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Information Systems in Organization


 Information Systems in Organization


In order to gain a desired organisational goal or objective, flow of information needs to be proper. Information needs is basically considered as the requirements, which are needed by the organizations in order to accomplish their works in concrete manner. The present business environment has different competitors in different marketplace, where the information systems are helping them to bloom and flourish with enhancing their functional areas and market performance. In addition to that approach of different information system in the business area is helping the organisations to gain competitive advantage.

This discourse has chosen the Microsoft Corp in order to descriptively understand the business functions of the organisation. This course study evaluates the significance of different information systems and technology in the current business environment. In addition to that, this study highlights the current trends of business, where the information systems are used in order to communicate effectively and efficiently to their customers and other stakeholders.


AC 1.1 Information system in different functional areas of organization

Information system in organisation helps the business to communicate collaboratively and effectively in order to enhance and intensify their functional areas. In case of Microsoft Corp, different functional and business area collaboratively works together with each other in order to deliver the information and collectiveness within the business functions. 

In terms of Microsoft Corp, the organisation possesses different functions and business areas, which helps to have proper flow of the information system in the organisation.

In the opinion of Laudon and Laudon (2016, p.42), different functions areas in an organisation helps to deliver different works and business functions, which ultimately helps the organisation to flourish their business. In order to gain a concrete position in the marketplace, Microsoft is enhancing their capabilities and skills, which can help them to gain customer loyalty and satisfaction. In order to achieve the aims and objectives of Microsoft, the organisation is using their different business functions to intensify their skills and collecting the market information through using their information system.

Different business areas of Microsoft possess different functions. Information need in the Microsoft Corporation is as following:

Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing business area of Microsoft Corporation helps them to analyse the market orientation and thus to report the organisation based on the analysis. In addition to that the inventory of business and pricing are also done by the market and sales business area of Microsoft. On the other hand, processing of order for the customers and overall marketing is done by the business key area of marketing and sales.

In the view of Peppard and Ward (2016, p.94), information in the sales and marketing business area plays a crucial role in influencing the organisational functions. In order to enhance the organisational performance and to gain a competitive advantage, Microsoft has to intensify their products. On the other hand, in order to intensify the products based on the customer demand, Microsoft has to collect the relevant data on the market trends and needs and thus can add features in their products.

In the opinion of Galliers and Leidner (2014, p.45), approaching of information system in the organisational business areas can help to identify the necessities and thus to help them to flourish.

Manufacturing and Production

From the past studies and reports it has been seen that in order to run and establish an organisation or business prosperously, the concerned organisation needs to maintain proper and strong customer satisfaction and loyalty. On the other hand, as Wildavsky (2017, p.21) has commented that, customer satisfaction and loyalty can be gained by an organisation with delivering quality products and specifications in the products based on the customer's perception and choice. As manufacturing and production department of the organisation helps to manufacture the finished goods, thus it is necessary to add specifications during the manufacturization, in order to gain customer satisfaction. On the other hand, as Friedman et al. (2013, p.61) has stated that customers choice and perception can be identified with having proper information through feedbacks and approaching other information system tools.

Finance and accounting

Finance and accounting is an important business area which helps to allocate budget and resources based on the requirements. In the function of finance and accounting, collection of accurate and proper information system will help Microsoft to communicate on the proposed financial issues and thus to analyze and deliver the acquired budgets for the production, advertising and other functions.

Human Resource

Human resource department uses the information system in order to ensure proper maintenance of functions and works in the organisation. HR department of Microsoft uses the information system to monitor various disputes, culture, ethics and business operations of organisation. In addition to that, HR department uses the information system in order to recruit different skilled employees in the organisation, through having proper information.

Research and development

The basic enhancement of an organisation depends on the development through proper research. In the view of D'antoni et al. (2016, p. 41), R&D business area helps the organisation to gain information on different areas of market and other functions, in order to identify the barriers and requirement of changes. Microsoft uses the results of research in order to develop their business functions, in order to deliver quality services and products to the customers and thus to gain high customer satisfaction and strong market position. 



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