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International labour mobility and its effects on countries


  International labour mobility and its effects on countries


In this globalised business environment, the process of intensified international competition and trade practice is evident at all levels. It has enabled the production factors, movement of goods, technology and labour across borders. It has been visualised that the country can use this resource efficiently, where globalisation can enhance the growth and social welfare. For most countries of the world, the global migration has occurred as a major global issue, where ranks are high on regional, international and national policy agendas. In the current period, the pattern of migrations is rapidly evolving, and these are related to the employment. In the current paper the researcher will emphasise the fact, where emigration rates tend to be higher in the region in regards to particular working condition. Through emphasising the major factors, the researcher will enlighten the impact of the international labour mobility on countries.

Research background

As per the current report, in 2013 approx 232 million international migrants have been visualised in the global dimension. This amount depicts the percentage to 3 percent of the global population in comparison with the 174 million in 2000. It has been understood the main driver of economic migration is related with the employment factors (oecd.org, 2018). In addition, the emigration rate is higher due to particular working condition between the communities. Due to higher incidence of working poverty and lower level of social protection, emigration rates have been raised. Therefore, due to extreme conflict, the workers enter into labour market of the destination country. It has been also visualised that family members are joining the migrant workers have a trend to work abroad either as employees as well as self-employment. From this standpoint, the research has emphasised the facts and critical review on the status of labour mobility and impact on the country development.

Research Rationale

In every year millions of men and women leave the cross-national border and home for gaining greater security for themselves and their families.  As per the current report, the migration is a courageous expression of the individual, which can overcome the adversity towards the better life.  In various cases, migrations are often motivated by the quest for better opportunity and a higher wage. However, often they are forced to migrate due to natural disasters, famine, violent conflict and lack of proper employment.

International employee mobility is now major issue due to widening disparities in income, wealth, security across countries and human rights. These are the push factors towards the migrations. In the other countries, labours often see abundant of employment opportunity and better livelihood. On the other hand, the proliferation of skill insensitive economy is persisting and it is aligned with the demand of skilled workers. In addition, the reluctance of local workers to low skilled jobs is often issues and also a pull factor towards migration.

As per the current report of Guardian, the European Union must drop barriers to immigration for boosting the growth. The country should encourage the workers for moving to the countries for getting better job opportunities. The OECD report has also highlighted the labour mobility is one of the significant barriers of growth. The report also depicts that the barrier to intra-EU labour mobility includes supplementary pension portability and recognition of professional qualification, which needs to be reduced.  Various reports have been visualized in regards to the impact of labour immigration on the countries. It has been reported that post BREXIT immigration policy will favour the workers, who want to come into UK for better job opportunity. The government has also visualised that immigration can foster better opportunity towards the country’s economy. It has been also visualised that many sector of UK economy are reliant upon the workers from the elsewhere in EU. Therefore, overseas recruitment is positive from the governmental perspective. Therefore, this labour mobility has a positive impact towards the economy.

The current paper sheds light on the consequences of labour mobility and its impact on the country’s development from the economic social paradigm. After the BREXIT, the immigration policy has been changed lot as the government is seeing the positive opportunity for immigration. On the other hand, the country can lose their local employee support if the other companies are giving maximum opportunity than the UK.  Therefore, it has both positive and negative consequences in the country’s economic development.

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