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Article 1

Hoch, J. E., & Dulebohn, J. H. (2013). Shared leadership in enterprise resource planning and human resource management system implementation. Human Resource Management Review, 23(1), 114-125.

This study has shaded light on Shared leadership in the context of planning in enterprise resource along with its implementation system of human resource management.

This study is done by Julia E. Hoch and James H. Dulebohn. Both of them are learners of School of Human Resources and Labor Relations which is under Michigan State University in the United States.

A discussion on human resource management and its integration with an organization's information system has been provided in this study. In this study, evaluation is done modules of enterprise resource planning system. This study has also shed light on leadership process and impact of leadership on the team members.

Author of this research work has followed positivism theory in order to carry out the research work. In order to collect data to make an assumption the authors have followed secondary data collection method. In order to choose the source of the data authors have followed random method.

This study has included different aspects of leadership on an organization and the impacts on the employees and the team members. Authors have also mentioned the complexity of the ERM software and the problems regarding the complex nature of the software. But there are more issues regarding the use of the software is not mentioned. The author has not included the mitigation process for the issues.


In order to avoid the complex nature of the ERM software organizations can use the new generation multitasking software which is based on single platform and has high-security options which will help the organization give protection to the important data.

Article 2

Lee, J., Lee, H., & Park, J. G. (2014). Exploring the impact of empowering leadership on knowledge sharing, absorptive capacity and team performance in IT service. Information Technology & People, 27(3), 366-386.

This research study has explored the effect of authorization of leaders based on sharing of knowledge, performance of the tam and capacity to absorb challenges regarding the organizational activities in IT sector.

Authors of the research study are Jungwoo Lee, Hyejung Lee and Jun-Gi Park. Jungwoo Lee is from the Graduate School of Information and both of Jun-Gi Park and Hyejung Lee are from IT Policy & Strategy Research Institute.

Authors of this research study have shaded light on Leadership and the Absorptive capacity of leadership in an organization. In this study authors have evaluated the process of IT project management also.

In order to collect data to make an assumption the authors have followed secondary data collection method. In order to choose the source of the data authors have followed random method. In order to conduct the data collection for the research, work authors have taken data from employees with more than 85 It project management experience. Total data collection was done from 330 questionnaires. Authors have done the assessment in the research work depending on the reliability of the data.

Authors have made discussion on the steps of leadership in project management and who to approach the project work. But in order to attain a project management work there might raise different issues.


In order to mitigate the challenges in leadership for IT project management, there is need a proper strategic planning and it can be done only with the help of strategic manager who has experience in IT also as without proper knowledge on the project no plan can be chalked out.


In my organization the main problem I faced as a leader is lack of communication with both my subordinates and supervisors. There were several reasons behind such conflict. One of the prime reasons was the lack of organizational policy regarding the communication between the employees during the work time. This put limitation to interact with people as well as ideas. Apart from that, an absence of proper communicating platform was another major factor that influences such conflicts. Different thought between my teammates was making conflicts in my leadership, and they were not communicating to solve the issue.

In that atmosphere, I have tried to communicate with the subordinates and authority to solve the communication problem. I have conducted a training regarding organizational policy for the employees to maintain a proper workforce of an organization. They do not have enough technologies for communication, and those were present was not updated enough. I have talked to the supervisor to solve the technical issues. Most of my employees are from different background thus there were conflicts between our thoughts. As they are specialized in their subject they were not accepting my thoughts which were affecting productivity, to solve this problem I have talked my authority.

In this process, I have learned that effective communication is an important factor to be a successful leader.  Sharing meaningful information about work policy is most important thing of a leader. As a leader, I have discussed those things to my subordinates. I have learned to communicate with team members in an effective manner, which has motivated me and my subordinates for the work. I have learned to use technologies to communicate with my team members. I have learned to talk about their negatives to dig out positives out of it. Solving the problems through communication is the major thing I have learned after this.

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