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1.1 Introduction

The workplace health and safety (WHS) is a serious disciplinary practice of an organisation which influences on the reputation of the respective organisation. In order to put more emphasis on the WHS in the business organisation, the Australian government has incorporated various legislations. Thus, in the current report, a systematic assessment has been conducted in order to provide a scenario of WHS in the in Max Lionel Realty Company.

1.2 Findings of strategic direction of mission and values

Being a reputed SME company the Max Lionel Realty (MLR) is consisted of 100 employees. According to Akhter et al. (2016), the main motif of an organisation is to promote increased production by maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. However, the company has failed to maintain those ethical aspects and a serious complaint has been filed against the company due to breaching of WHS. as per the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011, the employee health is the primary concern of a company. Along with this, the company and the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) need to follow the concerned legislation in order to maintain their reputation and wellbeing of the company.

Thus, in case of the Max Lionel Realty (MLR) has lost their reputation due to their lack of management skills in the workplaces about the health and safety. However, as opined by Chandra and Wella (2017), the mission of an organisation focuses on the effective and proper hospitality and services for their clients. On the contrary, in case of the MLR Company, reputation of service and hospitality for the clients has been disrupted. It has been noticed that due to lack of maintenance the client has fallen from the staircases of the backdoor of the company. Thus, a lack of surveillance can be also figured out which resulted in the late noticing of the incidents. Critically Cook et al. (2016) argued that, in an organisation, the focus on the client and employees which can influence on the production and competitive advantages. Thus, in the current case of the MLR Company, the client focus has been distracted and organisational goodwill has been reduced [Refer to appendix 1].

1.3 Analysis

1.3.1 Linking with objectives of organisation, standards, responsibilities and relevant legislation



In case of the MLR Company, both the operational and strategic vision and mission are quite high. According to Dufosse et al. (2017), in case of a reputed organisation especially for any real estate company, the main organisation goal is to provide quality of services to their clients. Duignan (2014) supported and commented that, along with the client concern, the workplace health of employee needs to be evaluated by any real estate organisation. Similarly, in case of the MLR company the mission is to provide high quality of service and excellence of hospitality to the clients in order to increase their outcome. Thus, due to the incidence of breaking of wrist of the client, the company has lost their built reputation in the Australian real estate market. Along with this, the company has highlighted by the Australian Government due to their negligence of workplace health and safety for their employees.

In 2015, about 232 cases have been filed in the Australian Federal court due to the negligence of the company about their WHS. However, as opined by Fares and Webber (2014), the mission of an organisation focuses on the effective and proper hospitality and services for their clients. As for this reason the Australian Government has provided a 20,000AUD penalty to the concerned organisations. Along with this, the company has also found to incorporate Australian Workplace health and safety management acts in order to avoid such accidents. As opined by Fennelly (2016), along with the financial responsibilities, the sales managers need to look after the hospitality of the clients. However, several managers have made the high heel of the client responsible for the accident. On the contrary Hofmann et al. (2017) argued that the risk management strategy of a company requires effective surveillance of the management which helps to take instant decision and step.

1.3.2 Leadership style and expectation of commitment and support to management

It has been noticed that in the company, the management and directors show autocratic leadership model. As state by Kakabadse (2015), in the autocratic leadership model, there is a huge communication gap can be noticed by the management and employees. Thus, the operational and strategic management process of the company is client oriented lack of focus for the employees can be noticed. Thus, in order to enhance the employee motivation, the company might incorporate strategies of semi-democratic or democratic leadership model in order lower the communication gap between the employee and management.

As per the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, the WHS breaching has been occurred in the organisation and a disruption of goodwill of the organisation has taken place. Along with this, the company has also found to incorporate Australian Workplace health and safety management acts in order to avoid such accidents. On the contrary, Copeland and Henry (2017) argued that the organisational goodwill also depends on the organisational policies and management styles. In this case, the management style was not effective to manage every little aspect. This is why the WHS breaching has been occurred in the organisation and a disruption of goodwill of the organisation has taken place. Along with this, the company has also found to incorporate Australian Workplace health and safety management acts in order to avoid such accidents.

