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The determination of the main aspects of the pharmacology of the main intervention methods (such as medications) used in the initiation of treatment regarding a case study is a matter of immense importance, with the consideration of the same being among the most crucial matters for acknowledgement among the caretakers and healthcare professionals. The given case is regarding orthopaedic trauma, with the main features and aspects pertaining to the treatment of the orthopaedic trauma (in relation to the musco-skeletal system) being provided in the following sections. The reviewed case has been observed to be related to Leigh Richards, a thirty-nine-year-old man who was trapped in a car by a cabin intrusion that pinned the region of his legs following an accident which caused the car he was travelling in to hit a tree at a considerably high speed. His daughter has developed a curiosity regarding the pharmacology of orthopaedic trauma, with the following sections providing intricate details and discussions pertaining to the same. Herein, the following study is about the pharmacology of orthopaedic trauma, with a specific focus on the aspects of treatment of the same in relation to the musco-skeletal system.  

Pharmacology of Orthopaedic Trauma: Use of Pharmacology in Orthopaedic Trauma Treatment in relation to Musco-Skeletal System

Orthopaedic trauma is defined as a severe injury causing damage to the musco-skeletal system, with the main causes of the same invariably being serious accidents which need immediate medical interventions in order to mitigate the extent of the caused damage. The advent of any kind of orthopaedic trauma is noted to be life-altering to a significant degree, though the presence of the condition is not always noted to be life-threatening in all of the cases (Prisco et al. 2014). As such, the mitigation of the overall extent of damage has to be ensured in a proper and effective manner, in a way that prevents the injuries and traumatic sensations of the body in affecting the future productivity and working capability of the affected person. The case of Leigh Richards is an example of the aforementioned, with a proper degree of medical intervention being necessary for the management and eventual treatment of the affected regions of the body (in the given case, the affected body parts include one of the legs, which had been pinned under a cabin intrusion). A failure in the management of conditions such as the ones displayed in the aforementioned case can lead to long-term negative consequences, with the extent of damage being potentially high in the long run as well (Schoenecker et al. 2017).

The determination of the main area which suffered the most damage is crucial, with the proper monitoring of the surrounding tissues and bones being necessary in this regard as well. Injuries such as the ones suffered by Leigh Richards need immediate intervention to prevent long-lasting damage, with the main areas of focus on the part of the attending health care professionals in question being the muscles and bones of the leg region. As a result of being pinned under a cabin intrusion, Richards suffered extensive damage to the muscles and bones in his leg, with fractures in multiple regions being observed (along with severe damage to the muscles of the region as well. This has necessitated the need for a surgical intervention, in order to mitigate the overall extent of the damage suffered by the reviewed patient. The orthopaedic specialists having their specialization in the legs need to be called upon in this regard (since the orthopaedic specialists are classified on the basis of their specialization pertaining to one body part), with the help of orthopaedic trauma physicians (who specialize in providing surgical interventions for the management of the injured tissues, muscles and fractured bones of certain parts of the human body) specializing in the treatment of the leg region being the most appropriate in this context (McCorkell et al. 2017).

The treatment of the broken bones and the realignment of the affected joints are some of the main interventions to be initiated in the case of the reviewed patient, with the ultimate aim of the attending surgeons being the promotion of safe recovery on the part of the patient. The measure of success on the part of the treatment methods and medical interventions in the case of orthopaedic trauma is dependent on the degree of functionality which has been successfully returned to the injured parts of the body (Chu and Haga, 2015). In the case of Leigh Richards, the degree of success of the initiated treatment methods is judged from the magnitude of functionality which is returned within the injured legs (with the functionality of the muscles and bones of the injured regions being important areas of focus in this regard as well). The initiation of the treatment methods pertaining to the management and overall mitigation of orthopaedic trauma in case of patients such as Leigh Richards include the management of the airway and the ventilator aspects. 

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