfaction in their work environments and the organization can reap benefit from better productivity (DuBrin, 2015).

Autocratic Leadership-Unlike, democratic leadership autocratic leaders have expressive control over the workers and rarely consider any suggestion from the workers. For instance,

Charismatic Leadership and Bureaucratic leadership


Charismatic leadership simply means the manner of encouraging specifically behaviors in others through articulate communication to accomplish a specific goals of the organization (Mendenhall, Osland, Bird, et. al, 2017).

Bureaucratic leadership versions are enforced in highly governed or supervisory environments, where strict adherence to the policies and procedureis required in a predefined hierarchy.

Transformational and Transactional leadership


Transformational leadership –From the view point of the workers its considered to be the most favorable, style of leadership. Team leader who depicts transformational leadership persuade staff through articulate communication and by creating a work place of intellectual nourishment (Ghasabeh,Soosay and Reaiche, 2015). However, from an individual perspective they are often blue-sky thinkers and may require specific instruction from the team leader to successfully accomplish their strategic visions.

Transactional leadership - emphasizes on directing, organizing, and performance; transactional leadership is a style of leadership in which leaders focuses on compliance aspect by following a method of reward and punishment (Yahaya and Ebrahim, 2016).

Laissez-faire leadership and Situational leadership


Laissez-faire leadership, more popularly referred as delegative leadership, in which leaders allow the group members to take most of the decisions. However, such style of leadership is not effective and moreover there is a tendency of deadlock as every individual has their own way of thinking (Lussier and Achua, 2015).

Situational leadership focuses on adaptability and simplicity in execution, depending upon the situation leaders will adapt the style of leadership with equipment’s necessary to skillfully maneuver the demands of the diverse workforce and evolving in big corporate (Northouse, 2018).




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