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Critical review of the coaching session


Critical review of the coaching session



Teaching practice in general plays an important role in gaining of knowledge and development of skills. In terms of nursing, proper teaching helps the other   staffs and students of nursing to have in-depth knowledge, in terms of health care practices, which can be used by them, in order to enhance their professional curriculum. In order to direct the individuals in a proper direction, use of teaching strategies have evidenced to provide an efficient and effective opportunity.

This discourse highlights the significance of the teaching strategies in nursing practices, which can enhance skills and practical knowledge in the health care services. In order to reflect the learning strategies and experience in the nursing teaching practices, the reflective model of Gibbs can be approached. This course study, demonstrates different types of teaching sessions, strategies and learning opportunities, during the teaching experience of nursing. 

Gibbs Model of Reflection


Gibbs model of reflection is a reflective tool, which is used by various teaching professions, in several professional areas. Approach of Gibbs model of reflection is used by the professionals, in order to understand the quality of their teaching and to reflect over their teaching process,   which can help them in their further development, with reference to skills and knowledge. In the view of Denton (2013), Gibbs model of reflection consist of 6 different stages, which help to properly understand the reflection of the teaching process, which can help in personal and professional improvement.

The reflective model of Gibbs helps to evaluate the overall demonstration of a particular and concerned situation. Moreover, approach of Gibbs model of reflection can help the individuals to shed light on the alternatives, in further same situation. Gibbs model of reflection, in the concerned nursing teaching practices, are followed by following six steps:



Description stage of Gibbs model reflects on the observation of the experience or a particular and concerned situation. In the opinion of Basole, Bodner & Rouse (2013), the description stage of Gibbs model describes the details of the experienced observation, in a particular mentioned situation.

Ethical, legal and cultural consideration of teaching in healthcare

In terms of legal, ethical and cultural consideration of the health care settings, positive influence of these factors can enhance the workplace environment, which can enhance the learners towards learning of different activities. Several legal issues, which need to be followed and maintained by the health care organizations, are not being followed in a proper manner. In such cases, the outcomes of the health care users might be fluctuated, in terms of negative manner. In the view of Weller, Boyd & Cumin (2014), maintenance of legal framework in the health care organization, ensures the authenticity and approach of legal regulations, such as. Health and safety act, patient autonomy and other such acts. However, on the other hand, improper and inappropriate  use of these  legal rules and framework, in the organizations, during the learning process of nursing students, which can influence the health status and quality of the individuals, through their practical knowledge. In several cases, legal frameworks, such as safety of service users and protection of information, related to service users are not appropriately maintained by the users, which influence the health care workings, in negative manner. Thus, it is necessary to make the students of nursing to understand about the importance of legal considerations, during the teaching process, which can help them in   efficiently delivering the car treatment in their professional area.

On the other hand, cultural considerations, in several healthcare organizations have evidenced to deliver proper care treatment to the service users of the health care organizations. As Kurtz, Silverman & Draper (2016) has commented that, communication, in terms of delivering health care facilities and services are the utmost crucial factor, which needs to be effective and efficient. Cultural considerations and diversifications in the health care organizations can help the service providers and health care professionals to communicate with the service users from different cultural backgrounds.

The nursing students can be trained with communicational skill, in terms of verbal and nonverbal communication, during the teaching sessions, which can help them in their professional practice area. Proper training of different communicational strategies, during teaching sessions, can help the students to increase the cultural diversification and thus to enhance their professional skills, in an efficient manner.

As communication, is also considered as the learning activity, which needs to    be developed in the health care professionals, thus, it can help to identify the needs and demands of the service users. As Brock et al. (2013), has commented that, the service providers and health care professionals of the organization can deliver proper treatment, with understanding and identification of treatment needs for the service users.

In addition to the cultural and legal issues in health care organization, another aspect, which needs to be maintained by the health care organizations, is ethical consideration. Significance and rationale of the ethical consideration, during the practice of nursing students need to be delivered, with proper teaching sessions, which can help them to enhance the health quality of service users, in their future and professional background. Several healthcare organizations, performs poorly, due to inappropriate approach of ethical considerations, by the health care professionals. In the view of Spencer & Basualdo (2014), the aspects, such as patient consent, medical condition disclosure, peer competence and other factors can directly influence the health quality of service users.

In terms of the informed consent, the nurses and other health care professional needs to inform the necessary and required information to the family and the service user, in relation to the medicare and treatment, they would be provided. However, improper information to the service users or between the health care professionals might influence the health quality of service user, in a negative manner.

 As consideration of incomplete and improper information can have the treatment in a negative manner. Thus, it has been seen that, improper information can drastically change the productivity of the health care organization and professional skills of nursing students. In addition to that, as Vandaveer et al. (2016), has stated that, improper communication and information among the health care practitioner have evidenced to deliver incomplete knowledge and skill development, which can influence the treatment of service users in a negative manner. In terms of development of the skills, knowledge and practical knowledge of the students, the nursing students needs to be delivered these factors properly, during the teaching sessions. As Holloway & Galvin (2016), has commented that, proper teaching of the nursing students, in terms of legal, ethical and cultural consideration, can help them to efficiently practice their skills and knowledge in further professional area.



The segment of feeling in the Gibbs model of reflection describes the feeling of the educator, during the experience, in a particular situation. As Jeffreys (2015), has opined that, feelings in the Gibbs model of reflection, demonstrates the feeling of teacher or experience, in term of the concerned situation. The feeling segment describes the beliefs o f the educator, in terms of feeling the situation, in a concerned manner. As Truog et al. (2015), has commented that, feeling segment of the Gibbs model of reflection, describes the connections, among the belief of feeling in context of the experienced situation of educator.

Learning and teaching strategy


In relation to the teaching process of the nursing students and   situations in the health care organizations, it is necessary to deliver the proper information to the students, in relation to the nursing practices. As an educator, it is the responsibility of them to deliver ethical, legal and professional framework knowledge and skills to the nursing students. In the view of Carrese et al. (2015), as the nursing students have to practice, in their professional field, thus the educators of nursing needs to provide the students with a base of proper knowledge. In contrast with the situation, the teachers or educators of the nursing can approach the teaching strategy of Bloom's Taxonomy, which can also be used as a learning strategy. In the viewpoint of Oxford (2016), Bloom’s Taxonomy is demonstrated in six hierarchical processes, which can be used by both educators and as well as by the learners. 

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