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Human Resource Management for Service Industries


Human Resource Management for Service Industries

Task 1

1.1 Role and Purpose of Human Resource Management in Hilton Hotel Stratford

The objective of HRM is to fulfil the needs and requirements of the organisation through a complete process of staffing, organising, controlling, managing, directing the business (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014, p. 25). The management of Human Resource serves the purpose of filling the entire required positions within the organisation. Hilton Hotel Stratford is the perfect example of such management system. The company is the world's largest and growing company in the field of hospitality companies worldwide. This company is maintaining its hold for about 100 years. The employees of Hilton are known for their readiness to help and to give a shoulder when needed to each other. Hilton is also having a portfolio containing 14-distinguished brands with 5,100 and more properties(VanBerkel et al. 2017, p. 511).The Hilton Hotel is following a fresh and new HRM strategy called ‘Esprit'. According to Esprit training programme, the behavioural and most importantly the technical skills of the employees are nurtured in such a way that the services can be performed through their spirits and not only as a job allocation assigned to them. HR manager of Hilton Hotel in this regard plays a vital role.

The sole purpose of HR is to bring all the employees together towards a common goal without compromising with any of the compliances and grievances exhibited by them (Rane et al. 2016, p. 224). Moreover, the HR Manager of Hilton is maintaining such healthy environment till now onwards. The employees are also performing at their level and rendering good services to their prospective customers. Initially, the HRM team of Hilton is establishing the harmonising nature of rendering services towards their prestigious customers they give more value and concern to the expectations of their customers so as to develop customer loyalty and satisfaction However, the company is very rigid when it comes to laws and regulations. Hilton Hotel has faced situations of shortage as well as over employment. When the situation of shortage of employees arisen; the company was overburdened with regards to work. On the contrary, in situations such as over-employment, the company was handling the environment of harassments and interventions by the employer towards their employees (Guiyao et al, 2016, p. 112).However, the leader and the top level management have become more friendly and cooperative towards their respective subordinates providing them a fresh and healthy working environment within the organisation. The leaders are setting examples contributing their tremendous efforts and hard works to be looked up by their subordinates and juniors. The directions and guidelines that are being prepared by the management team in such a manner that can be easily understandable and adopted conveniently.

1.2 Human Resource Plan for Hilton Hotel Stratford based on a study of its supply and demand framework

The human resource system is resulting in a positive and successful source of popularity spreading worldwide. The management team is acquiring knowledge about the growing demands and expectations towards the hospitality of a hotel business. According to their analysis and assuming possibilities of requirements, the management team is supplying and also providing the possible services to them. The analysis process clarifies all those problems and complaints generated by their guests (hospitality club.org, 2017). While gathering such pieces of information the managers are also finding their solutions so that futuristic problems can be tackled in a very short period of time. In order to analyze such situations, the company is following some strategies:

Estimating the needs of the employees- The estimation is done through making forecasts of the current needs and demands of the employees. The estimation is needed to be based on historical data collected by means of any primary as well as secondary sources of data collecting methods. Hilton Hotels is putting their best efforts in these criteria. The further analysis of historical trends provides them a sense of futuristic demands that can be emerged in the minds of the current working employees. Training helps in understanding the needs and opinions of employees; new and modified knowledge, skills, practices helps in developing better organizational practices and effectiveness. It also facilitates the further know-how of the technological developments in a very small investment of time. The infusion of fresh and innovative options into the creative minds brings out a creative personality for the organisation.

The probabilities of implications of futuristic demands and expectations can be expected. This strategy also detects the relationship between the variables by using the techniques of ratio analysis. Hilton Company is using the standard arrangements of tables to make this purpose fruitful. However, Hilton Company is determining the supply and demands of the workforce through following thoroughly the turnovers for their analysis (Mok et al., 2013, p. 19).

Detecting the initial as well as an external flow of workforce:

Identification of the requirements of employees in both the initial and external stage can be performed through application of the following techniques:

Replacement charts can be defined as the records that have been generated automatically because of the technicality systems adopted by today's generation in every office. Hilton Hotel Company is using such technique as to identify the requirements of the employees needed to allocate in the required field of job positions.

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