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A case study is an analysis of a real-life administrative situation where a decision requires to be made and a problem needs to be solved. Many of the case studies are described in such a way that the assessor can put himself in the place of a manager whose job is to take necessary decisions, which help them to solve different problems. In this case study, the business of Northern Star Resources Limited will be analyzed and different factors that influence the organization’s operation will be evaluated.

External factors:

SWOT analysis of Northern Star Resources Limited:

Northern Star Resources limited’s key strength is that it operates on a wider range of area in Western Australia. This area is specifically abundant with gold and the company succeeds in maintaining the planned amount of reserves every time after export (Li et al. 2016, p. 81).

The organization does not use all of the latest technologies. This can be considered as a weakness of the organization. The company has the opportunity to expand their business across the world. There are threats like heavy duties and high level of taxes, which can impede smooth operation of the organization.

PESTEL analysis of Northern Star Resources Limited:

Northern Star Resources Limited is one of the leading gold producers conducting unique projects, which are located in considerably prospective areas. The company has transformed itself from single mine producer, having a capacity of 100,000 oz per year to three centers with an annual capacity of 525,000 to 575,000 oz. It is important to do a PESTLE analysis in order to evaluate different internal and external factors that influence this currently flourishing company’s business.

Suggestions and recommendations


A case analysis can be done using different methods. A case study usually depends on several factors. Before commencing the case study, the assessor usually gets brief information regarding the particular case. In addition, some questions are also provided to him, which need to be analyzed and answered skillfully (Edwards et al. 2017, p. 910). Sometimes some sample questions are given to the assessor, which are analogous with the particular case study. Some suggestions can be provided in order to do a case study effectively.

i) A skillful method of recording different methods for analysis can be adopted. Recording devices can be used.

ii)  Reverse circulation drilling can be applied.

iii) Target of production should be of 515,000 oz per annum.


i) The case study should be analyzed effectively because the future of the project completely lies in this analysis (Dalleywater et al. 2015, p. 151).

ii) Some questions always need to be formed in order to study the case from different angles.

iii) Different similar cases required to be studied in order to comprehend the particular case more effectively (Kim et al. 2015, p. 291).

iv) It is essential to review all the research questions. It can give the assessor the main clues and different issues that need to be resolved (Hutchinson et al. 2016, p. 1166).

v) A review of the core parts of the case is always necessary. There are different types of issues that can be arisen at some point in time of the case study (Lima et al. 2017, p. 31). These need to be evaluated effectively and skillfully to get better results.


By evaluating the research procedures and different factors that are responsible for influencing an organization’s performance, it can be stated that research needs to be done to understand different aspects of a case proficiently. There are different factors that have impact on the organization’s performance. There are updated technologies and strategies that can be applied by the organization in order to make the most effective use of the resources. There are different methods that can be adopted in order to maintain the profit. The company needs to analyze the political and economical factors that influence the company’s business in some way. It is required by the organization to follow specific procedures in order to achieve the desired outcome. If the above-mentioned suggestions and recommendations are followed properly, then it will be possible for an assessor to evaluate every aspect of a case.  


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