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Basic and mandatory aid provided along with interactive support to the service users remained the most important pillar for success in health and social care. This assignment clarifies the importance of the need for Health and Social Care (HSC) services which are being offered to the persons suffering from various health diseases. This project particularly furnishes a case study of a person named Simon Pen, who is also suffering from Parkinson's disease. Mr. Pen resides in Tower Hamlets, London, United Kingdom. Mr. Pen is unable to lead a normal life as he is facing several issues pertaining to that disease. Moreover, this study further highlights the services which basically deal with the concepts of health, disability, and behavior of a person. The requirements of Mr. Pen has also been analysed over here in this project.

Q1. Analysation of the concepts of disability, health, illness, and behavior in relation to users of social and health care

Being a regular user of the HSC services, Mr. Pen has been suffering from Parkinson's disease.  This created a major impact on disability, health, illness, and behavior of a person discussed below:


It is defined as that constant condition which restricts the activities performed by the patient (Weiss and Lonnquist, 2017). In other words, it is that state of physical or mental condition where the victim finds in difficulty in leading a daily life like others.


It is that state of body and mind which highlights how much is the body free from sickness (Vissers, Gilissen, and Veltman, 2016). The condition of a body ensures to give the ultimate strength in doing any type of work seamlessly.


It is that condition when a patient faces issues with working normally. Hence, as a result, it is redefined as a disease of body or mind which is harmed due to malfunctioning of any body parts or organ of the body.



As in the example seen in the case study of Mr. Pen, it was pretty clear from the characteristics of the non-functioning of the motor and non-motor nerves had made Mr. Pen a little slower than the normal person. As Mr. Pen is suffering from this disorder, hence he is asked to use a wheelchair in order to move from one place to another. Now, Mr. Pen is also suffering from other problems like visual impairment and hearing problems and will get a treatment sooner in a much professional way. Disability, illness, and health can detect the behavior of a person. Hence, if a person finds imbalance for which the behavior gets altered, then that person is suffering from some disorders.

Q2. Assessment of the aspects of perceptions that have changed specific needs

As seen in the case study, Mr. Pen had been suffering from Parkinson's disease. In the past days, people suffering from deformed body were not being able to get a proper job and this resulted as an impact of discrimination. Most importantly, these people with disabilities were mistreated too because of this disease and they were treated separately than others. Hence several laws or act became effective, and perceptions had changed a lot. Some of the acts which became beneficial to these perceptions as seen in the case study include:

The Vagrancy Act, 1824 was rather known as the Georgian Vagrancy Act, basically used to target the sleeping people on the streets of London. This Act came into effect to punish the vagabonds, rogues, disorderly and idle persons.

The Lunatic Act, 1845, is a group of 11 members (3 from Lunar, 3 from medical and 5 honorary members of that group), which establishes the commissioners in Lunacy. This Act enhances to inspect the people of the workhouses about their treatment, whether it is conducted in a proper way or not, even if they were not treated well, they were brought in asylums and were taken care of (Cohen et al. 2016). Even if they were unable to be brought, their treatment was properly monitored through.

These services had brought an effective change in the mindset of the people as they used to humiliate and did not look after these people. Now, perceptions had changes and people started taking care of them. They can understand that it is not in their hands. The above-mentioned laws had opened the eyes of the common people who are ready to look after these victims. As a result, they can embrace people with disability too.

The management of the HSC services is highly concerned about the existing strategies, which had been already applied to Mr. Pen and now wants to perform new strategies and techniques for him. They are also much concerned, as his family could not take care of him much.


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