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Customer Experience Management



In this study, we will shade light on the customer experience for the restaurant industries. It will evaluate the industry as well as offered services. This study will evaluate the experience of the customers regarding the service of HURRICANE'S GRILL- Bondi. This study will put emphasis on the service of Hurricanes EXPRESS too. Differentiation will be done among the different personas. This study will emphasize on the methodology of collecting data. Evaluation will be done based on data collected through question answers in order to understand the customer experience. This study will shed light on customer journey map based on different personas.

Background of the Industry

The organization under this industry deals with snacks, meals, and beverages for customers both at on and off-site. As suggested by Axelsson Malmberg & Zhang (2017), organizations like the cafe, fast food outlets, bars, pubs, catering services and nightclubs come under this industry. As mentioned by Dwyer Jago & Forsyth (2016), sometimes this food service and beverage service are conducted with the accommodation facilities in order to provide better hospitality.

 As suggested by Rhou Singal & Koh (2016), food and hospitality industries have become one of the biggest contributors to the economy of Australia. As mentioned by Lee, Hallak & Sardeshmukh (2016), this industry has left a great impact on the employment in Australia also. This industry provides employment to near about 800000 Australian and generates revenue more than Aus $ 74 billion.

Food and beverage industry in Australia has a great impact on the employment generation for the countrymen. As mentioned by Claveria Monte & Torra (2015), though In the financial year 2013-2014 the employment rate has declined by 1.4 % as this industry shaded near about 11000 jobs for the Australians. As suggested by Lewis (2015), though this industry adds near about 2.4% to the economy of Australia it works as the source of huge employment factor for the people of Australia.

Background of the Industry

 HURRICANE'S GRILL- Bondi is one of the best food and beverage service industry in Australia. In the year 1995 HURRICANE'S GRILL- Bondi started their journey to reach the mouth of the customers (hurricanesgrillandbar.com.au, 2018). As mentioned by Kim, Li & Brymer (2016), at time of the starting they earned their reputation on juicy sticks and tender ribs grilled. As mentioned by McLennan, Becken & Moyle (2017), this becomes one of the best places for the meat lovers who carve for good food, meats, and seafood. Latter the management and the owner of the organization added the bar facilities and also added accommodation facility in order to make a complete hospitality sector. As mentioned by Powell, Ryan & Lamb (2017), they added the new look to the design and architecture which attracted visitors and the main positivity was their consistency over customer care and service quality. In Australia, HURRICANE'S GRILL- Bondi has done business over 22 years as the first opening was in Roscoe Street, Bondi Beach. Founder and the CEO of HURRICANE'S GRILL- Bondi is Tony Teixeira. He started the business with a view to making a casual dining experience for meat and seafood lovers. 

Since his birth, Tony had love for fresh fruit and vegetables. As suggested by Assaf & Agbola (2014), he also had a craze for preparing fresh quality food and that made him go for this industry to serve people fresh and good quality food. At present Tony won Hurricane's Grill & Bar Bondi Beach, Surfers Paradise, Top Ryde, Hurricane's Express Bondi Beach and Narellan.

Differentiation in between customer personas

HURRICANE'S GRILL- Bondi is one of the famous organization among the people who love the food, especially who loves meat and plates of seafood. Different customers from different age groups come here to take the quality foods as well as spend quality time. Some personas are described below.

Persona 1

Mr. Watson works on a private farm in Australia who is 38 years of age. His family consists of two kids, his wife and he. At the workplace he had to work for long hours for that he finds difficulty in finding time for his kids. He generally likes ordering delicious foods from the renowned restaurants and the food service providers.

Coming late and tired has become a daily routine for Mr. Watson that's why he looks for home delivery service but he requires the quality of the food to be very good. Like the other days, he came home being tired but his kids were demanding food delicious food. This made him try the service of HURRICANE'S GRILL- Bondi.

He found that the service was pretty quick and the foods were still hot which made him satisfied with the service. He also included that the quality of the food was too good left Mr. Watson really impressed.

Persona 2

Williamson and Kate are dating each other for some months. Williamson is 26 years of age and works for a private farm and Kate is 23 years of age and must have completed her study. They like to date each other and spend time by going to restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

Williamson is serious about the relationship with Kate and he is planning to make Kate high better half. In order to spend some quality time he visits HURRICANE'S GRILL- Bondi with his girlfriend for dinners, drink wine and eat Stake.

He made choice for HURRICANE'S GRILL- Bondi as he found the food quality if that place is really good and he thinks the atmosphere of the place can really impress Kate and can help in making her Wife.

Persona 3

Bryan Smith just has completed his bachelors and now pursuing masters from a renowned university in Australia. Besides his study, he has joined a private firm to fulfill his own needs. He works hard all the day.

Smith lives alone in his rented house. Most of the time he doesn't like to cook on his own, he just hates cooking. He has tried many home delivery services but finally, he got stuck to hurricanes express which is a part of   HURRICANE'S GRILL- Bondi

He found the service is really fast and in time. The quality of the food is really good and fresh as at the time of delivery the ordered foods remain hot.

Research methodology

In order to do research on customer experience at HURRICANE'S GRILL- Bondi there can be different research methods which consist primary data collection methods and secondary collection method. As suggested by Robinson (2014), primary data collection method includes direct interview process and seeing which gives true data. Secondary data collection method includes collecting data from websites and the feedbacks in the websites.

 In order to take genuine data in this research infidel’s data collection method has been used. This infield data collection method depends on the process of interviewing the customers directly. In a field, an interview is a direct feedback process and makes the research work authentic and genuine. 


There are several companies which give healthy competition to HURRICANE'S GRILL- Bondi these are 1821, 1889 Enoteca, 10 William St and A Tavola. These companies are doing business in the same field and have made good customer base in Australia. There are several factors on which HURRICANE'S GRILL- Bondi gets the advantages these are, atmosphere, service quality, and food quality. 1821, 1889 Enoteca, 10 William St and A Tavola none of them have passed in the customer rating in the segment of order delivery and the service quality as in that section people have voted HURRICANE'S GRILL- Bondi  4.5 out of 5. In the segment of food quality again HURRICANE'S GRILL- Bondi wins as the vision of this organization is providing fresh food.


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