4. Conclusion

Henceforth, the assurances of health and safety management in a workplace are referred to handle the severe condition or accident cases of an organisation and potentiality to manage those incidences. Along with this, the strategic management of leadership model is also a concern for the MLR Company. It has been noticed that with the help of effective leadership model a proper strategic management can be conduct in an organisation. As for this reason, this is required in the organisation. Thus, in order to promote health and safety in the workplace, the company needs to promote more strategic plan in the management.

Assessment task 2: Individual and influence group




















2.3 Development of Strategic management and communication plan















The adoption of democratic strategic plan in communication instead of autocratic communication can be proven an effective communication between the customers and organizers to avoid any unwanted loss of the customer and also by the organizers (Gutteling, 2015).

2.4 Discussions of planning with CEO


















2.4.1 Employment of proper leadership style
















There are several leadership styles to attempt an effective employment. This includes Directive, Authoritative, Affiliated and Coaching so on. Based on the present scenario, the Coaching style of leadership management can be proven impactful (Chaudhry and Javed, 2012).

2.4.2 Supporting Budget and plans




















The estimated budget is planned based on providing the minimum amount to control the company’s profit. Along with that the preventive measures planned to implement by the company can be proven helpful to build a proper customer and organizer relation.  

2.4.3 Requirements of organisational and legal plans
















The legal plans are required so that anybody in the organization like either the worker or the customer can take help of the country's legislation for claiming the justice against any unlawful practices.

2.4.4 Explanation of communication plan implementation for internal and external groups
















The democratic communication plan can help to give the freedom to the external group members for being involved in the company’s unlawful decisions. The internal group members can share their thoughts among the outsiders of the group through the democratic communication, which can help to build up an integrated decision.  

2.4.5 Different communication modes for implementing plans

There are several mode of communication like flyers, posters and notes of training for the workers to build up the proper relationship among the organizer and customer and also to identify the customer satisfaction (Al-Ofeishat and Al Rababah, 2012).  







2.4.6 Explanation of risk management plan for organisation

















A risk management plan includes the findings of the different impacts of some unwanted incident. The risk management strategies like building of an emergency service group, proper utilization of techniques and protective measures in the working sites can help to avoid the unwanted incidents (Poolsappasit, 2012).

2.4.7 Consultation with management plans

The consultation can help to identify any loopholes, if present in the plan. Hence the modification can be done based on that.

2.5 Revised budget based consultation plan with CEO
















The different action plan like training program is expected to require almost $500 for make a change in the present scenario. The $200 amount to build up an effective customer and organizers relation can add an ethical value in the relation, which is helpful for the future development of the company.     

2.6 Consultation by management for further improvement in leadership style and ethical behaviour
















The discussion about management strategies with the managers can help to build up an effective leadership style based on the employee and customer’s requirement. Involvement of more than one brain can helps to bring out the best as an effective strategy.

Assessment task 3: Building of supportive team

3.1 Objectives of workshops
















As mentioned by Hafeez and Akbar (2015), the objectives of the workshop are as followed.

  • To mitigate the challenges in the market training will be given to the marketing policies and the sales policies.

  • To mitigate the risks training will be given to risk assessment and company policies.

  • In order to maintain the company environment, positive training will be provided on the work ethics of the company.

  • To understand the working process and company software training will be provided on IT.

  • 3.3 Ethical behaviour
















As commented by Tai and Chuang (2014), in the training workshop some ethical behaviour is expected from the participants to maintain the atmosphere of the job which is as followed.

  • Maintaining the law and the regulations of the organization.

  • There should not be any conflict of interest for the company.

  • Information on the organizations will be confidential.

  • Handling the company resources in a good manner.

  • Not accepting any gift or bribe at the workplace.

