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Effectiveness of Team Work



In the case study we have seen that the team member where not able to perform their given task successfully. In this report we will study in detail the skills that are necessary for working within a team. We will study and evaluate the approach used by the Team. We will then conclude and recommend an approach for the students to perform any future tasks.


The given team of Six students fall short in completing the assignment mainly because the team members did not complete what they were expected to do. Some team members were not flexible enough to adjust themselves according to the others. Some team members were frustrated because he or she didn’t agree the approach of other team members which resulted in conflicts. Further, there were lack of interpersonal skills among the members. Individual were not aware of the situations faced by the other. The empathy and co-ordination factors were missing among the team which lead to a chaos. Below are mentioned certain skills and aspects for better working in a team.

Interpersonal Skills

Skills that are used for everyday use while communicating and interacting with an individual or a group is called Interpersonal Skills. In simple terms they are skills that are used while communicating and cooperatingwith one another. According to Adnan et al (2017) it includes wide variety of skills which include communication skills, emotional skills, personal habits, conflict resolution skills and many more. It is considered as character features that are influenced by an individual and cannot be taught in the any classroom. Employees with good interpersonal skills are found to be more constructive than the employees without or poor interpersonal skills. Interpersonal Skills are mainly revolving around communication such as listening skills, proper interpretation of the message conveyed and understanding body language. As stated by Pavord and Donnelly (2015) people with good interpersonal skills can work with the team more comfortably than any other person. In todays, job market employers look for people with good interpersonal skills along with technical skills. The different types of interpersonal skills are as follows:

· Listening skills

· Verbal communication

· Non-verbal communication

· Problem-solving

· Decision making

· Negotiation

· Assertiveness

These skills help an individual by having effective communication, it improves relationships, builds confidence and personality, improves the social status of individual and proper expressions of thoughts and ideas. As mentioned by Collet, Hine and Plessis (2015) the person with effective interpersonal skills have positive approach for solving any problem which will also help in conflict resolution. The chances of employment increase if the person have good interpersonal skills along with technical knowledge.

The interpersonal skills are considered to be more of individual qualities, hence it cannot be taught. However, with conscious efforts one can improve their interpersonal skills. This includes providing more attention or listening

Intercultural Awareness

Intercultural Awareness is possessing an understanding of our own culture and the cultures of others. The similarities and differences between the two cultures are known to an individual. It generally refers to values, beliefs and behavior of both the culture. Intercultural awareness can be considered the basis of communication. According to Baker (2015) the suggestion about two qualities were made that one of them is consciousness of regarding one’s own culture and the other is consciousness about another culture. It can be simply said in other words, as the individual becoming aware of the culture, the values and the perception of not only our own but also of the others. Cultural consciousnessdevelopsvital when an individual communicates with other individual from another culturesbecause people view, understand and assess things in diverse ways, in anything that is well thought-out to be suitable in one culture can be not accepted in other and thus give rise to misunderstanding when peopledo not follow culture of other people. When a person is aware of the variety of cultures around him, how similar or different his or her culture is known as intercultural awareness.

A person's ability to adopt in a different environment can only come about with his cultural awareness, such as familiarity of legal system, religious perspectives, economics, social norms and beliefs, social linguistic knowledge, etc., for better collaboration in a different environment. Thus, through cultural awareness, a manager or organization can develop forms of verbal and non-verbal communication, thus generating the Aptitude of Cross-Culture to perform operative ways of communicating in a different environment. As stated by O'Dowd and Lewis (2016) It helps in the creationof strategy before appearing in a culturally diverse environment. Intercultural awareness is necessary for individual who works as an Expats, People who work globally, people working in multi-cultural teams and the Tourist.

Ultimately, intercultural awareness preferably leads to a point of saluting the diversity. That is, distinguishes that everyone, irrespective of their background, skill or experience, bring something unique to the table.Intercultural awareness is vital for fostering fruitful relationships and functioning effectively in a globalization and global business environment. Business students must describe, identify and relay to various cultures to plan effectively and implement strategies to address the challenges posed by intercultural and operational environments situations

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