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One of the main goals of financial reporting is to provide necessary information for evaluating the profitability and interpreting the status of company's economic units. For investors, net earnings are always an interesting factor to look among the different information available in the financial reporting. Net income assesses the performance of targeted enterprises. In this report, a brief analysis of alliance aviation services limited's financial statements has reviewed. Alliance aviation services limited are one of the public limited company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Alliance aviation services limited is an aviation service company mainly based in Queensland, Brisbane, and Melbourne where headquarter is located in Australia. Current stock price of Alliance aviation services limited is of A$1.72 and the company is showing a huge profit in its balance sheets since three years. In this paper, a brief analysis of the three years financial statement has analyzed and the deliverables have noted.   

1. Cash Flows Statement

As per the comment of Admati (2017, p.140), earning has two basic elements namely accruals and cash. In order to analyze these two factors, different approaches have been followed. The first approach is based on supposition and that separates earnings into current accruals and cash flows from the operations. Separating the earnings into the accruals and cash increases the predictability of earnings significantly through confirming the financial accounting standards statement. Financial accounting standard statements imply major valuable information about earning elements that in turn important for predicting future earnings (Balakrishnan et al. 2018, p.135). Among the available financial statements, Cash flow statement is one of the important financial statements.

I. Analysis on each of the items represented in the cash flow statement

The cash flow statement reports the cash used and generated during the specified interval of the time period. This has specified in the cash flow statements headings. The period of time the financial statements covers is chosen by the company itself.

As per the annual statement of Alliance aviation services limited, there is significant change was observed from 2016 to 2017 in the cash flow of operating activities. Income tax has added in the year of 2017 and interest paid to the investors is of $3775 whereas in 2016 it was of $4835. Payments done to the suppliers in 2017 are of 192878 and in 2016 it was of 178289. This, in turn, increased due to increase in inclusive goods and service tax. There is a significant decrease has shown in the payments done to the property and equipment. The decrease of $5252 in recent two years helped the organization to reduce equipment costs.      

In the cash flow from the financing activities, proceeds from the borrowings have significantly decreased and also the repayments of borrowings. The share value of the companies has increased. There is a net increase in the cash and cash equivalents of alliance aviation services limited. In the year of 2016, the net cash equivalent is of 2096 where the as significant increase was observed in 2017 of $3462.

II. Comparative analysis of three categories of cash flow statement

The cash flow statement reports and organizes the generated cash in following three major categories. Alliance aviation services limited in the financial statement of consolidated statement of cash flows has been shown in the images and analyzed.

Operating Activity:

As stated by Ball et al. (2016, p.40), operating activities in an organization converts reported items on income statement from accrual accounting basis to the cash.  

Cash Flow operating activities:

Cash flow from the operation is the net amount of cash leaving from or coming in day to day business from the business entity. Basically, in this item, the operating income and noncash item like depreciation are added (Charitou et al. 2017, p.30). Since the accounting profits are basically reduced by the noncash items, hence it must be added back to the accounting profits in order to calculate the cash flow. Cash flow operating activities are considered as an important measurement in the financial statements as it analyses the viabilities of current business plans of the entities and operations. For the long run, the cash flow from operations needs to be cash inflows and normal outflows are provided from finance activities and from investing.  

Based on the recent financial statement of Alliance aviation services limited The Net cash inflow and outflow from the operating activities in the year of 2017 are of A$21,702. In the year of 2016, the digit is of A$25,486. There is a change of $3784 has observed in comparison to previous year. This shows that the company is operating in good condition where the cash outflow is lesser in comparison with the previous year. In the year of 2015, the net cash outflow is of A$ 31889 which is decreased in the year of 2016. Cash flow from operating activities includes interest paid, interest received, income tax paid, and payment to the suppliers as well as receipts from the customers. Adding all of the factors together the net cash inflow has been derived from the operating activities.

Investing Activity:

Investing activities in the financial statement report the equipment, property and long-term investments, sale and purchase of plant (Clarke et al. 2017, p.145).

Cash Flow from investing activities

This includes outflow of cash for long-term assets of the company like equipment, buildings and land and the inflows from businesses, the sale of assets, and securities. As per the comment of Collins et al. (2017, p.200), cash flow investing activities are considered as cash outflows as most of the entities of it make long-term investments in order to derive future growth and business operations. In the year of 2017, the net cash (outflow) inflow from the investing activities is of A$13463 where is in 2016 it was of A$18500. There is a significant decrease in cash inflow from 2016 to 2017 has observed whereas this was $14617 in the year of 2015. Cash flow from investing activities includes payments for equipment, plant, and property and proceeds from plant and equipment and sales of property.

Financing Activity:      

Financing activity in the financial statement reports the repurchase and issuance of the companies stocks and own bonds and the dividends of payments (Barth et al. 2016, p.800).

Cash Flow from financing activities

In these activities, the cash outflow to the investor's entity (interest paid to bondholders) and cash inflow from the sales bonds and shareholders (stock buybacks and dividends) and insurance of stock equity has included.  

Net cash flow from financing activities in the year of 2017 is of A$6917 and 2016 is of A$5492 and in 2015 is of A$16911. There is a significant change has been observed compared to each of the years and this states that the repayments have done in a timely manner to the borrowers.

Cash and Cash Equivalents

This includes coins, checks, accounts, short-term highly liquid investments and money market accounts. This is not subjected to the value of material fluctuation. In 2017 it is of $3462 and increased from $2096 of 2016. This significant changes in the cash equivalents states that the company is in profit way.  

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