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The given case study of this assignment focuses on the lack of teamwork abilities. There are several individual skills which are required for doing work together under one team. This case study has focused on various reasons behind the failure of teamwork and also tries to understand what the primary reasons behind this failure are. In addition to that, the future recommendation for the team is also part of this assignment to know how to recover the different conflicts happened within the organisation and affected on the result. The teacher gives the project assignment in the class and within a group of 6 students. Each of the team members is associated with their problems in the personal life. Therefore there is a considerable miscommunication in the process of doing this teamwork. Besides that, none of the six students has taken the initiative in the early stage of teacher’s declaration. They have visited three weeks which is a significant reason behind the failure of the project. There is also an equal contribution of the team members in the process of doing this team project. In this assignment, the case study will be analysed to understand the failure of different skill required for this team with the help of appropriate use of theory. The future recommendation will be part of the assignment for the future performance of this team.

Case study analysis

The final project and presentation developed by this selected team are lacking equal contribution of each of the team member. Besides that, the initiative of starting the project work is also taken very late. All of this reason behind the failure of the project has occurred because of different type of internal problems within the team. For example, the team development, time management and communication within the team are not appropriate.

Interpersonal skills

Lack of interpersonal skill is one of the primary reasons behind the miscommunication of the team. One of the essential interpersonal skill includes problem-solving are conflict management ability. Therefore, the conflict arises none of the team members has taken the initiative for demolishing the misunderstanding. There is one of the reasons why an interpersonal relationship did not develop in this team. The theory of interpersonal skill which is known as the uncertainty reduction theory can be useful for the development of interpersonal skill (Cardon and Marshall, 2015). The uncertainty reduction theory mainly helpful for the teamwork, the team members did not know each other and are complete stranger. In this case, the teacher has developed the team, and the team members did not know each other. Therefore it is not possible for them to develop the interpersonal relationship for the project (Woodcock, 2017).

Intercultural awareness

The intercultural awareness can be made up with the process of intercultural communication and education. There are cross-cultural differences within this team. Intercultural awareness is known as an understanding which helps an individual in understanding the differences and similarities between their own and other cultures (Carlopio et al. 2012). The background of each of the student is different and two of them Anna and Lani are the international students. Therefore they have some problems in the process of communicating with others. For example, Anna is not comfortable with speaking in English. English is her second language; therefore, she needs extra assistance for her studies.

Team development

For the process of team development, there is essentiality of selecting a team leader who can assess the team in accomplishing the work. There are various theories which can be adopted for the process of team development. The Tuckman's 5 stage team development model highlights the areas of team development. In the first stage of team development which is forming, team members try to understand and explore the behaviour of the team member for understanding the expectation (Carlson et al. 2017). In the next stage storming, development of leadership or control within the team is done for minimising the effect of conflict. In the third stage, Norming is followed for making a balance within the conflicting forces. In the fourth Stage, which is known as performing, the task of accomplishing the objective is performed as a group adjective. Finally, the adjourning step is associated with completing the purpose of team formation after its fulfilment (Shuffler et al. 2018).

But this group of people is not able to form any team. All of the stages are missing in the case study given. Even the primary meeting for developing is the team with all of the team members is not seen.



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