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Every person belonging to any part of the world has the right to lead a long and healthy life. The environment in which the people are living either favors their quality of life or is harmful to their life. The environment influences the behavior of the people and the people are exposed to various health risks, like violence and air pollution. It also affects the quality of a person’s health, social care and the other chances which the process of ageing brings.

The process of Healthy Ageing is all about building the appropriate environment and given chance to the people of being the person they are and to do things which they had valued throughout their life. Every person has the right to experience health ageing. Being free from any sort of disease is not the main concern of healthy ageing. Many old age people suffer from one or more disease which does not much affect their healthy living and such health conditions can be controlled.

In this thesis the discussion will about the focus of World Health Organization on healthy ageing in the year 2015-2030. The world health organization defines healthy ageing as method of creating and maintaining those performing ability which enables a person to lead a healthy life. These performing ability also known as functional ability consists of performing those activities which they had valued throughout their life. This includes the capability to meet the basis needs, the need to learn, grow and make decisions (Bouman&Kleinplatz, 2017). It includes the ability to move easily, to create and maintain relationship and also being able to contribute to the society. In this project the discussion will be about the ageing model of the World Health Organization and the impact of it on the health system. Here the discussion will be about evolving of the aged care service and how it has been changed to meet the needs of old age people (Briggs et al., 2016).

Healthy Ageing Model (World Health Organization)

In this healthy ageing model the discussion is all about the changes in the health behavior of a old age people. The healthy ageing model was created to provide guidance to the occurring research and practices in response to the literature and the need to study the impact of the working of the theory.  The theory described here concentrates on a model for promoting the health of old age people.This theory also concentrates on the positive changes in the behavior of the old age population. This model of Healthy Ageing utilizes both the tested methods as well as the established methods of health behavior changes in the older adults in different status of health and illness. Here in this thesis conceptual framework of Healthy Ageing Model is going to be discussed and also the effectiveness of this model will be examined (Broe et al., 2016).

The Health Ageing Model is based on four types of approach which includes the following:

1)      A client centered perspective- The experience of care and the needs expressed by a person is the most important and basis interest of this model. The experience of any type of an illness and health is a very personal issue. The detailed information given by a patient itself is a very important resource in understanding the health of a person, the illness he is suffering from and also the recovery process (Buber &Engelhardt, 2008). This type of model concentrates on learning and giving attention to the different needs and approach of their clients and the various systems giving them support. In this model the clients are approached in an understanding and non judgmental way and even giving up on the agenda provided and also listening carefully to the client’s story (Cantarero et al., 2018).

2)      Goal- driven approach- The making of the goal is the most important element of this model. Such an approach is based on the assumption that these aims are created carefully by the clients, it is personalized and particular. It is very meaningful, it can be achieved and it is most effective. It is not necessary that the goals will be directly related to a health issue or the health in this case described in details. Another element of this model is that even the slightest improvement towards a particular goal shows the willingness of the client to get involved in further changes in the desired behavior. The feelings of confidence is built by a specific behavior (Cheung et al., 2016). 



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