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This study will shed light on the security mechanism of cloud computing. A discussion will be done on the modern networking system which will include cloud computing system. This study will highlight major challenges in order to use cloud computing on a day to day business. Evolution will be done on the risk factors of using cloud data storage service. The brief discussion will be done on some articles written on security mechanism theory. This study will include a discussion on the future use of cloud computing and will also add an evaluation on several challenges identified for future work. Current usage trend of cloud computing in industries will be evaluated in this study. This research work will also include its impact on the modern software service which is working as the key factor to make it in use by the industries.  This study will also highlight challenges faced on day to day business by any industry.


Article Summary

Ingo Müller, Mohamed Al Morsy, and John Grundy wrote an article on “Analysis of the Cloud Computing Security Problem”. Here they made a discussion on the security problems regarding cloud computing in and its use in the industry. They included the services where it is required and on which platform it is required. They added cloud computing characteristics and implication of the security threats. In order to discuss the security implications, they added multi-tenancy approaches towards the system. They highlighted cloud management model in order to find the threats in data privacy for cloud computing.

In this article, evaluation is done on the cloud computing stakeholders such as cloud provider, consumer, service provider, and the host. This article has to shed light on the IaaS issues, PaaS security issues, cloud management security issues, cloud access method security issues and SaaS security issues. In the section IaaS issues, this article added VM security, virtual network security, hypervisor security, and securing VM boundaries. In order to manage the security system this study has added some steps such as LAM and federation, key management, security management, secure software development life cycle, a trade-off optimization and federation of security among multi-clouds.

James Hamlyn-Harris, Amani S. Ibrahim, and John Grundy added a discussion on several challenges in cloud virtual infrastructure in their article “Emerging Security Challenges of Cloud Virtual Infrastructure”. Authors of this article added hardware layout for cloud computing. This study has also made a discussion on the characteristics of IaaS. They added the working process of multiple virtual machines and the virtualization technology. This study has also shaded light on Hypervisor and virtual networking.

This study has also included the virtual machines in order to store data in the virtual space. This study has made a discussion on Virtual infrastructure security on a cloud.In this section, this article has highlighted threat model and security threats. This study has included some basic security threats such as hypervisor attacks, switch attacks, and virtual machine attacks.

With the evaluation of technology, the complexity of the technology and interface of the system has been evolved which has added more new security threats such as multi-tenancy, workload complexity, single point of access, network topology, loss of control and no physical endpoints. In order to solve the security threats, this article has included cloud computing and traditional security solutions, virtualization-aware security solutions, hyper vision level protection and micro hypervisors. They also discussed the several challenges regarding the research work. 

The journal “Cloud Computing Security” as the outcome of research by Sean Carlin and Kevin Curran has shaded light on the security threats and the mechanism for security on cloud computing.  In order to understand where threats might occur, they added architecture of cloud system. In the structure, this article added Multi-Tenancy as shared resources, Massive scalability, Self-provisioning of resources, and Elasticity as the key factors. In order to make a discussion on the mechanism on cloud computing, this study added cloud deployment models for public cloud computing system. This article also discussed the architecture for private clouds and hybrid clouds. This article evaluated security threats and the cyber crimes in cloud computing system.

In the following journal, Cloud Security: Issues and Concerns, the author, Pierangela Samarati highlighted cloud computing as successful and effective computing paradigm that allows the users and different organisations to depend on various types of external providers in order to store and processs numerous data along with information and make them available for others. However, as the adoption of cloud computing is increasing, it is forcing the users to maintain confidentiality and integrity of data along with accesses and process of computations. The main moto is to ensure to provide data and services to those users who are legitimate and they are maintaining required agreements and confidentiality.

In this journal, the author highlighted several issues such as query privacy, user privacy, SLA and Auditing, Selective access, Fine grained access and others. It can be said that, with the rapid use of cloud computing services and platforms, cloud computing has become one of the major priority for every users. It is therefore important to maintain confidentiality and availability properties and describing the existing solutions and challenges along with directions.


Challenge in future work

Cloud computing is one of the modern technology which is been used for storing data in the virtual platform. Basic threats to cloud computing can be categorised as Hypervisor attack, switch attacks, and virtual machines attack.

Hypervisor Attacks: Hypervisors are the main target for the hackers as lower layers in the system gives higher control affordability. As suggested by Aliet al. (2015, p. 379), hypervisors give control over the physical system, especially on the installed virtual machines. These attacks are encountered mostly at the runtime as only in the runtime this interface for virtual machines stays active. Hackers use virtual machine based routing mechanism which enables a hacker to put a malicious hypervisor in order to hack the platform and gain control over it. In some system, there are several administrative systems with the hypervisor to take control over the virtual machine and maintain an administrative interface. As mentioned by Almorsyet al. (2016, p. 217), these types of virtual machines are the potential targets for the hackers in order to get access to several administrative systems.

V Switch Attacks: Access to any data storage system is secured with some physical switches which are called v Switch.  These attacks include vSwitch configurations, ARP tables, VLANs and trust zones. Generally, hackers used rooting devices to break the interface and align the used system with the system of the virtual interface in order to gain control over the system. It takes control of the switches which change the interface of the controlling unite. Hackers also use the trusted zone of the virtual machines to get the access to the system used by the cloud system.

Virtual Machine Attacks: Cloud computing includes virtual machines in order to carry the virtual data. This mechanism allows the user interface to store data through the virtual interface but the storage is done in the virtual machines which act as the server storage. This virtual machine stays active also in the offline conditions. In online and offline both the states the cloud data storage system might face various attacks. As suggested by Raj and Bhaskaran (2016, p. 21), traditional attacks include an effect on the server and the host. As the virtual machine uses the same interface and hardware for a single interface it can affect the VM also. VM and the host server also use the same memory, software resources, device drivers, storage, and hypervisor software. This sharing of single location and interface increases the risk of Virtual Machine to Virtual Machine or Virtual machine to hypervisor compromise. Offline mode of the physical server the server is quite safe as the hackers cannot get access to the memory of the host and the virtual machines. In order to create an unauthorised virtual machine, hackers use malware infections and patching on provisioning tools and virtual machine template.



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