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Dynamic Leadership




There are several thought on several styles of leadership style, such as dictatorial, authoritarian, democratic and autocratic. Dynamic leader follows adaptive leadership, which allows the leader to be proactive about the changes has made by the organization. The first part of dynamic leadership approach is that leadership adopts the thought of the audience. In Cole’s organization that belongs from a supermarket industry, we follow democratic leadership style to run our organization. With a leadership style, we collaborate on decision-making and put focus on inspiring, the employees in order achieve an effective output.

Role, responsibility and leadership Challenges

In my opinion, democratic leadership style helps to build respect between the employees and the leader. As stated by Harber & McMaster (2018), it is also aid to make decision about the organizational work. Participating in the work procedure is the major key to achieve success related to the industry. Role and responsibility of a democratic leader involve several aspects.

Seeking opinion of every employee

In my opinion, one of the major roles of the democratic leader is to encourage all the employees who are working under them. It also helps to seek output of the employees to make decision. Leader shares ideas with each employee in different level of skills and expertise. As mentioned by Russell (2014), this procedure helps the leaders to respect opinion of the employee in order to make final decision related to the organization.

Effectively divide the task

In my organization, leaders collect the ideas for further proceedings. It helps to make group discussion and divide the task according to role of employees. According to Sotarauta (2016), the leader knows weakness and strength of each employee in the group and entrust responsibility accordingly.

Trusting followers

As democratic leadership styles follow by Coles, we have trusting followers and have the ability to acquire new followers. They will also admire and respect our leadership style.

Help and guide

As a leader of the organization, I always help and guide my employees to bring out best from them. 

Democratic leadership has some challenges and those challenges include:


This leadership style sometimes came as an indecisive, as many opinions are there. In the time of crisis, democratic leadership can fail. As that time leader cannot address concern of individual employee. 


At the time of urgency, leaders fail to handle the situation, as this leadership style is time-consuming.  

Become apologetic

As these leaders take ideas of individual employee, they cannot implement ideas of everyone. As commented by Cunningham, Salomone & Wielgus (2015), for that reason leaders apologize to the employees in order to make the situation smooth as many of ideas has not been used.

Key aspect of leadership Journey

I have learned many things from the democratic leadership style that is followed in my organization. This includes different aspects, and those are:

Need to be politically correct

I will not forget the importance to be politically correct. As a leader, it is important to be aware of the thing is happening in the organization, in order to understand the current situation. As a leader, I will emulate the characteristic to act with integrity, power, and focus. It will help me to build support and alliances.

Identifying the allies

As a leader, I will consider strategic initiatives, which has been developed. This will help me to identify the best employees from my teams for further proceedings. The subordinates will help to achieve organizational goals.

Get a proper mentor

As a leader, I need to follow the person who was playing my role before my joining. It will help me to gain expertise of the person to run the team. This also aids me to find my weakness and strength as a leader. 

Communicating ideas

Communicating ideas with the team members help me to know their reaction to my ideas. It will help me to work more efficiently for the organization. Communicating with the team members helps to build better relations.

Developing emotional resilience

As a leader, I have recognized that my reaction about the situation ensures my behavior towards the team. If I am not satisfied with my team members then I will communicate with them in order to develop emotional resilience.

Gallup strength and personality of leadership style

In the context of leadership, it can say that a proper leadership increases the efficiency for achieving the organization goals of Coles (MacKie, 2014). As a leader, Gallup strength has helped me to find out talent of my teammates. This has also helped me to build their talent on basis of their quality. In this reflective report, I will include the effectiveness of Gallup strength in order to construct effective team to achieve organizational goals. By studying Gallup strength, I have noticed that leaders have to influence the teammates.

Effectiveness of Gallup strength

As a leader, I have found that my leadership style is very much effective. Gallup strengths finder has been used as tool to find knowledge, skill, and strength of my teammates. It majorly helps me to lead my team in proper way. The effectiveness of Gallup strength includes:

Gallup strength has helped me to find proper aspect of my organizational leadership style. Executing the nature of leadership helps me to enrich organizational business process efficiency. This process also motivates the fellow team members regarding the job.  Proper relationship building between the leader and the teammates motivates them towards their job role and this develops the productivity of my organization. It helps the company to increase their profitability (Boies, Fiset & Gill, 2015). The influencing style in Gallup leadership can influence the workers of my company effectively. My strategic thinking helps to develop business practice of my organization

Gallup strength helps to develop relationship between my teammates and me. Relationship building helps to find everything related to the organizational work and get the work done for me. I have built trust with my team over long time; a relationship cannot build instantly. I have following four elements to build relationship with my teammates. One of the element is I always make my team presence considerable in front of the client to make them understand the work. It also helps me give respect to my teammates as they work for me. Showing my care for my team members helps me to see their strength. I show my interest in what happens to them and it developed the relationship between us. I have established my credibility as a leader and it has worked to tune our relationship. As a leader, I have set clear vision and goals for my teammates to find out their strength. Another part of effectiveness of leadership includes that I have capitalized on insight in time of coaching session. As a leader, I follow the walk line between telling and asking in order to make the team better.   

Following Gallup strength have helped me to find my potential level as a leader. The leadership I follow is best for my organization. However, if the changes are needed I will cope up with the change in future. I have observed that as a leader I am strategic, discipline, relater, achiever and restorative. It has helped me to notice knowledge and skill for particular task that I need to complete for my organization. It has helped me to use my innovative ideas.

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