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Any organization or company cannot build   any good working professional without the help of effective human resource. Human  resource management is the  key principle  for making   proper  growth of the business because without  the help of  HRM  it  is not  possible  for   any organization to recruit  efficient worker. Apart from that for providing training and to   motivate the employees HRM plays the major role.  Organization like  IBM  is one of the leading IT  industry therefore  it  is  very  important for the organization to  recruit  efficient  professionals for  the organization who can  perform as per the  requirement therefore from that   point of  view  HR  team of IBM plays  major roles  to  increase  the  effectiveness and  efficiency of the organization.

The thesis statement of the study is to analyse the effectiveness of HRM so that efficiency of the workplace can be enhanced further.

HRM contribution to increase the efficiency

In order to  run the organization  properly and to maintain the  business  growth the  HRM  team provide various kind  of  support which will  help  the organization to increase their efficiency.

Recruiting and training

This can be considered as one of the major responsibility of the HRM team because after   recruiting all the efficient employees it is very important to train them properly so that they can perform their job properly.  Most of the case the HRM team of any organization comes with a proper strategy and specific plan for hiring most efficient candidate. Therefore  the  HRM team organize the  whole  recruiting criteria  according  to the strategy so that they can  recruit  the best candidate  among all of them (Jackson, Schuler & Jiang, 2014). Another  most important responsibilities  of  the  HRM team is formulating all the obligation of the candidate and explain all the scope and advantage of  the job  that  are specifically assign to the  selected  candidate .

 All the HRM team of IBM also performs in same way. Since it is a core  IT  company   therefore the  HRM  team  maintain the strategies as per  the  requirements.  Recruiting  for  post  of  the  web developer the  HRM  team of  IBM  generally  focuses on the developing part. In other cases  for the  post of  software developer  they  focus on the computer languages because without  computer language proficiency  it is not  possible to perform any software  related  job. 

Performance appraisal

Another positive approaches  that  are  performed  by  the  HRM team of an  organization is  to encourage  all the worker or employees  who  are  working on that  organization. Apart from that they also give suggestion to the workers to make their performance more specific and help them to improve their performance. Most of the  cases HRM  team communicate with the  workers individually and  give them necessary information as  per  the requirements this kind  of  approaches  motivate the  worker and  if  the  workers get  motivated  then automatically the  workflow  of  any  organization will  increase. As a result it will provide proper business growth.  In this way by giving proper appropriation the HRM team actually contributed to the organization,

In case of  IBM  the HRM  team also appreciate and encourage  their employees and as per performance basis they also give their employees rewards  and proper promotion. In this way they also motivate   their employees and at the same time maintain the proper working environment in the respective organization. Healthy environment affect directly to the organization and it helps to develop the business sustainability (Budhwar & Debrah, 2013).

Maintain the healthy work atmosphere

It can  be consider as one of   the  vital aspect of  human resource management team  because  individuals  of   any particular organization  is highly driven by the appropriate work culture and work atmospheres that are maintained in the  workplace.  It is very obvious that a proper work atmosphere affect positively to the workers of the organization. As a result it helps the organisation to maintain the proper work flow of the organization (Bednall, Sanders  & Runhaar, 2014).

According to the HRM strategy of the IBM they focuses on this specific approach therefore the HRM team of the organization provides very healthy work culture for their employee. The HRM team of the IBM helps the employees to maintain the healthy relationship in between all the co-workers. It is  very important for any organization to  maintain  proper  co -ordination  in between all the worker help the organization  to  maintain their business growth.

Managing Disputes

In IBM, several issues may be arrives among the employees of the organization. So, human resource department helps the employees in these issues and acts as a mediator and consultant to overcome the problem in an effective way. The HR management gives them a sustainable solution to overcome issues (Renwick, Redman & Maguire, 2013). The HR management of IBM can take right actions to sort out the problems in the organization.

Developing Public Relations

A good HRM can establish a good public relation and this affects very much on the employees of the organization. The HR management develops business meetings, many official gatherings, seminars to develop the company’s growth. The business relationship with others business sectors must have also good relation in public. In many ways, the HR managers are involved in marketing plans and business plans for the organization. An organization cannot grow properly without a proper setup which the HRM identifies. So, an effective HRM must be present in all the business sectors of IBM.

HRM and its effectiveness


Human Resource Management has some important goals that are to increase the efficiency and performance of the organization. IBM is a multinational company whose HR management should be very effective. IBM provides huge opportunities to shine in future for the employees. This company spreads out the business in such a way that global careers can be developed. The human resource practices are very important to obtain the advantage of the organization. There are some outcomes available as follows:

Financial outcomes: It includes profits, market share, net margin etc

HR outcomes: It includes employee’s attitudes, employee’s behavior etc

Organizational outcomes: It includes productivity, efficiency, client satisfaction, quality

Effectively of the Human resource management team in the organization (IBM)

IBM is a large and expanded organization running international business throughout the world. As stated by Armstrong & Taylor (2014), the productivity and outputs of the organization is based on several functional departments and sector. One of the largest contributors in the effectiveness is the human resource management. The human resource management (HRM) sector is the brain of the organization. They HRM make business effective for the company in several ways.

They act as a guiding head to the new comers in the organization and also others. The HRM provides the company with the rightly analyzed ideology about the new hires. An in depth research and predictions on a new hire is conducted by the HRM, so that the organization experiences more stable and standard quality employees. It also helps to reduce attrition rates for the company. Apart from that some of the productive contributions are,



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