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This report focuses on the legislation and ethical issues of the travel and tourism industry in the United Kingdom. In connection to that, the legal and ethical structure in the travel and tourism sector in the United Kingdom will be discussed. Citizens Advice Bureau. In addition to that, evaluation of the impacts of the principles of health, safety and security legislation in the travel and tourism sector will be clarified in the study. On the other hand, the legal factors will be discussed in relation to equality. the interest of the travel and tourism customers are to be discussed in the discussion. Analysis of the ethical dilemmas faced by the travel and tourism sector will be analysed in the report. On the other hand, the connection to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy of travel and tourism business will be discussed in the study.

1.1 Explanation of the legal and regulatory structure in the travel and tourism industry

The Supreme Court is the highest form of Judicial Body in UK. It gives verdict in all kinds of Criminal and Civil cases. It came by replacing the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords in 2009. UK has three separate legal systems: one each for England and Wales, Scotland and one for Northern Ireland. The parliament in Westminster holds the supreme authority for law-making. According to (Guttentag,  2015) it can be said that Civil Court of the judicial system can be diversified in terms of the importance of the legal cases such as Court of Appeal, High Court of Justice and country courts. On the other hand, criminal cases can be usually handled by the Criminal Court such as the Count of Appeal, Crown Court and Magistrates Courts. Legal issues of travel and tourism are generally treated in the Criminal Court as generally fraud cases regarding the financial issues. All the problems that arise in the travel and tourism sector is solved by the Magistrate Courts that operates under higher judiciary system.

It can be said that different types of legal issues regarding the travel and tourism sector can be highlighted in relation to clarifying the current position of the travel and tourism companies and the tourists. Whenever any grievance arises by any client about the problems he or she has faced such as the fraud financial cases in the travel and tourism sector, quality of food are generally solved and given verdict under the laws such as Development of tourism Act, 1969. The difference between the civil law and criminal law basically lies on their area of business. Civil law deals with the social problems regarding land or disputes in the private property. On the other hand, the subject of practicing criminal law falls under dealing with crimes or misdeeds committed by a culprit.


Barristers are the superior personals within the court who usually are considered to wear wig and long courts. On the contrary, solicitors are the working persons whose main role is to play the parts of advocates. The solicitors are considered to be the acting persons who directly handle the cases of their clients.

The European commission has introduced several laws to regulate a stable situation in the society. In order to avoid the criminal cases and civil issues there are several instructions that are meant to be followed.

The role of CCA or civil aviation authority is to provide licence of pilot of both national and international flights by checking their skills, responsibilities and provides training to the eligible pilots (Guttentag, 2015).

(In addition to that, in the tourism sector, sometimes the issues like avoiding the promise of visiting the promised places by the tourism company can be entered as a case in court. In order to handle this kind of situation, few legal acts are introduced by the government of United Kingdom such as Advancement of Tourism Act 1969, Transport Acts 1980 and 1985, Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992.

Advancement of Tourism Act, 1969

This legal act was introduced by the British Tourist Authority in terms of providing stress on the coordination of the tourism companies in the industry. This act provides an opportunity to the tourism companies to make a unity to perform business well.

Transport Acts 1980 and 1985

In the year, 1980 Transport Laws have been introduced in relation to the licensing system and laws regarding the transport and tourist and travel business.

Consumer Protection Act, 1987

Consumer Protection Act in the year 1987 assures the demand of the customers relating to their justified demand including the cases like travel and tourism sector.

Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992

 This legal act focuses on the issue of the responsibility of the tour operators to the customers and taking actions to solve the problems of the consumers. The tour operators of the United Kingdom have to maintain the legislation regarding the travel and tourism industry. The application of such laws can be implemented by the Magistrate court and the consumers can get justice from here.

1.2 Discussion of the air, surface and sea transport law in relation to the carriage of passengers within the legal and regulatory framework

In the discussion, it can be clarified that the regulatory bodies in the different departments and different sectional bodies supervise the businesses of tourism and travel industry. In relation to that to handle the foreign legal cases of travel and tourism sector such as the Global ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) can be given responsibility. On the other hand, Government of the United Kingdom can be provided with the responsibility to control legal issues in the national region. In addition to that, the local authorities can be provided with the responsibility to assess the judicial problems. Apart from that, the European Commission also performs the role of the regulatory body to provide the guarantee related to the customer protection measures for the tourists such as the Package Travel Holidays. Another safety module of the country is the Office of Rail and Road (ORR). It is the regulatory body of the British rail and roadway. Along with this, this governmental regulates the road networked strategically and looks after the regulatory services. Various consumer protection laws are monitored for the road and railways in order to prevent the antisocial activities. As per the statistics of Republican, the prevalence of on-road criminal activities has been increased up to 15% in the last few years. Thus, it is important for the government to take effective action against the issue.   On the other hand, the idea of surface, sea and air transport law can be clarified in terms of the providing the carriage of the passengers or can be said as a form of logistics. It can be said that the passengers, as well as the goods, can be included in the service provided by the transport sector. According to the Article 3, it can be said that the management of the organization is needed to take the risk responsibilities of the goods and carriage also and the organization has to recover the loss related to the risk (Roberts et al. 2017).

Surface Law

 Surface Law regarding the transport system can be clarified by Road Act, 1979 which protects the passenger's right regarding the goods carriage. In relation to that, it can be said according to the act the passengers can get the recovery of the loss asset showing the fact.

Sea law

In relation to that International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) can be implemented to provide protection to the interest of the passengers and the goods. Executing the law, it can be possible to assess the environmental factors, which are involved while functioning of the ships (Cohen, 2014). As per the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), the security in the coast and marine are provided by the Maritime and Coastguard agency (MCA) (Lumsdon, 2016).

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