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2. Discussion

2.1 Outline of scenario


The conflict is based on misconceptions and misunderstanding of role of respective persons included in company. The "S1" is the senior most scientists in the company who has been working for over 5 years independently in the lab and also in other fields of the company. In addition to that, he had more 80 years of experience as a laboratory manager and 14 years as a scientist. On the contrary, the other person "S2" is involving in the conflict that is employed as a technical officer and is the junior staff of the company. The conflict is based on the arguments regarding the positional behaviour of the respective employee. However, even the senior employee is quite rude and shows aggressive behaviour towards his juniors. Thus, the juniors have started de-motivated due to his inappropriate behaviour of their senior. Then S1 and S2 decided to complain against each other and placed the complain letter to the Human resource manager of the organisation.

2.2 Outcome

 As a result of the conflict, the company faced outcome issues such as the project has got affected due to lack of interactions among the team members (Woodrow and Guest, 2017, p.121). On the other hand, the faith issue has been emerged among the staff members due to this workplace misbehaviour. Apart from that the frustration among the employees leads to the less productivity of the company. As a result of this conflict an unhealthy workplace has been created which has resulted in the lack of work interest among the employees of the organisation. However, the overall productivity of the organisation and its quality has hampered. Thus, the sustainability of the organisation in the competitive market is degrading eventually. Apart from this, the employees started avoiding the meeting to get rid of the conflicting actions and due to this, the teamwork is also got hampered. Also, the nature of the participation of the employees towards a common goal of the company got affected due to communication gap among the employees. The result of this conflict is a violence due to which the decorum of the organization is hampered and this may also hamper the growth of the company. Even violence can be risky for the life of the employees and the aggressive actions may result from this confliction (Woodrow and Guest, 2017, p.121). The possible outcomes of the conflicts are hampering of the company's turnovers that is decreasing in the number of the employees may lead to the downfall of the organization. The standard of the severity of the conflict was medium because no such losses occurred from the conflict among S1 and S2.

2.3 Conflict management strategy

According to the Thomas-Kilmann conflict mode principles, the areas of improvement of conflict management deals with the conflict management resolution goals which will objectify the five conflict-handling styles to provide a complete solution against this issue (Rahim, 2017 p.213).


As per this theory, the accommodation is the alternative of competition in which the involvement of both S1 and S2 are required. It has been noticed that main issue of these people is the over assessment of their standard. It can be stated that by eradicating the selfless feelings and started to accommodate other’s concern can help the people to achieve better collaborative working strategy (Tsai and Bendersky, 2015 p.143). A polite and respectful tone at communicating time can mitigate the issues between them. As staff S2 is a junior staff member comparatively to the experience years of senior staff member S1, the behavioural approach should be portrayed as a respectful co-worker of him towards the senior staff member S1.


As per this Principle, S1 can avoid the minor mistakes of S2 and can train him according to their professional needs. Apart from this, S2 Can avoid being harsh in certain situation and can talk in diplomatic way in order to healthy workplace in the organisation. However, it should be remembered by both of the staff member S1 and S2 that at the end of the day they have to work together for producing the assumed outcomes of the company as expected. So it can be most effective for them by avoiding each other for some days at a workplace. On the contrary, over avoiding can cause issue in the quality of production as the junior fellow might get issue in order to learn new things from seniors (Gounaris et al. 2016 p.4001).


It is observed that the personal internal communication between the senior staff S1 and junior staff S2 of the organisation will raise a serious issue of confrontation against each other. Collaborative approach is the most significant team work strategy which the senior conduct effective leadership instead of conducting bossy attitude. However, in this way the concerns of both S1 and S2 can be met and they can find satisfaction in work. An effective collaboration will help them to resolve the current issue and reduce the risk of future conflict among the scientist and the technical officer


Competing can be implemented with the "win-lose approach" between the senior staff S1 and junior staff S2. However, this competition denotes warm and productive approach that can be taken place among S1 and S2. With the help of this competition, skills of both S1 and S2 can be elevated. The laboratory manager also ensures that the conflict is managed between them. This means two staff will work and finish the job accordingly to the job requirement but in a competitive manner of approach.


Compromising principle is quite synonymous to the accommodation principles although has different role in case of S1 and S2. In this case, competition refers to standing on own rights but in polite manner without harming other’s emotion. 

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