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In the modern world, people are developing at a fast pace and has less time to care about the health unless they are affected. In order to meet the responsibility, the healthcare organisations need to possess the required information and knowledge regarding the issues of the people. This assignment will shed light on the case studies, which shall be analysed with the help of research articles of various authors, with particular emphasis on a research paper. Many authors have conducted research on the health issues of the people but this assignment will allow in determining the proper and best research that the organisations need to follow.

Part A







a. The Strength and Limitation of the Author

The Authors of this research are qualified enough to understand the issues and the problems of the service users in the healthcare organisation. The first author Lisa Ekstam is from Division of Occupational Therapy, Sweden. Ulla Johansson shares the similar degree as of Lisa Ekstam and so does the third author Susanne Guidetti. Gunilla Eriksson and Charlotte Ytterberg are also qualified enough to understand the health issues of the people. However, they lack the proper resources required for the study that is the data and the information of the rehabilitation centre. Thus, this research is only one-sided as the data is collected mostly from the service users. However, the strength of the research is that the research is conducted through data analysis and by applying the Qualitative and Quantitative method, which has enhanced the quality of the research.

b. Conflict of Interest

The entire research is conducted on the people that have an average age of 73 years. Thus, the research does not include any studies for the middle-aged people. Another conflict of interest regarding the research is that the Authors have collected data only from the service users whereas the data of the rehabilitation centres are ignored. This has limited the scope of the research and has caused biases to some extent. Thus, this research is incomplete in the absence of all the required data.

Research Question


The main questions of the research include the importance of rehabilitation centre for the stroke-suffered people. It also includes the role of the rehabilitation in people's lives after one year of the stroke. The most important question possessed by the research paper is the type of change that the people go through after the stroke. The significance of the study lies in the need of the rehabilitation centre, given the present health condition of people. The study is evaluating and understanding the positive and negative change that rehabilitation centres bring on people's lives. The role of the rehabilitation centre is essential as the service users are not satisfied with the service they get from the healthcare organisation after the one year of the stroke. Hence, the rehabilitation centres need to enhance their facilities in order to satisfy their service users. The change in lifestyle of the people after the strokes is important to evaluate in order to understand the impact of the stroke in people's lives.

Research Design


The research has been made by collecting data and information from the service users and their experiences. The authors have used the mixed design and combined the quantitative and qualitative analysis. This design has been appropriate for the researchers, as it has helped in concluding the responsibility of the healthcare and in observing the change in lifestyle of the service users.

Research Method


The data has been collected through computer and technology that store the perfect records of both the service providers and service users. The data are collected from Stockholm County Council. The researchers have conducted interviews with the staffs of the healthcare as well as with the service users in order to determine the issues of both parties. However, the limitation regarding the research method is that it mainly included the people of 73 years old the middle-aged and the teenaged people are excluded from the research. Although the primary research has provided authenticity to the research, it has required rigorous time and effort and the willingness of the participants to participate. As a result, in such cases, the quality of the research deteriorates.



The result of the research is quite positive as fifty-two percent of the dyads receive proper treatment from the healthcare organization for one year after the stroke. The healthcare adopted several strategies in order to minimize the negative impact of the stroke. The healthcare facilities have been able to solve the issues in everyday lives of the dyes. 

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