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Research Background

With the evaluation of science and technology, the industries are changing with the current trend. Most of the businesses are adopting a high tech business policy. Most of the manufacturing industries and the engineering industries are using new technologies which are leaving a great impact on the environment. Not only the organizations and the companies but the productivity form the industries are also leaving the impact on the environment. As mentioned by Lelieveldet al. (2015), not only the organization but also the society has also a great impact on the environment. Pollution from industries and wastes from the society are harming the health of the environment. Generally, industries are making the impact on water, soil, and air which are the main part of an environment. Green project management involves several aspects of nature which involves the research on the factors of the environment. The wastes from the industries in the form of polluted air and gas, hot water mixed with chemicals and the solid chemical wastes are affecting environment which can leave a bad impact on the living animals and humans too. Not only the industries but society is also responsible for that as the increase in the use of cars are becoming the reason for pollution.

Research Rationale

What is the issue: With an increase in the number of the industries and the other steps for the pollution is increasing day by day which is acting as the reason for misbalance in nature. As mentioned by Braue et al. (2015), generally pollution can be classified as air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and sound pollution. These days the major issues are regarding air and water pollution. Exhausts from industries cars and the machinery contain a large amount of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide which makes the air pollution in a large way. As mentioned by Greenstone & Hanna (2014), wastes mixed with the used water are making the water pollution also. Chemical wastes from the industries and the society are making soil pollution which is affecting the society as well as all the animals.

Why it is an issue: Pollution in the air, water, and soil with the decrease in the number of trees is leaving a serious negative impact on the environment. As mentioned by Lu et al. (2015), air pollution has become one of the reasons behind global warming which is the main issue at present all over the world. Increase in percentage of carbon dioxide is and several microelements in the air are affecting the human life directly

Why it is an issue now: At present global warming has become the main concern among the nations. It is directly affecting the civilization. Increase in rate of incoming ultraviolet ray and infrared ray is affecting the human life as it is causing several skin diseases. CFC, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide are affecting the ozone layer and increasing average temperature of the world. This green project management is totally dependent on the factors related to the environment and the issues regarding the balance in the environment. This study has evaluated clear links of the factors with this project and has made the descriptive discussion as it can help in understanding the project.

What light does it shed on the research: In Order to do a research work the first step is to understand the issue. In designing a green project are needed to be understood are what the issue is, why it is an issue and why it is an issue now.


The aim of the research work is to raise awareness on the issues related to the misbalance in nature and introducing safeguarding process of a green environment in our daily practice.


·   The objectives of the research work are as followed.

·   To identify the concept of a green project

·  To figure out the impact of green environment project

·  To critically evaluate the influential factors of a green project

·  To determine the challenges and develop mitigations strategies for green project   

The scope of the research

With the advancement of the technology and the advancement of the civilization, pollution is also increasing and becoming the main reason behind the misbalance in the structure of our nature. There is wide open space for research in this segment as this has become the main issue these days and people are more concern about the health issues related to this factor. Research, in order to maintain the green environment, has opened several scopes on new inventions in the sector of power generation, automation, the automobile, and any manufacturing and service sector.


Literature Review


The green environment is the collective structure of living and non-living beings. Over usage of the available resources in the environment is depleting the natural quality of living. The depletion of natural resources has an impact on the green environment.

Green environment analysis shows the system life cycle of nature. Here the data is collected on the impacts over usage of the green environment and the depletion of the available resources.

New technology in building construction can also create an environment for the human beings as to generate environment pollution free. The construction of green building promotes a nature-friendly environment and use of nature in an efficient way.

Concepts of green building

Green building is the new of construction in order to use the nature in an efficient way such as light, water, and other materials. This technology of green building also includes the illumination engineering in order to use the light in an efficient way. This engineering designing process includes the designing the seating arrangement, building construction, water resource construction, and sustainability design (cercenvis.nic.in, 2018). Green building is not the random collection of the several technologies. It is the combination of the technologies in such a systematic way that nature can be used in a sufficient way to design the illumination process and the water supply process in the building.

The reason behind the need of green building

In order to maintain the research work, this study has collected secondary data from the different sources such as research results by organizations and the research institutions, government reports and different technical journals. As mentioned by Hwang & Ng (2013), green project management is totally dependent on the process of mitigating the issues related to the pollutants which have become the main concern of this age. Pollution can be categorized by water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, radiation, and sound pollution. In research, it is seen that the percentage of pollutants on the basis of complaints are such as water pollution near 29%, pollution from the waste is near about 22%, Air pollution is near about 55% and pollution in the land is near about 5%.

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