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HI 6005: Management and Organisations in a Global Environment


HI 6005: Management and Organisations in a Global Environment


The effectiveness of the entire process of an organization depends on proper planning, leading and controlling of the resources by all the employees to help them achieve their goals. A proper management within the organization is therefore important by taking the right decisions in the right time and resolving of all the issues that turn up. Maintaining the entire system systematically is beneficial and effective for the company to cope up with all forms of risks and challenges that befall in the long run and prevent them from turning up again thereby maintaining a balance within the work environment. A proper framework of strategies is therefore important to be made both by the collaboration of the employees and the manager in particular to implement their innovative ideas effectively and implement them in the development of the organization.

 The HR of the company is solely responsible to manage the organizational behaviour of the company thereby maintaining a healthy work environment where an open conversation is possible between all along with the manager. By implementing this process, the employees can discuss freely about their issues and provide better and more innovative ideas to develop the company for better. Managers can further enthuse them in the process by using several strategies of motivation such as by providing incentives, all of which would enable the employees to work better and accept the changes accordingly. Maintaining a healthy corporate culture is therefore very important to make sure that the best services are provided from the part of the employees and keep the customer satisfied at all times which is one of the most important goals that every company seek to possess. The corporate culture of every organization reflects on the performance level of each employee and their ability to finish the tasks on time and with efficiency to ensure that all the resources are taken into account and the services are delivered to the customers on time (Whittington, 2017). The company’s success of failure completely depends on the corporate culture of the organization and the productivity of work that comes out of them as a result. Full commitment of the employees is therefore essential to ensure that they are always ready to provide the best services and maintain a healthy work environment thereby taking into account all the policies that are made for their benefit. Several healthy corporate culture strategies are therefore adopted by the organizations to ensure that their productivity level is increased and the company achieves the optimum level of profit which would lead to their development in the long run and would place their company in a suitable position in the market thereby leepin gassy all the other competitors that prevail within the sector. Those companies which follow a good work culture thereby taking the values and ethics in mind have been found to possess employees with a good attitude and more loyal to their work in the organization. A healthy work culture ensures a good reputation of the company in the industry which leads to an increased productivity level thereby improving the quality of goods and services they deal with. The report aims at discussing a well planned strategic planning thereby following several effective techniques and models based on which several effective analysis are made such as BCG analysis, SWOT analysis and Porter’s five forces. Making use of these analysis and strategies help to manage the operations in the organization effectively thereby helping them to enhance their market globally and improve their quality of products in the correct manner. A product life cycle has been made use of which acts as a guide for better management of the products and services in the organization followed by a SWOT analysis focusing on the concept of fit and stretch. This helps to understand the strength and weaknesses of the organizations in the way of management and strategic planning and the success rate that they have been able to achieve as a result


Discussion of Strategic Planning distinguishing it and contrasting it with other planning functions and techniques

The use of BCG Analysis in formulating the strategies for the management of a portfolio of products or services offered to the market

 The understandings of strategic management defines the importance of implementing various formulas and initiatives, which is implemented by the management authority on behalf of the owners of the company in order to assess the various internal and external factors of a particular organization. This is done in order to provide that particular company with increasing profit and higher productivity through the existing resources of the company so that the company can attain its required ambition. Strategic management is a technique that provides direction and path to a particular organization so that it can attain the goal of higher productivity in exchange of the resources and strategic steps. These steps include various strategy making, development of objectives, specifying the ambition and the requirements of the organizations. This is done so that the factors that influence the organizational performance can be addressed properly. BCG analysis is a tool of the strategic management. Boston Consulting Group created this tool as a part of the strategic management performed of a performer of the organizational management activities. BCG matrix is also known as Boston or growth share matrix tool that actually implements the importance of having a framework so that a particular organization can analyze the products and other resources of the organization in order to influence the factors like organizational growth and share of the market for the individual company (Ramya et al. 2017). This tool evaluates the importance of analyzing the productivity of any particular company in order to gain the higher profitability with better organizational growth. In order to do that, the company needs to analyze the products that bring money in the present environment as well as the products the products that assure the expectation of better money making opportunities for that particular company in the near future. BCG matrix provides helpful insights to the organizations about the products that can help in the procedure of making higher profit for the company. In order to use this specific tool as a part of strategic management approach in a particular company, the organization needs to focus more in to the factors that influence the profit and growth in the specific market in which that organization is performing. Examination of the market is an important part in such context. This tool evaluates the importance of making a comparison with the biggest competitor in the market so that the company can analyze factors that can help them to achieve the same position within three years. It also suggests that in a completely fragmented market, the company can use the concept of absolute share of the market in order to understand the market requirements for knowing the profit influencing factors of the company.

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