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Today the various cyber attacks on the different computer systems are disabling the normal functioning of the computers and this process is causing the loss of much sensitive information through different virus affected networks. The different cyber analysts, government agencies and private companies are moving towards distributed operating systems. The most important function of the cybersecurity analyst is to protect the internal networks from external harm. Due to the different technological advancements in the information and network security have made the process of monitoring and detecting the network much easier for the analysts. The analysts have to be very careful while working on the process of cybersecurity.

3)  Research Overview

This research is being conducted to understand the various working processes of cyber security networks and systems. The focus of this study is to understand the different technologies that are used in the process of cyber technology by the different cyber analysts. In this study, the different applications of the of the technologies are going to be discussed in details.  This study is also going to discuss the issues that are being faced by using different cybersecurity tools. The different motivation standards of using cyber-security are also going to be discussed in this study. This study is also going to discuss the different investigations that are going to be conducted during the course of the project.  The study is being conducted to understand the different working processes of the cybersecurity networks. There is going to be a detailed analysis of all the experiments that will be conducted in this study.

3.1) Applying Technology

The various technologies like AI, antivirus software and cloud technologies,  that are constructed or created to safeguard the data and information need to be applied correctly so that the internal information of the company is not getting out of the company. The cyber analysts need to properly install all the antivirus software properly so that there is no security breach in the system.

If the antivirus technologies are not applied properly then vital data of the company is going to be lost to the different hackers and cybercriminals. In the views of  Abawajy (2014),  if the different antivirus software like spam blocking software, malware detection software are not installed properly then the cyber analysts cannot protect their computer systems from getting affected.  The cyber analysts have the highest responsibility of applying the different antivirus software into the systems of the company.

3.2) Technology


There are three main technologies that are used in cybersecurity. They can be identified as hardware authentication, cloud technology and deep learning. The hardware authentication process is associated with the Internet of Things (IoT).  As stated by Abomhara and Køien (2015), hardware authentication process is done to protect all the connected computer systems and networks of the organisation with a new Core vPro processor. The cloud technology is set to have a good impact on the transformation of systems security technology. Many business enterprises and government agencies have adopted cloud technology to store huge amount of data and information that is being created on a regular basis. The private and public companies can increase their data centre security by using IaaS services such as Firehost and Amazon The process of machine learning and artificial intelligence are a part of a deep learning process. AI (Artificial Intelligent) and machine learning systems are programmed with the right data regarding different systems and system security threats. The machine learning and AI systems can take decisions on how to prevent different hacking processes regarding their environment without any help from the humans. 85% of the security breaches occur come from not using the above-mentioned technologies.

3.3) Research Issue

There are many issues that are being faced by cyber analysts in following the cybersecurity process. In the views of  Bates et al. (2015), the cybercriminals are using different crypto jacking techniques to make the good amount of money from different companies. Further, the cybercriminals are using PowerShell based attacks to disable the internal networks of the company. The PowerShell based cyberattacks are difficult to understand and it can easily destroy many antivirus software. In the years to come the dormant and underground cybercriminals are going to increase in number even more and create more disruption and damage to different companies, banks, hospitals and educational institutions. The cybercrime industry is growing in size as well, Ransomware was a $1 billion industry in the year 2017. This year cybercriminals are going to exploit and target more security software and networks. The hackers are going to directly attack the subverting agent at the endpoint or they are going to redirect the different cloud traffic to achieve their goals. In the future, the cybercriminals are going to launch more worms that are going to spread malware into the system. If the cybercriminals are successful in launching malware viruses into the main computer systems then probably the whole world is going to be under a huge system blackout.

Reference List


Abawajy, J., (2014). User preference for cybersecurity awareness delivery methods. Behaviour & Information Technology33(3), pp.237-248. Available at https://informationsecurity.report/Resources/Whitepapers/dcd5404b-ab07-4193-a807-b0c8f230d838_integrated%20ADS.pdf [Accessed 17/9/18]

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