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 1. Introduction

Developing a critical analysis of an online media article over public policy which has been released by the Queensland government will help to identify proper implementation of the policy. This analysis will also help to find out the issues related to the respective policy. This study will further generate a comparison between the government release and also the selected article over the respective public policy.

2. Identification of a newspaper or online media article with respect to issues in public policy regarding social work


It has been found that health and safety measurements at workplaces are current issues in the present period. Especially for Australia, having a diversified working culture in the market, it is extremely important to take care of the issues related to health and safety at the workplaces. Therefore, for developing the respective study here the chosen article is Australia: Work Health and Safety News (mondaq.com, 2018).

3. Purpose of the assessment


Main aim of selecting the article over the health and safety measure at workplace in Australia is to find out the relative issues. This has also intended to identify relative strategies to omit the gaps of the policy with respect to proper implementation. Developing the comparison between the media article and the announcement of the government, corrective measures can be taken to mitigate the issues. This has also intended to identify whether there are safe and healthy working culture at the workplaces in Australia or not.

4. Comparison with the announcement released by the actual respective government


Under the context of industrial deaths, Australian Government has put an inquiry over the damages of manpower. This has led the respective government to announce the policy of Workplace Health and Safety on March 26, 2018. As per the statements of Burke (2016), it can be said that in the public policy over health and safety measures at workplace can introduce payout after accident at workplaces. This can help the employees to generate positive impression regarding the operation system of the relative business. According to the government policy it has been known that penalties for breaches of health and safety at workplaces has to be checked regarding as an offence. From the words of Catano & Morrow Hines (2016), it can be said that related associations has been appointed to make sure whether the due diligence is being paid according to the obligations.

Therefore, it can be said that the government policy has been focused on the payments and other relative operations of the governing bodies with respect to the hazards at workplaces, which affect the safe and healthy work environment. However, as per the chosen article, it can be said that the government has not focused on mitigating the issues related safe and healthy workplaces. Government bodies have been found focussing on the measurements after the issue appeared in the respective context. Tas per the words of Chen & Yu (2016), his has shown weaknesses in building properly planned infrastructure in the scenario of health and safety measures at workplaces.

5. Contrast and discussion over the issues related to the comparison


According to the government policy on the measures of health and safety at the workplace, it can be said that there are various issues due to improper planning to stop the actions of breaching safe and healthy workplaces. As per the words of Day & Nielsen (2017), the issues have been identified as risks and hazards due to wrong working practices, faults of the top management in managing the risks, improper implementation of procedures and policies. Due to lack of monitoring, there may appear different hazards related to health and safety measures of workplaces (Taylor et al. 2017). The issues with respect to health and safety measures of workplaces can be of various types. These are smaller space for working, psychological issues, biological hazards, adverse effects of radiation, issues related to excessive heat and cold, risks arise due to dust, chemicals, gases, liquids, fumes, vapours, and many more. As per the statements of Kent et al. (2016), it can be said that eventually these risks and hazards lead any workplace in losing the manpower of a respective business.

Issues occurred due to breaches of health and safety measures of workplaces can lead the respective to be taken off from being operated in market. This is because hazards related to the environment of workplaces refer that the policies of government regarding the business operations have not been followed by the management. In that scenario, the respective government can prosecute the entire management team of the respective business. Government bodies have been found focussing on the measurements after the issue appeared in the context of health and safety of workplaces issues. Lack of monitoring over the activities of the governing bodies regarding the safe working culture, there may appear different hazards related to health and safety measures of workplaces

6. Identification of strategies


Issues appeared in the measurement of safe and healthy working environment can be resolved by taking specific measurement (Toes-Rouse & Longmore, 2015). To reduce the counts of issues the management has been encountered as the main body to take care of the issues (von Thiele Schwarz, Hasson & Lindfors, 2016). Relative challenges can be resisted by applying proper management programme for managing the hazards as well as the risks that appear in the workplaces. By installing alert programme for safety as well as hazards the risks can be prevented at the workplaces (Wyatt et al. 2015).



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