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Hospitality and tourism is a very trending topic in the present age. It is considered broad category within the field of service industry. It includes lodging, event planning and transport. Hospitality and tourism management helps to earn handsome remunerations. It can also be said that hospitality is a relation between the guest and the host. Hospitality provides dwelling place not only to the people who are away from their home bust also to the local people. A hospitality professional always take care of the customers and ensure that the guests feel at home with their services. All the needs of his customer must be fulfilled at minimum cost to meet his budget and expectations.  Hospitality and tourism also affects the economy of both the source and the host country. This study revolves around Hyatt Regency Sydney as the centre of the research. It will depict the perspectives of customer experience in the context of this hotel. It also intends to discuss various strategies to deliver positive experience to the guests of Hyatt Regency.  


Hyatt is a multinational company deals in hospitality industry. Hyatt Regency Sydney starts its journey in 1991. It is largest hotel in Australia. Hyatt has recently invested a huge amount for renovation of the hotel. Prime objectives of the organisation consider providing quality service to the customers and achieving customer satisfaction, they have attached certain facilities for their guests. New development of Hyatt considers the interest of guests as prime initiatives towards the offered service of the organisation. Additionally the hotel has included 222 new premium rooms for their guests (theherald.com.au 2016).

Definition of customer experience means to provide positive experience

According to (Yan et-al., 2017,) the main objective of a hotel is to satisfy the needs of the guests within his budget. Experience is a flow in which a customer gets fully involved losing their sense of time. It can also be described as the affective and cognitive response of the customer to the perception of the environment. According to Cheung, Kong & Song (2014), experience of a customer also depends on the service provided by the hotel. Experience also depends on the participation of a customer in the hotel environment.  For instance, when a guest enters inside a hotel premises and finds the design, environment and service to be impressive then it can be said that the customer is having a positive experience in the hotel. Positive experience also depends on the timeliness of the service provided by the hotel to their customers, opined Roblek, Milenkovska & Milojica (2016). Budget of the customers also determine their experience. Behaviour of the hotel employees also helps to determine positive experience. Customer experience generated through the interaction between the customers and the organisation. This relationship could be resulted in either way. Positive experience of the customer suggests their satisfaction. This has a certain impact on the organisational growth and development. Hence, the design of customer interaction has an important value in the context of positive customer experience. As stated by Lemke, Clark, & Wilson (2011), positive customer experience is depended upon the accomplishment of their expectation along with the quality of the service. Customer experience is also related with the advocacy, loyalty and satisfaction of the customer. It acts as an important competitive advantage for the organisation. Organisations could achieve positive customer experience though certain approach that makes the customers feel that they are heard and the organisation is concerned about the demand and satisfaction of the customer. Analysis of customer experience allows the organisation to get the insight of the customers.  

Different strategies for the hotels to deliver positive guest experiences

Organisations applied various theories in order to provide quality service that helps the guest to have positive experience about their service. These also help the organisation regarding the customer satisfaction.  

Application of dissonance theory allows the customers to make a cognitive comparison based upon their expectation regarding the service and the quality of the service they have received. Hence, it put major emphasis on the satisfaction and experience of the customer.

Hyatt Regency Sydney could comprehend the expectation of their customers regarding the quality of the organisational service. According to Cooper, (2011), application of this theory also allows the organisation regarding to realise the weaknesses of their service and the requirement of their development. Hyatt should measure the satisfaction level of the customers in the context of their expectation. In order to achieve the higher level of customer satisfaction Hyatt Regency should consider the demand of the customers while developing their service in respect of quality and facilities. Hyatt could also determine the weakness of the offered service from customer’s perspective. The organisation could adopt certain development strategies such as prime facilities in occasions, special discounts in order to meet the expectation of the customer. It will also help the organisation to have a positive guest experience. As opined by Suls, & Wheeler, (2013), contrast theory shades light on the difference between the quality of the service and the expectation of the service users. Hence, application of contrast theory would help Hyatt Regency to have the different perspective of the customer’s post-usage evaluation regarding the influence of expectation on satisfaction. It would help the organisation to figure out certain factors that influence the exaggeration of the discrepancy. Application of contrast theory helps the organisation to evaluate the level of expectation towards their service. That will also help the organisation to maintain the quality of the service according to the level of expectation. 

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