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Clifton Strengths Reflective Journal


Clifton Strengths Reflective Journal



Through the Clifton strength self-assessment test, I have realized that every human being has some sort of unique feature and every human being is different. Diversity is the most common feature of human being, and it differentiates people from others. That is why self-assessment should become an integral part of every human being. Learning, and development is an important part of life and every human has the basic aim to develop themselves. The learning process is also dependent on the self-assessment process, and Clifton strengths emphasize only on the self-assessment procedure (Boud, 2013).

Self Reflection:

Being a student, learning is a part of my day to day life. I participated in this test in order to check my capabilities and critically analyze my strengths and weakness. This test helped me to analyze my strength and weakness and it also helped me to develop a broader perspective on this particular topic (Boud, Lawson, & Thompson, 2013).

According to that survey, I realized that I have certain unique qualities as well. My constantly decreasing marks and the falling quality of my previous performance forced me to approach this life coaching lesson. After taking this lesson I learned a few things about myself like I have the ability to learn a new topic easily but lack of self-assessment and practice has resulted in the low-quality performance. It clearly determines that I have a very good learning capability which reflects that my communication skill is very good and effective. Though I lack consistency and discipline, and that is causing poor quality implementation.

Another fact I realized after taking this test, is I have very good leadership capabilities. Because of my communication skills, I can lead a group of people easily. A good leader needs to set an example by showing courage and taking the first step. I have these capabilities but due to lack of self-assessment practice, I was unable to detect my talent clearly.  Because of this reason, I have never worked o my strengths and it always forced me to emphasize and over think on my weakness. Multiple skills are required in order to become a good leader, and the most important one is taking responsibility. I have always been a leader in my school and college groups but, I never focused too much on this skills especially from an organizational point of view.

This self-analysis programme also helped me to realize that I have good emotions like empathy. Empathy is considered as useless emotion in this highly materialistic world, and for this reason, I also used to think that this part of mine is not going to give me any productive result. Though, after this life coaching lesion, I realized that the empathy is a great quality and it has helped me to become a good human being in general. The modern world is not only about profit making and the rat race. The modern day world is constantly moving towards ethical decision making and sustainability. Without empathy, and emotional intelligence no person or organization can take ethically correct decisions and the objective of sustainability will remain unattended.

The Clifton Strength assessment procedure also helped me to understand that I am a very good competitor. Previously my understanding of the competition was, getting involved in the rat race. But after this life coaching session, I realized that only comparing me with the capabilities of others is not what makes a good competitor. It the urge inside myself to overcome my flaws and shortcomings has made me a good competitor. Self-assessment is an important part of the learning process and without assessing a person can develop or sharpen their skills.



I always had a very high ambition regarding my career goals, but I was unable to find any clear-cut answer for myself, as I had a very little knowledge about myself. After this live session, I realized that my learning process was incomplete in nature because I was not assessing my capabilities on a regular basis and I was only focusing on the qualities I don’t have (Christy, 2018). That particular behaviour of mine was stopping me from becoming productive and efficient. After the detailed self-assessment process I have also realized that my only challenge is consistency and discipline. The major challenge in front of my career goal is lack of discipline and lack of self-assessment. But my leadership capabilities, empathic thinking, and my other strengths will guide me to take the right path in my career. Though, I need to develop more discipline and consistency throughout my journey in order to remain competent.  



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Boud, D., Lawson, R., & Thompson, D. G. (2013). Does student engagement in self-assessment calibrate their judgement over time?. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education38(8), 941-956.




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