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A group of institutions all over the world who impart private education is now collaborating together to form the distinguished World University. It is a university that is entirely online where the lecturers impart their knowledge over the web from any of the campuses to every student who has signed up for this University all over the world. Several various courses are imparted. When it comes to interactions with staff members and clearing doubts, they are carried out online. Excluding this, every student has the opportunity to select a country from which they want to graduate. If students reside in the UK and want to graduate from World University USA, they have the provision to do so. All they need is to sign up for the University with the administration fee.

This report would provide an insight on the loyalty scheme named Study Together Loyalty that would be developed for rewarding students who introduces this online University to another fellow student. This would be in the form of fee credit that would depend on the course that would be picked. In less than 5 minutes, applications would be approved and non-refundable fees would be paid via PayPal or credit cards. Alongside this, laptop and e-book purchases would also be incorporated as part of the course. This is mandatory and no registered student would be exempted from this purchase. The laptops would be pre-configured and would be loaded with necessary software.

Significance of the case


Formulating an online University is the need of the hour. Not every student has the resources to stay and study in a developed nation and use their academic reasons for the well-being. This measure has been adopted by the major renowned universities around the world in order to provide education to academically bright individuals who cannot afford financially to relocate to developed nations and pursue their academic aspirations from a renowned University. In order to enrol to this scheme, all a student needs is a web-connection. However, this scheme has been planned for academically studious students who want to pursue their degrees. As a result, a non-refundable clause has been added with the online payment scheme so that students do not opt out suddenly after enrolling to the scheme. In this web-based University, renowned lectures from every discipline would be imparting their knowledge on a 5 days per week basis. The timing of the lectures would vary with discipline to discipline. In order to ease the affordability of education, the World University has also initiated a StudyTogether Loyalty scheme that would allow every student the chance to refer about this collaboration to sign-up. Depending on the course and the duration related to the course, the credits related to the scheme would vary. These credits would eventually result in the reduction of course fee of the corresponding referral. As referred by McIntyre-Hite et al. (2015), in order to make some profits with this collaborative scheme, a mandatory approach of providing pre-configured laptops is being implemented that would need every signee for the University to adopt a system from the World University. This system would comprise of software that would be necessary to carry out the course. However, it is also beneficial as adept software like this is not available on the web and is exclusively provided by this group of Universities. Excluding software, required study-material for every course would be provided to students that would help them for their online exams. Along with this, students can apply their credit points that they garnered by referring to other students about the World University in order to gain a discount while purchasing study materials for their respective courses.

In order to build a reputation amongst student masses around the globe, an authentic website needs to be developed. According to Pape et al. (2015), the homepage of the website should enlist the countries from which students can participate in the World University Course Program. Alongside this, the website also needs to display the disciplines on which courses are offered to the students. In order to take down notes, students have to login to their corresponding accounts where they would be able to attend these virtual classes. If a student is new to the University, an enrolment page should direct as to how the student can register with the University and get access to its resources. The enrolment page should also comprise of upload channels that would allow an interested student to upload their documents that would provide an authentic validation of their eligibility to the World University (Dennis et al. 2017). In addition to this, the homepage of the website should also comprise of a share button that would allow a student to refer about the University to fellow academicians over social media applications. If the referral is used by the academician to enrol for the study, it would be providing credit points that would give a discount to the student who acted as a referral. The referral student then can opt for choosing the study materials at a discount price that would be suggested by the type of course the referred student choose to go for.

Developing a Database


In order to efficiently handle enrolment a Relational Database Management System or RDBMS needs to be developed on behalf of the University. This would allow them to keep track of every enrolled student to the collaborative institution and would effectively add up a new enrolment. As suggested by Hux et al. (2018), the primary attributes that would be necessary to develop this database would comprise of a unique student ID that would comprise of a unique 6 digit code. This would be considered to be the primary key while formulating the database. In addition to this, the other attributes that would be necessary for developing this database would include student name, enrolment number which would not be the same as that of the Student code, discipline or course name, course duration and number of study materials purchased and the country where the student is from. As recommended by Aboshady et al. (2015), this database would be linked to the database of the World University that would comprise of attributes such as Name of a particular University, name of the nation where the University is located in and the number of professors from a given University who would be delivering lectures to the students.

Posting Queries and Tests


While taking a lecture, students may confront some doubts regarding the knowledge. In order to clear them, the website should develop a whole different section that would allow them to post their queries regarding a lecture or the discipline in general. There should be a minimum time during which the lecturer needs to address the doubt. If the lecturer fails to address the queries appropriately, a scheme should be introduced that would deduct the salaries of the corresponding lecturer (Mune et al. 2015). Not only does this website need to host a doubt-clearing section, it also needs to develop a section that would be carrying out Evaluation tests that would allow a student to move on to the next lecture or stay in the lecture. A minimum of 3 chances would be provided to the students for clearing a lecture, failing which a student can either be suspended from taking any more lectures for a specific period of time or can be disbanded permanently. This would help in promoting the name of the University and increase its reputation amongst the academic community.

Payment Schemes


After enrolling for a discipline, a student needs to pay for the course the individual intends to pursue. For this, the student can pay in person or opt for an online method to pay for the course fee. While carrying out an offline method to pay for the chosen discipline, a student has multiple options. The University employs agents who sell their offerings to their employers. For a quick enrolment, the intended students can approach these agents for admission and their applications would be approved in less than 5 minutes. If a student is from another state or country, then the individual can opt for online payment in the form of PayPal or credit cards and can use redeeming codes for any available discounts on the same. In order to gain a discount for the study material, students also have the option for a referral system that would allow them to share a message of goodwill regarding the institution to their peers (Reeves et al. 2018). If they intend to enrol thereafter, a discount would be charged to them that they can utilise to avail the necessary study materials at a lower price.



In conclusion, it can be said that this measure would be showered with praises and positive reviews in the years to come, both by academicians and fellow students. This is because of the initiative taken by this group of colleges, keeping in mind about the feasibility of quality education to every potential academic around the globe. At the current state, it only involves 15 first-world nations such as the USA, UK, and Australia, the nations hailing from the European Union, Japan and South Korea. Over time, it is planned that this measure would be spread out to developing and underdeveloped nations such as India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the African continent. As this initiative is still limited to first-world countries, purchase of University laptops and study-materials have been mandated to garner some financial resources. Using them, this measure would be spread to the developing and underdeveloped countries. Furthermore, there would be the inclusion of other modes of payment and agents would be spread out in those nations as well to involve new underprivileged bright students to this community.

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