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Disability in learning is something that is complex than the name suggests. In the daily lives of people, there are millions who are victims of disabilities. A large percentage of students are a part of this today and in spite of several researches performed every day, a definite reasoning cannot be stated. Since the youth or the student group is meant to have an ambitious life compared to those of the elderly people, it is critical for them to cope up at every step. Disabilities can be of several kinds, including medical, physical. Some problems are revealing while some are hidden. Among all, the verbal disability is one of the most common issues.

The thesis statement of the particular study is that the oral and verbal disabilities of special students can be diminished by the effective methods.

Significance of teachers and how their role influences the life of sensitive group of students


It is often stated, for students who have such challenges, the teachers play the most significant mentor in their lives. According to Barton & Woolley (2017), the disabled crowd goes to special institutions, which are specifically established for them. Evidently, to some extent it is done, to avoid any mental pressurization or torment from an external source.

The teachers taking responsibility of special students requires different set of skill that varies from the teachers of the regular institutions. It is necessary to understand that, before starting it is required for them to know and understand whom they are going to coach or upgrade. A basic need to make the students open up and communicate can be the stepping-stone. In these cases, the well being and nurture of the students demands a sense of personal touch along with the professional motive.

It might be difficult for an inexperienced teacher at first to maintain a high level of patience, cooperation and effort. As per Berkeley & Barber (2015), it is appreciable in today’s world how special education is constantly being encouraged to make efficient teachers in order to provide the children a better future.

Advanced methodologies and strategies are being introduced for the students with verbal issues depending on their problems. Some might face issues of stuttering, fluency problems, communication issues in public and more.

In such cases, it is the responsibility of a teacher to detect or bring those into sight. Some research shows that comparably women are fit for such roles than that of men though there are many exceptions today. Females possess the qualities of patience, natural ability to nurture and are capable of communicating with students or children with disabilities in an effective way.

Apart from the mentioned factors, involvement of advanced techniques and strategies to improve special education is more important. All students want a desirable learning environment, infrastructure and quality of schooling. These criteria’s have a huge affect on the psychological, behavioral and social traits of students.

Some of the existing useful methods being used today are advanced training guides for clarity of speech, organizing interesting seminars, special debates and academic group gatherings for speaking, for the disabled. There are special courses designed in established institutions today with advanced facilities.

In the opinion of Browder & Spooner (2014), effective remedies like proper communication, confident speaking or public speaking, socializing and soft skill, training is provided to the students, which can definitely provide them with shaping up their career, enhance their horizons and overcome their insecurities of speaking up upfront.

Effects of verbal and speech disabilities on several aspects of lives of special students

As stated by Gunning (2013), the methods like letter-sound knowledge and phonological awareness can be of real help to such students with disabilities like sound and speech disorders, fluency or flow disabilities, dysarthria and dyslexia. These are such disabilities that give the individual difficulty in judging the identification letters, sentences, forms and even directions. The mentioned disabilities might sound of minor importance to the common mass but can stand as a cause of hampering the sufferer’s professional life, acquaintance as well as family life to some extent. The effects can be severe on the life of the victim at certain points.

As stated by Connor & McCardle (2015), the first and foremost effect that can grow worse if neglected by the guardian is inability to be employed or continuing to be employed. In today’s world, any established position in a standard organization demands high-level communication skill, present ability, socializing qualities. Apart from the key talent, these skills hold up the balance in the person’s professional life.

For example, there are films and artworks being introduced to raise public awareness to both special or disabled children and the guardians. The film portrays how a highly talented child, backs off from the world's, leading an unsocial, dull and tormenting life till his hidden disability of speech and sound disorder was identified and treated.

Apart from professional life, there have been scenarios where, mishaps like separation, bitter arguments, and failures in personal life have occurred due to such difficulties, leading to depression, loss of esteem and respect loss of interest in everything o the sufferer.

The letter-sound knowledge method gives the disabled a clear understanding of each letter with no confusion in a form of a sentence, which makes it easier for them to observe, identify and pronounce. According to Fisher, Frey & Hattie (2016), institutions have also adapted the method phonological awareness. These methods are eventually aiding a student in grooming their skills. Henceforth, all of these difficulties are interrelated to some extent and requires.

A controvert/ argument discussion about the methods that exist in institutions to help such students today

The disabled students or the students with learning difficulties face much more barriers than the normal students. However, based on the argument of Winch et al. (2014), the disabled students, can enhance their skills and learning abilities, if they can be guided in a proper manner, with placing the learning strategies. As the students with learning disabilities can have different barriers or physical or mental disorders, thus, each of the student needs to be guided through different techniques and strategies. In the viewpoint of Mandel, Roskos & Gambrell (2016), several devices and strategies, along with the legislative policies have been introduced, in order to guide and help the students with learning disabilities.

The teachers and parents can play an important role in helping them to gain the advantage of proper learning through approaching different strategies. In the opinion of Parr & Campbell (2013), in the present and trending global world, all the students, with learning disabilities and no disabilities can enjoy the equality, in terms of approaching and assessing the advantages of learning and education. Different institutions have introduced several ideas and approaches, in order to help the disabled students to gain the core learning processes and education. Moreover, as McLaughlin & Rasinski (2015), has commented that, the governmental policies and procedures have provided several assistive technologies, in order to help the students with learning disabilities. Such strategies or methods, which are there existing in several institutions, in order to enhance the learning abilities of the students, with reference to intensifying their personal and professional skills are:

Electronic Worksheets

The electronic worksheets are the common assistive devices, which are used in the classrooms or institutions, to help the disabled students to make them understand. In the view of Israel (2017), the electronic worksheets are used, by the disabled students, in order to complete their assignments or tasks. Such assistive devices help them to gain the advantage of access to line up the words or numbers.

Videotape Social Skills

In the opinion of Jolliffe, Waugh & Carrs (2015), several past reports have evidenced that, the individuals with learning disabilities faces more challenging situation, in relation to the social interaction. As the social interaction of the disabled individual can help them to enhance their personal and professional skills, thus, the videotape social skills methods are used in the institutions. As Winch et al. (2014), have stated that, the use of videotape social skills, helps the disabled  students to gain the advantage of learning social behaviour, with reference to the other skills, such as, educational and linguistic. Moreover, this assistive technology can help the students to enhance their interpersonal skills, which can help them to intensify their future.

White Boards

White boards are one of the common methods, which is used in the institutions to deliver the learning skills to the disabled students. In the opinion of Israel (2017), the whiteboards are used for the disabled students, in order to direct the speech or the words, on the board, in order to help the students understand the concept.

Sound Field System

The sound field system helps the students with the auditory and hearing disability. In the view of McLaughlin & Rasinski (2015), this system is used through the microphones, which helps the students to listen to the talks, with the help of mounted speakers.

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