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Effective Leadership in Health


Effective Leadership in Health



A good leader is made and not born. Leadership is noted as the most influential factor in the healthcare sector. An effective leader in the health service makes sure that there is continuity in terms of safety as well as high-quality service to the service users. The leadership task makes sure that there are proper commitments within the team. In addition to that, the leaders ensure that the voice of service user is heard properly in the health care. In this study, it is briefly discussed regarding personal experience in terms of leadership. Moreover, with the help of leadership development model of Kouzes and Posner (2012), there is an analysis of the personal experience in terms of leadership. In addition to that, it showcases the leadership style with the help of five exemplary practices of leadership and the ten commitments of leadership. In the last section, there is a brief description of the future development of leadership style.


Briefly, describe an example of leadership

In the healthcare sector, the role of a leader is very tricky to handle. Leadership is noted as the behaviour of an individual while directing a group of individuals towards the achievement of the same goal. The main key aspects of the leader’s role are to involve with the group activities along with that coping with all the changes that take place. In the opinion of Aij and Lohman (2016, p.52), the role of a leader is required to be calm and composed in terms of tackling the problem in health care as well as using the resource while designing the management process to achieve the common goal. Leadership is mainly seen as the management role and leaders are acknowledged within their own team. In the leadership experience, it is to keep in mind that all the members are clear enough regarding their work.

In the healthcare sector of an organisation, there was a position of a leader in order to handle all the members of the X organization to achieve a goal. In a healthcare X organisation, there was some issue regarding the providing of care as well as managing the service user those have visited in the healthcare sector. In addition to that, within the team members there was not that much cooperation and sometimes the members do not share information within the team also. There was a problem of proper management within the team. The personal experience while doing the leadership role has taught some important things regarding the managing of a team in the X organization. Moreover, in this personal experience, it is required to be calmer and composed while tackling with all the members of the X organization in the healthcare. The members of the X organization are not motivated as well so, the leader has to motivate and strengthen and make them energetic in terms of achieving the goal. In the beginning of the experience, it was difficult to tackle and understand all the behaviours of a team. But as the time passes by it was becoming easy to understand the members as well as solving all the X organisational problem.

My Personal reflection on leadership

I need to work together with people and appreciate their experiences and musings truly started from my underlying youth exposures to people in a centre setting. As I was growing up, my people, both committed specialists, frequently took me to the specialist's office with them. Since I contributed an extensive part of my vitality following close by my parent or the chaperons, I had the opportunity to interface with various patients. All the different sorts of people charmed me and I was intrigued to know who the patients were, what wasn't right with them, and how they were being managed and cured.

I for the most part had a million things to ask, and this need to take in additional about people and pharmaceutical has quite recently extended consistently.

As a young adult, I was before long back at the specialist's office, shadowing helpful specialists and making request. Through these visits, I could get a more significant cognizance of a job in pharmaceutical. I found that a specialist partakes in an extensive variety of associations: with patients, with various specialists, with restorative guardians, social workers, and other parental figures, and with specialist's office heads and assurance bearers. Much of the time, these associations can be difficult to modify and occasionally it is even essential to quantify one relationship against another. I brought about these current conditions agonizing affirmation when I viewed the treatment of a weakened baby young woman. The child quickly required a heart transplant, and I was happy when the mending office found a match for her. Just a few days before her surgery, in any case, she got an intestinal tainting. The young woman's specialist inferred that she was not adequately strong to encounter surgery and felt that the gainful heart should be given to someone with an unrivalled distinction in survival.

Discuss Kouzes and Posner (2012) leadership to personal practice


Leadership is not only about the personality but it also denoted as the behaviour with the required set of abilities and skills to manage the team in the healthcare sector. The Kouzes and Posner's leadership model mainly includes the five practices along with those ten commitments for having a proper leadership. As per the view of Kouzesand Posner (2014, p.100), in this leadership model, there are ten commitments within five practices that bring whole scheme to life.

Practice 1: Model the way

The first practice of Kouzes and Posner’s leadership model is to discover the voice along with that clarifying the personal values in the role of leader. As opined by Baker et al. (2017, p.200), leaders establish some principles those are concerned with the people on their way of treating along with that the steps for achieving the goal. In the model of way practice, it unravels the bureaucracy at the time of impending actions. Moreover, it is also helpful for creating opportunities in terms of victory for achieving the goal.

Practice 2: Inspiration of a shared vision

In this practice of inspiration of a shared vision, leaders enthusiastically trust that they can have any kind of effect. Leaders imagine the future, making a perfect and novel picture of what the association can move toward becoming. As commented by Balabanova et al. (2013, p.2120), in this practice leaders make sure to breathe life in their visions as well as to make people see some exciting things for the future.

Practice 3: Challenging to the process

Through this particular practice, leaders search for opportunities in the challenges posed by any change. Leaders also look after some of the innovative ways in order to improve the X organisation in the healthcare sector.

Practice 4: Enabling other to act

Leaders with the help of this practice collaborate as well as build spirits within the team to work together. Moreover, leaders are required to understand the mutual respect of sustaining the extraordinary efforts in order to create an environment of trust within the team.

Practice 5: Encouraging the heart

Leaders are required to recognise the contribution of each of the members of the team. As opined by Zingg et al. (2015, p.220), in each and every winning the members are required to share the rewards of their efforts so, that the leaders celebrate accomplishments.

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