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Human Diseases Essay: Chronic Heart Failure


 Human Diseases Essay: Chronic Heart Failure


Congestive heart failure (CHF) can be defined as a chronic progressive condition, which affects the pumping power of the heart muscles. It is often referred to as simple heart failure. It particularly refers to the stage where the fluids accumulate around the heart and causes the heart to pump blood inefficiently. It is more than a disease of the myocardium as it is a case where the heart is unable to pump sufficient blood across the whole body to maintain the normal regulation of blood flow in the body as well to meet the body’s need (Ponikowski, 2016). The human heart is comprised of four chambers, the upper half part of the heart consists of two atria whereas, the lower half part of the part consists of two ventricles. The ventricles pump and supply blood to the body’s organs as well as tissues whereas, the atria receive blood from the body and circulate it back to the rest of the body. CHF emerge due to the improper as well as insufficient pumping of the blood volume to the whole body. This assignment will be dealt with the implications of the congestive heart failure for other physiological systems as well as their implication for clinical disease management.

CHF and its types:

Congestive heart failure originates in the body because of the improper as well as insufficient amount of blood pumped by the ventricles of the heart to the whole body. This disease occurs due to the fluid deposition around the area of the heart which leads to heart failure (Healthline, 2014). The most common type of CHF is the left-sided CHF and it occurs because of the improper pumping of the blood by the left ventricle to the body. With the progress of this condition, the fluid can also build up to the lungs which lead in the difficulty of breathing in patients. There are 2 kinds of failure which are as follows:

· Systolic heart failure: It occurs due to the failure in contraction by the left ventricles normally. This leads to the reduction in the force to push blood for circulation in the body. Therefore, without this level of force, the heart is unable to pump blood to the whole body.

· Diastolic failure: It is also known as diastolic dysfunction and it occurs due to the stiffness of the muscle of the left ventricle. Because of the stiffness of the muscle, the heart fails to relax as well as it is unable to fill blood with the coordination of the beats.

The right sided CHF takes place due to the difficulty of pumping blood by the right ventricles to the lungs. Due to the improper supply of blood, the blood gets backed up in the vessels, which leads to the fluid retention in the lower extremities of the body such as the abdomen and other essential organs of the body. It is viable to have right sided as well as left sided CHF equally at the same time but generally the disease gets initiated in the left side first following to the right side if left untreated in the patients.

CHF Stages:

The congestive heart failure stages are of four types. These stages are further describes as follows:

· Stage 1: when any symptoms were not encountered by the patients during high physical activity. At this phase CHF can be managed through proper maintaining of living conditions, proper medications based on cardio as well as monitoring.

· Stage 2: when patients encountered fatigue, palpitations as well as shortage of breathing during physical activity (Kao, et al., 2016). At this phase, the disease can be managed by changes in the living style, medication and continuous monitoring.

· Stage 3: when patients encountered fatigue, palpitations and shortage of breath even in mild physical activity. At this phase, the treatment of CHF can be turn complicated. Proper physical consultation as well as diagnosis is required for this patient.

· Stage 4: when patients are unable to carry out any amount of physical activity. There is no cure of CHF at this phase, but an only medical care option prevails. Proper diagnosis as well as good consultation can be made to cure this stage.

Causes of CHF:

CHF may be caused from other health conditions which directly affects the cardiovascular system. That is why it is always beneficial to have a yearly check up to lower the risks of the cardio as well as other health issues which includes hypertension, improper valve conditions and coronary artery diseases. Some of the causes of CHF are discussed as follows:

· Hypertension: When the blood pressure of the body is above normal it leads to CHF. Hypertension itself has many distinct causes; among them is the contraction of arteries which makes harder for the blood to pass through the arteries normally (Daly, et al., 2016).

· Coronary artery diseases: Coronary artery diseases occur due to the consumption of fast foods as well as oily foods. The coronary arteries are the fine and small arteries which transfers blood directly to the heart. Cholesterol and other fatty elements block this artery which leads to the contraction of the arteries. The contraction in these arteries leads to the restriction in the proper flow of the blood into the body and also leads to destruction in the arteries.

·  Valve conditions: Valves in the heart are responsible for proper regulation of blood flow across the heart by opening as well as closing to let the blood in and out from the chambers. Valves which functions in an improper way such as having difficulties in correct ways of opening and closing may lead to force the ventricles for the proper functioning of the blood flow. This improper valve conditions may result in heart infections (Florea, 2014).

· Other conditions: It is noted that there are other severe unrelated conditions which can lead to the occurrence of CHF in the body. These unrelated conditions comprise of diabetes, obesity and thyroid. Some severe infections and other allergic reactions may lead to CHF. 

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