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Financial Statements and Investments Analysis



Accurate financial statement presentation along with the accurate analysis of the performance creates arena of opportunities for an organisation. The financial statement of Macquarie group ltd Company helps by providing different information related to finance that the creditors and the investors use. This information is used for evaluating the financial performance of the company.

The growth of sales of the company in recent year is observed to be $10364m. The analysis of investment of Macquarie group ltd Company helps in judging the investment for risk, income and resale value. The organisation analyses the investment, which is evaluated based on three factors. The three factors include resale value, cash flows and the risk. Moreover, the motto of the employees of the company is uplifting the sales and performance level of the company.

Background of the Company


Macquarie Group Limited supplies diversified financial services in Australia, the Middle East, Europe, America, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. It carries out its operations in five parts: Banking and Financial Services (BFS), Corporate and Asset Finance (CAF), Macquarie Asset Management (MAM), Commodities and Global Markets (CMG) and Macquarie Capital. The part MAM specializes in real estates, energy through funds from private and public. It operates with more than 14000 employees in 25 countries (macquarie.com, 2017).

Findings and Discussion:

1. Describing Core Activity of Business of Macquarie group ltd and providing details of its various activities and segments of operations

The Core Activity of Business of Macquarie group ltd Company is discussed below:

The business activity of the Macquarie group ltd Company includes delivering the services and products to the customers, which are of quality in nature. The activities of the business involve managing the operations, hiring the employees and managing the dons and up of finance. The core activities of the business include the process of development of the product for designing the products and the services for their clients (macquarie.com, 2017). 

The other core activities of the business of Macquarie group ltd Company include:

Customer relationship and strategy of marketing, employee satisfaction, and development, change management and process quality improvement, analysis of finance, management of capital and reporting, acquisition of customers, development of product, accounting management and management of technology (macquarie.com, 2017). Thus, this is the various business activities of Macquarie group ltd Company and various segments of operations of the company

2. Discussing major changes in performance of finance from message of chairman or review of managing director

According to Henderson et al. (2015, p.567), the major changes in the performance of finance of Macquarie group ltd Company is analysed from the message of the chairpersons and the review done by the managing director of the company. The changes in the performance show the company's ability to generate the resources, the company's ability for meeting its obligation for paying the dividends, anticipating the requirement of funding (macquarie.com, 2017). The changes in performance show the situation of finance that has arisen from transactions related to investment and finance of Macquarie group ltd Company.

4. Providing an overall Macquarie group ltd company’s assessment and its prospects for future

According to DeFusco et al. (2015, p.45), the overall Macquarie group ltd company’s assessment can be considered as a tool. It is considered as a tool to evaluate or assess the performance of all essential processes and system of the organisation. The assessment of the Macquarie group ltd company helps in collecting the vital information required for evaluating the performance of the company (macquarie.com, 2017). The information related to various processes and departments are assessed while determining the ratios of the company. Based on the ratio analysis the future prospect of the company is determined. The strengths, weakness, opportunities and the threats of the company helps is analysing the future prospect. The ratios of the company show increase in the level of performance and development in the future prospect of the company.


.      The Macquarie group ltd company may focus on improving the ratios, which are determined to be decreasing. The company for increasing its level of performance can do this.

.      The Macquarie group ltd company may motivate its employee in meeting its financial and business goal. It can motivate its employees to fulfill the business's core activities easily and efficiently.


The report is based upon the analysis made on various discussions and findings related to the Macquarie group ltd company. The core business activities of the company are determined and discussed in this report. The changes in performance of finance are also determined of the organisation, which is based on the review of the managing director and chairperson. Besides, the calculation of various financial ratios of Macquarie group ltd company is done in this report. The recommendations for improving the level of performance of the Macquarie group ltd company have been analysed. 

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