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Elite Educational Institute


Elite Educational Institute


Elite Educational Institute takes a great pride in the quality of courses and services it is offering to the students, who are seeking higher educational qualification in Australia. The purpose of this institute is “Cognitio-Sapientiam-Veritas”; it means “knowledge, wisdom and truth” respectively (Elite Education Institute, 2018). The mission of this organization is to offer the students with challenging academic environment, promoting personal growth and discipline and assisting them to get admission in the colleges and universities of their choice. The following assignment is focusing upon review of their systems and procedures and offering recommendations for further improvement.

System and Processes

Elite Educational institution is described as “total institution”, which is offering both formal and hidden curricula that influence their public and private adult life. The organization set their own conditions for admission, which are also conditioned by the changes in the distribution of power within status groups in the broader society. Further, the system is dependent on the institutional routes for creating and consolidating the elite educational systems. The relationship among few elite colleges and secondary schools were based on chartering process. The systems and strategies are supporting upper-class families to gain the service only, while excluding other groups from accessing elite higher education institute. Institutional sponsorship is also a part of the system, which indicates “negotiations between school and college personnel concerning selection and admission” (Crossley et al., 2015). However, nowadays, these procedures are being abandoned in different countries.


Elite Education is offering supportive and nurturing higher educational environment. Student’s education outcomes and welfare are ranked as the highest priority of the institute. Teaching is offered in multicultural learning environment. Students are encouraged and supported to participate in classes for developing the personal skills and confidence. Usually, upper-class students are preferred to be admitted in these institute, it is not only because their parent could pay more, rather they would provide “legacies” contributing in university budget. The teaching procedures are offering solid preparation in fundamental academic skills, not just shortcuts or tricks to beat the standardized tests. The faculties are dedicated to help students and families, committed to high achievement.

Student Pastoral Care

The institute believes that there is no limit to student’s potential and the faculties are constantly helping the students to realize it. Besides the learning courses, the institute is offering additional support consistently, as they believe in the combination of great teaching, regular counseling and an excellent curriculum for ensuing success. The institute is valuing personal connection; thus, all of their tutoring and classes happen in person. They are offering counseling service, accommodation and Health coverage (OSHC) services for overseas students. However, the organizational education makes the students less open to diversity. In addition, orientation program, library and other facilities are also provided to ensure that students are taking adequate care (Elite Education Institute, 2018). Further, the institute is preparing students for political and economic power positions. They are offering language support, academic skill development, academic integrity and business tutoring for shaping their career.

Working Communication

The Elite Educational Institute is following low – context cultural metrics, where discrimination is high, based on social class and the communication supports this theoretical underpinning in Elite Educational Institute. Within the institute, communication is formal and it pushes the students to believe in a fixed mindset. Communication among staffs includes both formal and informal procedures, based on the context. Communication with the parents again emphasizes on cultural context, where upper-class students and parents are preferred.

Staff Management

Currently the management of educational institute is working towards the development and success of the staffs and students. The management panel of the institute includes “principal, course advisor, account manager, marketing officers, lecturers” and others. All the staffs are experts in their field and part of the management team in the institute. The chairperson Stuart Champbell has enough experience in the industry in the topmost designation of such educational institute. The management team follows the policies for managing the staffs effectively. Most of the teaching staffs are highly qualified and having enough experience in various business school. The management team follows the policies set by the organization in terms of teaching, staff management, support services, admission and other procedures (Elite Education Institute, 2018).

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is a formal procedure under the elite educational institute. As the organization mainly prefers the upper-class students, the process of conflict resolution also shows discrimination in the process for students in different SES groups. Conflict resolution is mainly done through in-built complaint procedure; in case of students, through the counseling session also, conflicts are resolved (Marginson, 2013).



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