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Health Promotion


 Task 3: Understand the Factors that Influence Health Promotion


Question no. 7: Explanation of Health Beliefs those are translated into Behaviour

The theory of behavioural change evaluates the effective cause of certain behaviour regarding the health. On the basis of that some effective models are described below in order to understand the effectiveness of health beliefs those are translated into behaviour.

Model of Health Belief: Irwin Rosenstock was the developer of this model. The model of Health Beliefs are defined as the most effective and influential model within the field of health promotion (Eldredge et al., 2016). The model was developed with the help of four major components those are professed defencelessness, professed harshness, professed obstructions and professed assessment. With the help of this model, the approach of health beliefs those are translated into behaviour can be evaluated in an appropriate manner (Grogan, 2016).  One of the example of health belief model is that , HIV is a negative health consequence, and the desire to avoid HIV can be used to motivate sexually active people into practicing safe sex.

On the other hand, the model also evaluates the preventive measures for several health issues as well as the model displays the behaviour of illness. On the basis of this theory, it can be described that the major factor of health motivation is socio economic components.

Reasoned Action Theory: The model was designed by Martin Fishbin and IcekAjzen. The theory displays the assumption regarding the consequences of behaviour of people prior to engage the people into the consequences (Huff, Kline and Peterson, 2014). On the basis of that, it can be seen that there are three major aspects are situated such as intention of the behaviour, subjective standard as well as attitude. According to the theory, the intention of the behaviour displays the intention of an individual towards the behaviour as well as the subjective norms. Simultaneously, subjective standard within the reasoned action theory helps to evaluate and explain the expectations and requirements of an individual such as professionals, employees, parents as well as family (Jayarajan, Reddy and Mohanram, 2013).

Planned Behavioural Theory: The theory of planned behaviour was designed by IcekAjzen. The theory was developed in order to evaluate the theory of action more vastly. The theory includes additional component of behaviour control predictor. The approach was adopted from the concept of self efficiency (Kaplan and Stone, 2013). The significance of this theory can be demonstrated while an individual have lack of conscious control over the actions. On the other hand, it can also be stated that while an individual can not control the actions those are taken by that specific person, the theory helps the individual to take tremendous precautions in order to control the action consciously (LeBlancet al. 2013).  For Example It can be said the doctor changes the attitude of dealing with a disease of a person , so the person tries to think positive about the disease.

By means of evaluating the case of Daniel and Fatima, it can be stated that the approach is quite effective for the case of both of them as Daniel and Fatima are influenced by the components of socio economic aspects and have less control over the actions those are taken by the entire family.

Question no. 8: Discussion about the Effect of Potential Conflicts with the Local Industry on Health Promotion

Prevention is always better than control any action. In order to resolve any actions, it is the best way to prevent the components those are excessively effective for creating the unhealthy atmosphere (Lupton, 2014). The theory can also be adopted for the health related issues. However, there are some barriers situated in front of the preventive method for which the actions cannot be done in an adequate manner. Education and behavioural components are the most effective barriers for which the actions cannot be adopted to resolve the actions in relation with the health related issues (Murray, 2014). According to the case study, it can be stated that Daniel and Fatima ignored the potential risks for gaining heavy and overweight by consuming hard drinks and other unhealthy foods, which not only destroys the behaviours of the family but also the health of the entire family (Nget al. 2014).

Health Campaigns is important in order to be organised it is also not available with the industry or the agencies of government authorities.

National Health and Clinical Excellence plays a significant role in order to resolve the harmful health situation along with the impact of over weight to the health by promoting health guidance amid the people (Nget al. 2015). The organization works with primary care trust as well as strategic health authorities in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization in terms of make people aware about the negative impact of over weight of the body. In that case, Daniel and Fatima should be informed and aware  by the local authorities to quit the consumption of hard drinks along with the unhealthy foods those are effectively generate the weight of the body and affect the health of the people.

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