3.4 Leadership styles
















As suggested by Goleman (2017), before the leadership style was autocratic but in order to make a sound communication for the training session democratic leadership style can be taken in use.







3.5 Organizational requirement: Legal policies

















As mentioned by Teubner (2017), in order to maintain the work environment positive and maintaining the work ethics at the time of training session the company can follow the legislation such as Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986 and Age Discrimination Act 2004.







3.6 Generation of new ideas and requirement of training

















In maintaining the rhythm with the fast-changing business styles the training session can give importance to the innovation and come up with new ideas.







3.7 Innovation in training: flowcharting, 8Ps, fishbone diagrams and brainstorming

















In training session flowcharting, 8Ps, fishbone diagrams and brainstorming

Can be used in order to give training on the communication process, coordination in between the employees and it promotes good work ethics.







3.8 Discussion of an approach to innovation

















In order to bring changes in the working style, innovation is needed. To engage the workers in making new ideas will make them engage more in the company work.







3.9 Advice and Criticism

















Old and the experienced employees are also important so there shouldn't be different training for the aged employees. Experienced employees can help the new workers by sharing the experience.







3.10 Employment of leadership style in training

















The training might get conducted under the democratic leadership style as in this style a sound communication system helps to coordinate in between the employees.

Assessment Task 4: Reflection


















1. Reflection of Leadership Skills
















The success of an organisation depends on the collaboration of the employees and the executives. With the proper guidance and leadership quality, the hearts of the employees could be won and the success could be achieved. I opine that being an Operation Manager I need to possess those qualities that would enable me to lead both my team and the company forward. I am always on my way to improve myself as well as my company. In order to achieve that I have often taken steps while following a method this is out-of-the-box. For example, while coming to the point of risk management, I have interfered into the matter where the Commercial Manager was found not having his responsibilities done.

I need to focus on the leadership qualities like earning respect; flexibilities to cope up with the appeared situation, having the ability listen to the team members and to learn quickly. I tried to engage the stakeholders to bring an increase in the company's profit. The company is a real estate organisation presents me the opportunity to look for the investors.

In order to maintain the business in a competitive market people often fail to conduct their respective parts following ethics. However, being an Operation Manager, it has always been my matter of business to conduct my work in an ethical way.

The main objective of my work is to lead a team for the improvement of both the employees and the company. I have focused on the interrelationship between the employees and the executives so that it could be easy to build a better communication and understand the issues that could affect the company.

2. Development of professional development plan
















As the Operation Manager of Max Lionel Realty, my objectives are to generate a positive workforce and control the risk management department while keeping the safety and the security of the employees the protected. I have decided to focus on the operation, management sector even more as it functions for the wholesome improvement of the company. By developing my personal skills like generating a more effective communication with the customers and the employees while resolving the issues, I would be able to improve my knowledge as an Operation Manager for this company.

3. Three Plans for Professional development
















The main job of an Operation Manager is to develop the product while maintaining the standards of quality. Being an Operational Manager the major aspect of my development plan is to take a challenge to improve the time period to gain a project ready within time and also not without any adjustment in the quality. An Operation Manager has the responsibility to look into the matter that the happiness or satisfaction of the employees is maintained along with their productivity. It is the duty of the Operation Manager to decide how resources will be managed. Therefore, it falls under my duty to bring make presentations and charts as per how the resources would be recycled. Besides, the above-mentioned plans I also have to take care of the customer relationship as this is the most important part of our business to satisfy the customer.







4. Summary of Reflection

















There is no limitation of being better whether it is a company or it is a human being. In order to reach that level beyond better, we need to keep modifying ourselves. Therefore, I am also working on the betterment of my personal skills and knowledge. I feel that networking allows a person to learn through a number of processes. It provides the scope to learn even more while establishing a non-traditional way of conversation. In order to achieve the goals to bring a more professionalism in my post, I may need the help of the networking system to provide me with the proper guide to be able to fully accomplish my responsibilities.


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