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The journey of management is as old as humankind. The trace of existence of management can be found ever since human being turned themselves as communities. In our modern organisation, managers can influence on all phases of his areas of operations. It would have been impossible for our society, if there were no managers and guide the organisation. The same view has been echoed by PeterDrucker, as he states that only effective management can turn the developed countries as the resource pool, and for the developing countries the same is considered as the most needed resources (Blake and Mouton, 1964). A manager’s role is essential to lead the organisation in such a way, through which the organisation can accomplish its goal. All organisations have some objectives and purposes, for this the managers are responsible for using and combining the resources of the organisation. While doing so, the managers are to ensure about achieving the purposes of the organisation.

Political and policy environment

A nursing manager must possess political skills, so that he/she can tackle the requirements of conflicting nature, arising from multiple constituencies. With this skill, the manager can think of renewals. A professional manager, as his/her routine job should have the tendency of accepting the structure, as existing. A nursing manager, with full knowledge of political and organisational policy environment, may tend to revise the structure and the process, as per the need and to cope with the ever changing realities, but a manager in IHT did not enjoy all of these.

According to Cherie and Gebrekidan (2005), many types of external forces, such as competitive actions to technological advancements can pressurise a health care institute to modify its structure, methods of operations, and goals. Inclusive of political pressure, the other external pressures can arise from the organisational changes, legal, social changes, and technological changes, economic and competitive environments. A professional nursing manager must line the supports from the political parties.

Organization and its structure

System Theory

Behera (2016) cited Leadership & Management by Von Bertalanffy through his power point presentation. According to the theory, the applicable concept can be not only applied to all systems, its applications can be spread across all disciplines as well. The theory, proposed by VonBertalanffy, is one among the wholeness which can propose that the whole must be considered as the additional “to the sum of the individual parts”. This system is known as the holism, which is paradoxical to elementarism and is believed to have interrelated sets of elements. There is commonality in all elements of a system. Hospitals, human bodies, automobiles and societies are known as systems. According to Katz & Kahn, the theory of open system gives emphasis on relational attributes of systems, its relationships among the system’s different levels and its environments (1996), which as ben also cited in the Graduate School of Business (2017). Systems are either open or closed. Mainly physical science has closed system, which is self-contained. This system has hardly any relevance, if we study organisations. The perspectives of open system concern the system’s interactions and take care of its environments

Organisational design and coordination

A group of people works together in an organisation, under informal and formal behavioural rules, so that the organisation can achieve a purpose, which is of common interest. With a view to achieving the common purpose, an organisation tends to refer to the methods, policies and procedures involved. This tells about the process and structure of the organisation. The design of an organisation refers to the outlines of the informal or formal delegations, communications and the authority. The process of an organisation is related to the organisational methods being used for achieving organisational goals. The formal design of an organisation is visible through the organisational chart, which is otherwise known as the blueprint of the organisation and its design, which portrays about the activities, functions and formal relations, (Cherie and Gebrekidan, 2005).

The main purpose of depicting the organisational diagram is to clarify about the span of control, chain of command, which should link with all the department personnel and maintain the channel for official communications. As a custom, the formal official structure must be shown, by the diagrammatic form. This form must have the models of three dimensions, with the components like width, height and depth. Various boxes with proper titles need to be positioned vertically, so that it can clarify about different responsibilities and status.The connections of the position boxes are done through lines for showing the flow of authority and communication, spread across the entire network. The lines that interconnect the boxes reveal about the varied types of relations. To exemplify it, a solid line connecting two positions, reveals about command giving relations or direct authority. If the line is broken or dashed or dotted, it is the indicator of consulting relationship and having no prearranged structural frequency. For the purpose of collaborating between controlling or planning, no frequency of the structure is prescribed. In this situation, there is hardly any flow of commands, Cherie and Gebrekidan (2005).

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