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Human resource management is vital to an organisation’s success. In an organisation, employees are one of the most important resources. It is quite essential to manage employee and to motivate them. The organisations that effectively manage their employee are able to succeed in their business. The employers are required to improve the performance of their employees by managing them properly. The thesis statement of this study is to identify strategies for managing human resource for an organisation. This is going to explain the strategies adopted by Rio Tinto group. This is an Australian based company and it falls under the metal and mining industry. An attempt is made to identify the importance of human resource management.

Significance of HR   management

The human resource management is concerned with performance management, safety, organisational management and employee motivation. The HRM has a major role to play in the maintenance of workplace culture and management of people (Field et al. 2016). An effective human resource management will help an organisation to fulfill its objectives. Nowadays organisations are making use of its employees in a strategic manner. With the changing demands of customers, the companies are trying to adopt a customer centric strategy. It has been found that HRM is significant for the success of a business. It is the responsibility of HR managers to motivate the employees. The employees are required to be engage and motivated so that they are able to improve their performance. An organisation’s success is dependent on the performance of its employees.

An organisation is dependent on their employees and so they are required to devise mechanism for managing their staffs. The human resource management should try to involve their employees in decision-making. Employee involvement helps in generating interest among employees regarding their work (Connell, 2015). It has been found that a friendly work environment helps in changing outlook of staffs. The workers lose confidence if they are regulated. Regulations are important but regulation to extreme levels might lower down the morale of the workers. Therefore, an organisation needs to keep control over their rules and regulations. The HR department assists the workers to work in a friendly and motivated environment. The managers are role model to employees. They learn ethics and conduct from them. Therefore, they are required to abide by certain norms. Organisations devise strategies for attracting customers and so they are required to train their employees regarding the methods for handling customers. If a company wants to strengthen their customer base, they are required to manage their staffs properly. It is the employees who are responsible for handling customers. Therefore, if they are not motivated ultimately it will bring customer dissatisfaction.

Nowadays companies are resorting to training programs for their employees. With the growth of technology, there is a demand of skilled workers and therefore it is quite essential to train employees regarding usage of new technologies. Workshops can also be conducted for engaging employees to learn new concepts (Worth & Squelch, 2015). Generally, HR officials oversee that the employees are able to contribute to the growth of the organisation or not. They can be called pillars of an organisation. They can also provide on the job training in case any employee is unable to meet the job standards. HRM has to play a vital role in managing the workplace. An organisation needs to oversee the tasks of their workers for identifying capabilities of staffs. Their capabilities ensure success of an organisation. The HRM assist employees to gain confidence and feel motivated.

Some organisations do not have any knowledge regarding the importance of human resource management (Long, 2015). It is important to aware them about the significance of HRM. In order to gain knowledge regarding human resource, the managers can join a HR course. It will help them to enrich themselves with the qualities that are required by a HR manager. Every organisation is required to organise human resource management programs for spreading awareness regarding its significance. It will provide an opportunity to the managers as well as to the employees to enrich their skills. HR manager will also get a scope to identify the areas where they need improvement. The experience of participating in a HRM programs will enable them to manage their employees effectively. A study of human resource management helps to understand the psyche of an individual (Selden & Sowa, 2015). This can help a manager to recruit efficient employee. It helps in understanding behaviour of staffs. An employer can devise strategies for engaging their employees by understanding their behaviours and their work preferences. an employee who finds interest in his/her work is able to give their full concentration on work. The duty of a manger is to allocate jobs to employees as per their capability. In some organisations, it is found that employees are given work that is beyond their capabilities. This is responsible for turnovers. In order to minimise this turnover, employers are required to have a sound knowledge of management rules especially human resource management.

A company can run in profit if they are able to manage their employees efficiently. Psychology is found to be essential in a workplace (Tavassoli et al. 2014). The employers are required to understand the psychology of their staffs and assign them jobs in accordance with their mind set. Sometimes, employees do not feel motivated due to their personal problems that slow down their performance. This is to be understood by managers. A manager should establish connection with their employees. It will help them to get a clear understanding about their problems. Human resource management will give a guideline to the manager for handling their employees in an effective manner.



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