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Information Technology Project Management


a. Process to support project procurement

 In order to introduce a new data management system, named Data Warehouse (DW) this project needs a suitable database which has multi-dimensions. To control that database the organization needs to train their existing employees or outsourcing the experienced people. To train the existing candidates, company required highly skilled trainers as it is an important part of the project process. Besides, that DW required a well-trained management team to handle those outsourcing employees by offering them a good salary structure. To lead those employees assign a project manager is firstly required. Secondly, prepare a perfect project plan and approval from the organized team for the post. It is needed to create proper business policies regarding various rights. The project also needed a sound security facility to protect the project data from hackers. An updated data extract process is required in this context to meet the purpose of the project.

b. Outsourcing  

As commented by Dhar (2012, p. 664), outsourcing generally refers to subcontract work from other individuals or organizations. Outsourcing mainly involves gathering skilful people or other things for the development of management system. Companies need to outsource because of their requirements in context to IT standards or cloud computing or other standards. Outsourcing generally enables the organization to procure the activities flexibly with the help of skills from external sources.

In this context, outsourcing is required to gain potential access to the best capable individuals who are well developed in various complicated computer programs and cloud computing. As commented by Ali and Green (2012, p. 179), it is required to retrieve the benefits which can bring cash infusion to the organization or the business. In this case, outsourcing can be done to develop the data warehouse program.

c. Planning  purchases and acquisitions

Planning the purchases and acquisitions include from the hiring of the required people to accomplish the project as well as developing the software and hardware required. Planning of the purchases and acquisitions will provide with the details needed for the initiation of the entire project.

In this context, 8 project managers are required, 8 business analysts are required, 8 team staffs are required and 8 technical support engineers are required. 10 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is required to accomplish this project. One Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 is required and an Oracle client for windows applications is required. 10 disk station servers are required (Synology DS2016Se NAS), 3 disk drives are required, and one laptop and 10 HP PC are needed to accomplish this project. This total budget will be estimated to $188,995.07.

d. Appropriate   documentation

Documents are required for gathering business requirements and technical requirements. It can be done by interface analysis, workshops and canalisation of the techniques used to make this project. As commented by Chen et al. (2014, p. 2386), brainstorming can be initiated to cater ideas from the outside world. Risk planning and assessment of the risk is needed to be done to make the system better. Risks are needed to be monitored and controlled on a day to day basis to mitigate risk related issues.



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Chen, X., Li, J., Ma, J., Tang, Q. and Lou, W., 2014. New algorithms for secure outsourcing of modular exponentiations. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 25(9), pp.2386.

Dhar, S., 2012. From outsourcing to Cloud computing: evolution of IT services. Management Research Review, 35(8), pp.664.

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