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Australia is known to be an immensely polished nation with developed social cultural and legal system. The aboriginal crowd of Australia covers a very limited section of the country. Though the nation is ahead of time and is constantly implementing efforts to broaden mindsets, beliefs and cultural.

The issue related to the aboriginal group

The aboriginals are comparably self possessed and different group of mass who has their unique sets of culture, belief, rituals, mindsets and ideologies, which has influenced the other dwellers of the country in many ways.

Researches state that, aboriginals are a group migrated from a part of South Africa, where hunting of animal lives is still a legal activity to some extent. The Australian constitution keeps higher expectation about the nation, was negatively affected, and filed a case against the aboriginals due to many issues, among which animal torture and hunting was an eminent conflict.

As per Hickey (2016), the aboriginals treasure their traditional beliefs and still follow the method of hunting and excessive sacrificing faultless animals for ritual and edible purposes. This unlawful practice created immense hassle among the nation and the dwellers apart from the aboriginals. The Australian government has taken strict measures against the people through several mediums under law.

One of the stern decisions made by the authority was that the indigenous or the aboriginals have been considered outside the legal boundaries of the nation and denied the recognition as citizens of the country.

This issue produces plenty of other legal disputes. The Australian constitution also decided to spread education among the indigenous children and considered it as a positive influence to the welfare of the nation that resulted in more disputes. According to Dockery (2016), the rules and regulations were made mandatory for the children to be sent to schools and learning centers along with the general Australian crowd, where the aboriginal children often seem to have experience racial comments, mental torments, negligence and ignorance.

The guardians of such children belong from a different background where the concept of education, sophistication, cultural values were unknown, due to which they had broken or violated the law of mandatory education, going against the government.

The establishment of the new laws for the aboriginals affected the mindset of the group. The group is also known to have their own art and cultural exploration, which is not valued or considered among the common Australian culture.

As stated by Biddle & Crawford (2015), several measures taken by the Australian government experienced failure several number of times even when the measures were taken for the aboriginal welfare. There stern actions like removing aboriginal students from boarding schools and learning centers were applied, which lead to larger conflicts.

Advantages of incorporating information in the curriculum

The curriculum is an exposed piece of storage that is accessed by all and a useful medium to spread out awareness, effective ideologies and education among the mass, rapidly. This measure is effective for reaching people to inform about increasing adjusting and cooperating capability with the aboriginal crowd, by taking ownership, in order to balance harmony.

The government requirements needed for cultural competence education

As stated by Gathercole (2016), EYLF structure is an effective and innovative framework that shall aid the growth in culture, socializing skills, quality of education and academic advancement for the aboriginal children. The framework consists of six parts of basic requirements and factors to frame a development plan for the wellbeing of aboriginal or indigenous students, as well as making a positive effect on the guardians.

The main three parts and these are the parent parts of the framework are, belonging, being and becoming.  

The concept of belonging refers to the core environment and background of the student. This factor includes complete enrollment and participation of the students in the affair. As opined by Lydon (2016), it is needed to understand the origins of the students they are teaching in order to reach their raw beliefs and mindsets. The motive of manipulation shall not work, if an in depth understanding of their backgrounds is not considered.

The concept of being depicts the present and involves a number of information devilry and practical training on cultural improvement followed by the ideology of becoming.

These strategies require cooperation from the government such as, proper findings, infrastructural aids, donations and contributions for the betterment of the aboriginal children.

Strategies to avoid racial and stereotypical conflicts

The stereotypical and racial issues are severe forms of problems as they influence the esteems and respect of a human being irrespective of their backgrounds. According to Ruddell & Gottschall (2014), the remedy of such an issue not only lies in the aboriginal group but also requires cooperation from the regular or the common crowd. Since, the nation consists of well educated mass; a slight cooperation from the common people can update the mindsets of the aboriginals by making them comfortable in crowds. For example, as mentioned, the racial harassment faced by the children in the schools can be reduced by spreading the concept of equal opportunity, diversity in cultural mindsets, as per the EYLF framework.

The framework also promotes sufficient partnership and cooperation from the staff side with the children by using easier and comforting gestures and measures to enhance their hidden skills and move them towards the rational thinking style of a developed society.

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