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Information systems and computers are core parts of all types of business. It becomes essential for all the business organizations to adopt different information technology-based systems for surviving in the competitive world. In addition, information system helps in providing different opportunities for expanding the business. At present, all the business organizations possess a website, a computer, and an email address. This report focuses on analyzing the issues associated with the adoption of a new point of sale system by Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery, Colorado. In addition, it aims at evaluating the advantages of centralized database. Finally, the report will illuminate the risks of using point of sale system.

Q1) Merits and demerits of POS (Point Of Sale) system

Point of sale system is very much effective in providing an accurate place and time for retail transaction. It also helps in ensuring that not all the parties who are involved in the transaction know anything (Lopez et al. 2018). It also helps the seller in computing the amount that a customer owes. In addition, it helps in preparing the invoice and providing different options of payment. At present, this system is on the verge of being applied by different reputed organizations. This particular system is being popularized so much because it does not use the price tags and there is an inventory window, which helps in changing the price effectively. It is also very much helpful for implementing various types of loyalty programs and discounts. As a result, it magnetizes the customers to buy a particular commodity or product.

In case of Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery, the point of sale system has helped greatly in tracking necessary business information (Ueno & Takamoto, 2016). In addition, it has aided the organization in eliminating the guesswork on ordering of particular products and managing the inventory units. The advantages and disadvantages of the use of point of sale system are given below.


i) Point of sale system has helped the organization in improving efficiency.

ii) It has also aided the organization in managing the stocks efficiently.

iii) The organization can produce perfect reports with the help of the new point of sale system.

IV) Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery can track the employees effectively after the adoption of this new system.

v) The organization gets many benefits on keeping the price constant with the help of point of sale system.


i) Point of sale system needs a twenty-four-hour internet connection and a reliable internet service provider (Fourie et al. 2017). Whenever the router malfunctions or problems regarding the service provider arise, the organization suffers a lot.

ii) This system needs frequent updating of the software. However, these software are very much expensive and the upgradation requires ample time. This sometimes causes problems for the organization regarding communication and business. In addition, the organization has to bear additional amount of expenses for the issuance of new licenses of the software.

iii) Sometimes, the organization faces difficulties in managing the software because the operation and the implications of the software are very much complicated and not user-friendly.

Q2) Process of gaining competitive advantage using point of sale system

Point of sale system has helped the four seasons’ greenhouse and nursery in gaining competitive advantage (Christidis & Devetsikiotis, 2016). It has benefited the organization in many ways. Different ways through which the organization is gaining competitive advantage are described below.

i) POS system has helped the organization in tracking necessary information on business from the transactions during the time when the products are sold. In this way, the organization has gained advantage over other organizations who track sales manually.

ii) The system also helps the organization in storing and processing information by upgrading its inventory (Coronel & Morris, 2016). In this way, the organization gains advantage over other organizations that face troubles in compiling the history of sales.

iii) The system provides a constructive functionality of tracking, inputting and distributing information that is very much helpful for providing an effective functionality in managing and operating business.

IV) Point of sale system is very much helpful for making useful decisions. These decisions are very much helpful for analyzing particular number of products that need to be ordered.

v) It also helps in providing additional information on business. It is very much helpful for improving the quality of necessary products and services (Saranya, Premalatha & Rajasekar, 2015). Other organizations sometimes face difficulties in dealing with the evaluation of particular services and products.

VI) The system has helped in expanding the management of the schedules of the employees for allocating and reviewing the expenses of particular functions and departments.

vii) Many organizations lack in strategies for delegating responsibilities to all the employees, which are useful for establishing accountability (Kalantri et al. 2014). The POS system has provided the organization with all the strategies that are useful for submitting goals for sales in the subsequent period of reporting.



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