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Develop, Implement and Maintain WHS Management Systems


Develop, Implement and Maintain WHS Management Systems

Task 1

Part 1: WHS policy




The objective of the WHS policy is to support agencies to to implement effective work health and safety management system which is consistent with NSW work health and safety legislation.


These policies provide information to clear the duties and responsibilities of the officers and manager in order to bring a healthy and safe work environment. This policy shows the commitment of management and workers to health and safety.

Statement of the policy

Becker & Smidt (2016) has stated that the policy states that there must be cooperation between all the workers, customers and the other persons. WHS policy encourages suggestions for realizing the health and safety objectives with a safe working environment with a zero accident rate.


ISS policy focuses on to provide a flexible and family friendly workplace which reasonably provides external commitments and career responsibilities. ISS smoking policy state that working environment should be kept safe to protect the health of all the employees from any illness or injury that happen from any workplace.

Responsibilities for the implementation

The responsibilities of the CEO and the management team are to manage the board administration and provide them support. They oversee the design, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of products and services. The CEO manages the human resource management of the organization (Lingered et al. 2014).

Related legislation and standard

The World Health and Safety Act of 2011 provide a framework to protect the health, safety and welfare of all the workers at work. This act provides protection for the general public so that the health and safety is not placed by risk by work activities. NSW health policy of the organization has followed several acts such as health service act and health administration act. This act says that the health and safety of the workers and others who may be put at risk from work carried out as a part of the conduct of the business at the workplace. This act has been implemented in the organization to eliminate the workplace injury of the employees. Organization has also implemented the State Record Act, which helps to protect the records in the custody of a public office. All papers maintained by the organization are considered state record, which is subjected to the State Record Act.

Part 2: Outline of WHSMS core elements



WHS policy

The WHS policy of Pitstop pty ltd is to provide a healthy and safe work environment to all the employees. WHS policy of this organization states that while at work a worker must cooperate with the other workers and follow the reasonable policy that are conducted by the organization related to health and safety of the workplace.

Planning elements

Various hazards and risk are present in the Pitstop pty ltd. The employees can be injured if they do not use proper safety jacket in the fuel factory because of fire explosion. The injury can also happen from fire in rubbish bin. Safety shoes should be used by all the employees while working at the fuel station. (Zhang et al. 2014).

Hierarchy of control

Risks and hazards can be controlled in the Pitstop pty ltd by various ways. If the fire in rubbish bin occurs then the fire department should use appropriate fire extinguisher. There should not be any inflammable liquids such as petrol near the rubbish bin. The staff should wear appropriate protective clothes. All the hazardous chemicals and fuel should be stored in their original containers (Zhang et al. 2015).


The objectives of WHS management system are to develop a clean and safe environment inside the organization. This system deals relevant legislation, regulation including World Health and Safety Act 2011. The management supports communicating occupational health and safety across languages, workplace amenities and work environment, first aid facilities in the workplace. The focus of the WHS management system is to improve the safety performance through a systematic approach integrating WHS planning, implementation and review.

Targets and performance indicators

Safety inspection will be done to check the workplace environment. A wellbeing program will be organized on non-smoking in interval of three months in the organization (Townsend, Loudoun & Markwell, 2016).  The workers who will follow all the health and safety polices of the organization will be rewarded with a special prize.



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